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You'll never know

I cried through nights,

I put a fake smile on,

to show you that I am alright,

but You'll never know,

cause you never came to me,

asked me "are you fine?",

Cause you never said,

"I am proud of my daughter to be mine".

I force a laugh, and laughed through pain,

I sat in the corner, to comfort my honor, \

and hug my knees,

but You'll never know,

cause you never came to me,

and said that it's okay everything is gonna be fine now,

you never comforted me when I was down,

but we're always there when I wore a crown.

I try so hard,

to be who you want,

I work so hard,

to be accepted by you,

but You'll never know,

cause when I needed you,

you never came,

cause you don't see me like you did back then,

cause now you see me like a burden,

who disturbs your peace.

I write day and night,

about how I feel,

but now I think I should kneel down in front of you,

and stop coming any closer,

cause all I will be is a looser.

you think I don't see you?

but you are the one whom I most examine,

you are the one whom I most need.

it's funny that it took me years,

to understand that I don't need you,

I will be okay by myself,

if not today then tomorrow,

but I will be okay one day.

~Indrani Choudhary~

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