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Atru lives alone but he finds a secret door what will it hold? He has hope that he will finally find his parents? Hey! So sorrry about the mix up with my other book The monster this is the same thing just motfied a don't have to read the original

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They where just gone

rain pounded on the window. Artu is a 12 year old boy with brown wavey hair and blue ice eyes his parents Amanda and Chris to the surprise of all the town had died an accadent but Artu didn't even have a scratch. All the towns people thought that he killed them well it wasn't much of a surprise Artu keeped to him self and never came into town only once a month he came and bought bread. Artu knew tge rumors and didn't care he knew that his parents didn't die in a car accident because one morning in late October they where gone there car was still parked and no sine of brake in they where just gone.

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