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A fine autumn day, the school is behind, and ahead of him is space and her beautiful voice.

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Book and park.

It was an unusually mild morning today, despite the end of September. The sun was peeking shyly out from behind the fluffy clouds, giving warmth and comfort to the little ones walking after school. On a small playground, surrounded by houses on three sides, stood a little kid, about ten years old, with his head held high in the sky, gazing with admiration at the freakishly shaped clouds. The girl, in a blue dress and blue sandals, was running away from the squealing boys, cheerfully shouting: "Sanya, sucker, you can't catch up." She gasped with laughter. A teenager, fifteen years old in jeans and a jacket, gathering a wreath of fallen leaves. A grandmother in a colorful scarf was talking, gesticulating animatedly. The children occupying the bench next to the old lady are listening with open mouths. Small children, under the watchful eye of their mothers, are making mud pies in the sand. Their fathers were discussing something among themselves, laughing, but looking at their wives with apprehension.

In general, the atmosphere was cozy. Only one boy was not running or laughing. He just sat quietly on the bench, looking ahead lostly, as if he were thinking about something important. Stas ran his hand over the sun-heated bench, inhaling the ineffable aroma of the morning chill. A sea of feelings splashed in his eyes, and his heart was overflowing with various emotions. Albina, the girl sitting next to him, was to blame. On her lap rested a voluminous hardcover book, from time to time, the little girl turned over the pages. She was absorbed with her head in a colorful fantasy book, about space travel, galactic wars and fairy-tale love. Albina read expressively, carefully pronouncing each word. And the boy... the boy just sat and listened. Physically he was here, but his mind was light years away. Where the stars blazed, where spaceships roamed the vastness of the universe, and good knights rescued princesses from other planets.

Here the girl finishes another chapter, and putting between the pages of the bookmark, quietly but unequivocally slams the book. At this sound, Stanislav roused and jerked, returning to the sinful earth from the world of fantasy.

- Is it over already? - He sounded disappointed - You're coming tomorrow, aren't you? Yes? Al?

Albina, on the other hand, only laughs tinklingly, and with a nod she kisses the boy on the cheek. She returns the book to its rightful owner. But he accepts it, as if reluctantly. He didn't mind listening to Alba's enchanting voice a little longer. After all, it took him somewhere far away, where there is no school, no homework, no teachers, but only a flight of fancy and space. A deep, endless and vast space, illuminated by a myriad of stars.

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Milli Debilciel Milli Debilciel
The story takes readers back to the simplicity and beauty of childhood. Set on a warm September morning, the story follows Stanislav, a little boy lost in thought as he watches Albina read a book about space travel. The story's gentle and nostalgic tone creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, reminding readers of the joys of childhood. The story's message about the power of reading and storytelling is clear, showing how they can transport young minds on endless adventures. It's a reminder of the importance of nurturing children's creativity and curiosity through books. The setting and atmosphere of the story are perfect, with the warmth of the sun and the gentle sounds of children playing creating a cozy backdrop. Overall, story is a heartwarming and inviting story that reminds readers to find joy in the little things. Its simplicity and innocence will capture the hearts of those who read it and take them back to a simpler time. The power of imagination is a force that should be nurtured in all children, and this story serves as a reminder of that truth.
June 22, 2023, 02:44
VT Voron Tenej
At first I thought it would be space fantasy but even after I read it, I was not disappointed. The book is good but it could have been longer.
May 28, 2022, 02:25


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