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Max Mayfield just moved to a new school she meets Ashley Cameron and Kylie Carpenter and the other popular kids on the bus Ashley has to show Max around the school they would never think what was going to happen next.

Drame Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.
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New girl

October 8th 1981

Sunnyvale, California

Me and my best friend Kylie Carpenter and Haley Myers started to get on the bus to go to school and suddenly I saw a face I have never seen before she had redhair and blue eyes and had a AC\DC band T on and a red skateboard in her right hand. Kylie always sat with Haley so usually I sat alone but not today the new girl sat next to me she didn't really make Conversation but I didn't really care because I didn't even know her name. When everybody got off the bus me and Kylie went to first period together. "Hey,Ashley did you see that redhaired freak?" Kylie said I never really know why she said that because she just has boring brown hair.

"What? Oh you mean the new girl that was on are bus"

"Yeah...Who else idiot"

"Yeah....I did but I don't think she is a freak she seems pretty cool because she has a AC\DC shirt on"


When me and Kylie went to our second period and when we sat down at are desks we saw the seme Redhaired girl that we saw on the bus walk into the classroom. And of course Mrs.Jonhs made her introduce herself

"hello everybody today we have a new student Maxine Mayfield" Mrs.Johns said with so much pep that is sounded like she worked at a fast food restaurant drive-through.

"My name is Max ok ,not maxine" after she said that Mrs. Johns looked at her with a death stare.

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