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Abby is a young adult studying in college. Her already sad life turns even more cold as an already orphan, a cheating boyfriend, dead best friend, and now she's falling in with a man who seems to be picking up the pieces to her shattered life. Little to her knowledge this sexy man is a dangerous and ruthless Mafia Don capable of many dark things nightmares are born from. Will she escape the fate of a sad life? Or is her run of bad luck just getting worse?

Romance Suspense romantique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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Chapter 1: The Downhill Day

"Abby, back off. What the fuck are you doing showing up unannounced?” Landon said shaking with anger.

“I came to see you but instead find you screwing another girl.” Abby said sobbing.

The other woman lying in Landon’s bed tucked behind a sheet unsure of what to do.

“Listen, I’m going to go.” the unknown girl said sheepishly.

“No, need she’s leaving we can continue what you came here for.” Landon turned and said to the woman in his bed.

“Landon, I’m going not going anywhere. We are…together. Why? Why are you doing this?” Abby said with her voice choking up.

“Abby you were a nobody and still are. You act like some high school twit still and have no interest in anything I do. I want sex, cool parties, I wanted more than you could ever offer.” Landon said with annoyance.

He then grabbed Abby by the wrist and threw her out of his apartment.

Stumbling out of the doorway she sat down outside his door. Her head falling in her lap sobbing uncontrollably at what had just happened. What felt like ages go by, she gathered herself and walked to her car. Getting in she sat in the driver seat, started the car glancing in the rearview mirror she thought to herself “Will I ever be enough for anyone to want?” With that she pulled out of the parking and went home.

Arriving at home she was greeted by her roommate Melody. Seeing Abby was upset walking in Melody said nothing and just walked to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of wine and passed it to Abby.

With the tears welling in Abby’s eyes again she cried

“What’s wrong with me? Why did he feel the need to cheat on me?” She said hands on her face.

“Hey, hey, it’s not you. He never deserved you. I wish you didn’t have to go through this, but some guys are bad. But his poor choices have nothing to do with you.” Mel said reassuringly rubbing Abby’s back.

“Let’s drink this bottle and forget him.” Mel said with a smile.

Abby just glanced up with eyes full of tears and a forced smile. She was so grateful to have met Melody four years ago since coming to college. Mel was in need of a roommate and Abby and her clicked immediately at orientation. They stay silent for a while opening the bottle and taking gulps of wine to drown Abby’s sorrows. Pretty soon they both have a buzz.

“You know what I want to forget him, I want to have a one-night stand, I want to be wild without a care. Let’s go take this party to the club! ” Abby said confidently.

“That’s more like it, girl!!!” Mel cheered in response.

They jumped up from their spots on the couch to quickly get ready for a rebound mission in the club. Forty minutes go by and Abby’s got her tiniest, tightest, and skimpiest black dress on. She’s concealed her bags under her eyes from all the crying she’s done and she is ready to find the man to make her forget all about Landon.

The girls step out of the house on a mission of drinks and hot guys, and the most wild night of their lives. They decided to walked to the club because it’s only three blocks away neither one thought it was practical to get an Uber.

They make it to the club and immediately because they are women the bouncer lets them in after a quick check of the IDs.

“I’m going to get us a tequila!” Mel shouted to Abby because the music was so loud.

Abby just nodded taking her gaze around the club to try and spot anyone suitable for the job at hand for her. No one catches her eye except for this tall silhouette she sees standing at the far side of the bar. Not catching his face before Mel comes to her with six tequila shots.

Immediately laughing Abby says

“So much for a tequila.”

“Girl the bartender gave me a discount for my phone number, I had to take this opportunity and run!” Mel said with a laugh passing three shots off to Abby.

Quickly both girls throw the shots back and make their way to the dance floor. Abby curious about that handsome silhouette tries finding the man it belongs to. With no luck she turns to Mel and starts dancing. Shaking her hips and grinding in the air. Then to her surprise someone grabs her on the hips leading her ass to grind hard against him. She tries to turn to take a peak at the stranger she’s dancing on when Mel grabs her hand dragging her over to the bar for more drinks. The girls each order a fish bowl which definitely sounded like a better idea at the time, getting their bowl of all sorts of liquor mixed together they decided to chug them down at the bar before going back out to dance. At this time Abby can feel she’s close to being black out drunk and is so concerned with keeping ahold of Mel. Abby isn’t much of a drinking so consuming a bottle of wine for a pregame, three tequila shots, and a bowl of mostly straight liquor wasn’t her best thought out plan.

She turns to Mel gripping her tighter.

“We need to leave, I think I drank to much and I’m going to black out.” She says and that’s all she remembered.

The next morning.

She woke up at home in bed, appeared to be showered and changed into pajamas.

“Ugh, Mel.” She groaned he mouth dry as sandpaper, ears ringing, head pounding and eyes in a blur.

“Abby, it's too early to talk. I’m so hungover.” Melody said groggily clearly trying to refrain from gagging.

“How did we get home?” Abby asked confused.

“Some guy at the bar said he knew you and heard you say you needed to leave because you were about to blackout. So he got us out of there and brought us home.” She said all while groaning.

Confused Abby managed to sit up in her miserable state to search for her phone.

When she finds it in her purse on her nightstand she opens it relieved she didn’t text or think of Landon last night in her drunken stupor. She does notice a reminder on her phone that wasn’t there last night. “Call me ###-###-####” the reminder said. Confused checking her contacts for the mysterious number she decides to send a text to the number saying “Hey, I had a reminder I don’t remember setting up to call this number.”

After composing the message she hit send. Just a minute later her phone buzzed. Checking the message from the unknown contact she read “Yes, I’m the man who brought you home, cleaned you, and made sure you didn’t choke on your vomit.” Confused Abby replied “Did we hookup or do something? Why did you undress me? My friend said you told her you knew me. But I don’t have your contact saved? What’s going on?” She sent the message. A few moments her phone buzzed, he texted back “I saw a woman who could’ve been potentially taken advantage of, I lied to your friend knowing she’d be more trusting if she thought we were aquatinted. I drove you both home. Your friend walked in I went to grab you to carry you inside and you threw up in my car. I cleaned you up because you had vomit in your hair and on your dress. I wasn’t going to leave you like that. So yes, I undressed you. No, we didn’t hook up, I like my women coherent and aware. I bathed you, I got you dressed, stayed until you weren’t sick. Before leaving I set a reminder just so I’d have the opportunity to tell you not to be so stupid and careless when you go out. Not every man would save you like I did.” Reading that message Abby shuttered with embarrassment and hangover aches.

She just replied “Well, thank you unknown man.” And turned her phone off and rolled over to fall asleep.

Thankfully for both girls it was Sunday and they didn’t have classes until Monday morning. They had all of the day to recover. Abby woke up to nocking at the door at three in the afternoon, shocked to sleep so late she ran up to get it. She opened the door to see two containers which appeared to be from a restaurant, with a note that read “the best hangover cure I’ve ever had.” Abby grabs the food and heads to Mel’s room.

“Hey, someone had food delivered for us because we’re hungover.” Abby said thankfully but shocked at who would do this. The only person who knew they drank last night was the mystery man who brought them home. Mel sits up and opens the containers.

“Oh, I’ve never been happier to eat toast and eggs in my life.” She said with relief.

Abby went to her room and grabbed her phone and texted the random number.

“Hey, thanks for the food. You definitely didn’t have to!” She got no response and just went back to Mel’s room to dig in. And boy was the note with the food right. Both girls felt almost immediately better since eating that greasy eggs and buttered toast.

"Hey, are you interested in going to a wine tasting at six o'clock?" Mel asked.

"I am feeling much better from this food. So, why not?" Abby said cheerily.

"You should invite your friend who brought us home as a thank you. Is he single? He could totally work as your rebound guy." Mel said playfully while nudging Abby in the arm.

"Yeah, I should invite him." Abby chimed excitedly.

"I should meet my hero who saved me and took care of me last night." she thought to herself.

Pulling out her phone she stared blankly at the screen curious on what to even say. Building up her courage she began to compose her message.

"Hey, I want to thank for taking care of me last night. We are going to a wine tasting at six. Join us so I can repay you?" she typed and hit send. Staring at the screen anticipating a reply she cups her hands over her face with embarrassment. "Why the hell would this guy even be interested in me attempting to thank him for last night after I puked in his car and he had to take care of me in such a disgusting state." she thought to herself.

Quickly she looks at the screen and types "Never mind, that sounds like a bad idea. Anyways thank you, for everything last night!" she quickly hit send and a minute later her phone dings back. "Is it a bad idea?" the message reads. "What does this guy mean questioning if it's a bad idea?" she thought. She started typing her response. "Maybe. You have already been more than generous. I don't have much to offer in as a thank you." she hit send. starting at the little bubble on the screen signifying him typing she nervously starts twirling a strand of hair in her fingers. His message comes through "Let me see how you normally behave while out and that will be thank you good enough for me." His message read. "Okay, are you familiar with the new wine bar on eleventh street? The event starts at six. Meet us there." she replied.

Abby quickly set her phone down and started searching her closet for an outfit to wear.

"I invited him." she yelled to Mel from her bedroom.

"Yeah? Is he coming then?" Mel shouted back.

"He is, he'll meet us there at six!" Abby said.

With that both girls started getting ready for their night.

After two hours of picking outfits, doing their hair, and putting on makeup and the girls were ready to head off to the wine tasting.

"Should we walk it or call a car?" Abby asked her friend as they walked out of the house.

"Let's just walk it, it's a nice evening." Mel chimed back.

After ten minutes the girls arrived at the wine bar. Abby not remembering the man from last night looked around confused to see if anyone was looking their way like they were expected to meet.

"Hey, do you see him anywhere?" Abby asked Mel.

"Looking for me?" a deep sexy voice echoed behind Abby.

Startled she turned quickly to meet his gaze. This was the guy she caught a glimpse of standing at the end of the bar when they got to the club last night.She wanted a better look of the man but couldn't find him last night but he found her.

"So, are you single?" Mel playfully said while trying to discretely nudge Abby.

A low chuckle sounded from the man.

"Yes, is someone interested?" he said seductively while looking to Abby.

"Funny you should ask, Abby is." Mel quickly voiced.

"Mel!" Abby exclaimed in a whisper.

Her best friend and the man chuckled together.

"I didn't catch your name last night when you brought us home." Mel said curiously. Abby raised her gaze to the man because she too was wondering the question on his name. She should know the name of the man who saved her from what could've been a bad situation last night.

"Where are my manners. I'm Killian." he said lowly.

"Well, Killian I'll go get our table for the wine tasting. You and Abby just hangout and I'll be back any moment." Mel said and walked away.

"Thank you, for last night. You really didn't need to intervene and help us get home." Abby said with embarrassment and blush creeping into her face.

"I know I didn't have to, but I have morals." he replied lowly.

"What enticed you to drink like that?" he asked curiously while furrowing his brows to figure her out.

"I walked in on my boyfriend of three years in bed with another woman. Then he threw me out." she said sadly.

"Why would anyone cheat on you?" he asked puzzled.

"That's the million-dollar question. Honestly, it's no wonder. Don't laugh but up until now I've been saving myself for marriage. He cheated because he had needs but I'm over waiting now. Men only want to commit themselves if they can sample the goods, I guess." she said with disappointment on her face.

"I think he sounds like a fool. But what made you decide to wait until marriage? Most people don't care about things like that anymore." he said inquisitiveness.

"My parents, they're both passed now. But they waited for each other, I just thought it'd be a special thing for me to do as well." she replied sorrowfully.

Not knowing what to say to her Killian stayed silent waiting for Abby's friend to return. A short moment later Mel was back.

"I tried getting us a better table but this time flirting didn't win us anyhting." Mel said shamelessly.

"That's okay lead the way." Abby said cheerfully nudging her way to Mel.

Killian followed behind the girls not saying anything as they made their way to the table. He observed the two women together and noted their careless behaviors and mannerisms. When he saw Abby in the bar last night he was captivated by her, long tanned legs, her ass barely covered by her dress, the low v in the front leaving little to the imagination on how her perky breasts would look naked. She let her long dark brown hair loose flowing against her smooth back, it caught his eye that her face looked so natural light makeup with a bold red lip. Initially when he saw her he just wanted her for a night, to make her scream her moans of pleasure in his ears while he claimed her pussy. He had no idea the woman he thought looked so seductive would turn out to be someone so innocent. He wanted her even more knowing her pussy has never been fucked. He imagined how good her virgin pussy would feel gripping his bulging cock. It was fresh in his mind that she said she was over waiting. Just one night with her would be good enough for him to quench the thirst he had already for her. Sitting at the Booth table Abby climbed into one side and Mel to the other. He decided to place himself next to Abby.

"So, Killian what do you do for work?" Mel asked curiously.

"I run my family business. We do some of everything." he said calmly eyes never leaving Abby as he spoke to Mel.

"What do you both do?" He asked to keep the conversation flowing.

"I'm an apprentice at a tattoo shop but am studying as an art major." Mel chimed she loved talking about her passions.

"I'm a nurse now but studying early childhood development." Abby said proudly.

"A tattoo apprentice and a nurse. Seems like an odd friend pairing." he said.

"Opposites attract." Abby said with a shrug.

Soon enough the wine was being brought around for the tables, they were each given cards to rate each glass of wine.

The waiter brought six glasses to the table two for everyone to start. They all were enjoying themselves in conversation and wine tasting the girls were downing the glasses instead of spitting it out to remain sober. After a little over an hour in both women were tipsy.

"Abby, I'm going to sneak away for a minute. Sage is here and I'm feeling horny." Mel whispered across the table to Abby.

"Mel, you're going to do it here?" Abby asked shocked.

"He's here working and is an amazing lay. I missed out on action last night." she said acting like a naughty child.

"Where are you going to hook up here?" Abby asked concerned.

"Bathroom, I don't know. I'll be back in a bit." she said getting up and walking towards Sage.

Not knowing what to do now other than sit in silence with this incredibly gorgeous man, Abby takes big swigs off her remaining wine glasses. Scooting closer to her Killian places his arm around the small of Abby's back. Shocked she jolted a couple inches she could manage from the small booths bench.

"Do you have intentions on repeating last night?" Killian whispered in her ear.

"Uh. No, I just am doing the wine tasting." she said bashfully.

"Hm, are you uncomfortable with me, Abby?" he said softly brushing his lips to her ear.

"No." she quickly exclaimed.

"Let's get out of here." he said while rubbing his lips a little lower than her ear now and onto her neck.

Abby's breath began getting shaky as surges of horniness spread through her body. Taking a deep breath, she found enough courage to whisper out a reply.

"I can't leave, Mel." she breathed out in a whisper.

"Text her and let her know we're going to head out. She'll understand." he said in a low convincing voice.

"Okay." she mustered out.

She pulled her phone from her pocket and composed a text to send Mel "Hey, Killian and I are going to head out. I'll see you later at home." she sent the message and collected her purse and put her phone inside of it. Killian led her out of the wine bar with his hand resting on the small of her back.

"My car is this way." He said guiding her to where he was parked.

Walking to the car she sees a fancy black sports car. Not knowing anything about cars or what it could be, but she could tell it was an expensive car from the luxury of the look.

"Where are we going?" she asked hesitantly.

"Back to mine." he said calmly in his deep low voice, opening the passenger side door for her he helped her in.

"Okay." she said almost to quietly to be heard.

What the hell am I doing she thought to herself. I don't know this man and now I'm on the way to his place with him. She messed with the straps on her purse anxiously. Would tonight be the night I give my virginity away she wondered. They sat in silence the whole way to his place. He pulled into the driveway when the gates to drive up to the house were opened. It was a minute before they reached the big and luxurious home.

"You live here?" she asked in disbelief.

"Yes." he said lowly.

"Alone?" she asked still in shock of this big mansion. She was in awe she'd never seen such a beautiful place.

"Yes." he replied calmly. With that he parked his car and helped her out and they walked into the house.

"This place is stunning." she said in awe.

"Thank you." he said while reaching for her hand.

"Abby, I don't want to give the wrong idea. But I want you, I want to take your virginity. Be the first man who will ever take your body." He said while tracing his fingers up her arm.

"We don't know each other." she gasped.

"It's your choice." he said getting closer and putting his lips to her neck.

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't want to because I do." she said shyly.

"What's holding you back?" he asked.

"I'm scared it will hurt." she said honestly.

"It will at first but you said it yourself you're done waiting. One night, no strings." he said calmly reassuring her.

"Can we take it slow?" she asked curiously looking up to him.

"We can take it at your pace. If any point you want to stop and leave, you can go." he said lowly while tracing his lips to her neck.

"Okay, let's do this." she said quickly before giving herself the chance to lose her courage.

He guided her through the house and into a large bedroom.

"What all have you done before?" he asked seductively.

"Alone or with someone?" she asked shyly.

"Both." he said glancing up and down her body as he nudged her to sit on the bed.

"I've kissed before and let my ex-boyfriend play with my boobs. I've uh, touched myself." she said with embarrassment.

"Show me how you touch yourself." he said low and seductively.

With that she slowly started undressing until she was in her bra and panties. Had she known this would come of her night she would have worn a cute matching set versus a white lace bra and a red lace panty. She glanced to Killian looking over his body and noticed the huge bulge forming in his pants. She placed her clothes into a pile on the chair in the in the corner by the bed. She found her place on the edge of the bed and nervously looked to Killian's bright icy blue eyes.

"Spread your legs and show me how you make that sweet pussy come." he said in a way that sent jolts of excitement through Abby.

She spread to legs to show her lace covered pussy to him, trying to control her breath and hide her nervousness she slid her fingers into the top of her panties and began circling her clit with a finger while quiet moans escaped her lips. She closed her eyes to feel less shameless about her actions.

"Remove your panties and look at me when you're pleasuring yourself." he said calmy.

Obeying his words she slipped her hand out and removed her panties, spreading her legs to expose her pink pussy to him. She raises her eyes to meet his gaze and sees his breaths becoming deeper as he watches her hand slid back down to her pussy separating her pink folds to continue working her clit for him to watch. He walks closer and starts unbuttoning his shirt slipping it off. He stops a foot away from her lowering onto his knees becoming eye level with her glistening pussy. He takes his hand and starts trailing it up her thigh until he reaches her pussy and he inserts on finger.

"You're so tight and wet." he said seductively while listening to her soft moans and gasps of pleasure.

"Has anyone ever tasted this pussy?" he asked curiously.

"No." she moaned out.

With that he removed his finger from her pussy and grabbed her hips to lift her to the middle of the bed, she rested on her elbows to watch him as he was climbing between her legs.

"Do you want me to eat this pretty little pussy?" he asked in a hungry growl.

"Yes." she gasped out feeling his hot breath hitting against her.

So quickly he lowered his face in between her legs and began licking and sucking her clit. Her once soft and quiet moans were now echoing on the walls and filling the room. He quickened his pace while inserting his finger into her soaking pussy.

"Ah, I'm going to come." she moaned out.

"Come for me, baby." He said through working her with his mouth. With that she came undone and had the most intense orgasm she's ever experienced. She thought he'd stop there but all too soon she came again and again.

"I want you, please." She moaned out.

He lifted his face from her soaking pussy.

"You can have anything you want but you have to take it." he said lowly.

She sat up and got on her knees, she grabbed his belt undid it and then moved to the button on his pants. She guided the pants and his boxers down his hips when his hard cock sprang up. She looked at the size of it and wondered how she'd take it. She grabbed his shaft in her hands and looked at the bead of precum on the tip. She lowered her mouth wanting to taste him, she slipped her tongue from her mouth and licked the tip of him. He let out a deep groan and grabbed a handful of her hair guiding her to take him in her mouth. She opened her mouth as wide as she could manage to accommodate his length and girth. She slowly started moving her mouth around his shaft.

"Fuck." he groaned as she continued to work him with her mouth.

She went to quicken her pace when he pulled her back and wrapped his arm around her waist causing her to be on her back on the bed with him hovering over top of her.

"Let me see those perky little breasts." he said while nibbling at her ear and with one swift motion he linked his fingers under her back and undid the bra and quickly pulled it off. He tossed it aside and lowered his face to her breasts and sharply sucked a nipple into his mouth causing Abby to gasp in pain and pleasure. He took his hand and started squeezing and caressing her other breast and nipple.

She grabbed a handful of his hair and pulled his face up to hers and pulled him into a deep and hungry kiss. He returned the same hunger and their tongues wrestled together. Using his knee he spread her legs apart and positioned his manhood between her legs gently grazing her soft pussy.

"I want you." she moaned through the kiss.

With that he started rubbing her juices along his shaft to lubricate himself before entering her.

"This will hurt at first." he said gently in his low voice.

"Okay, I'm ready." she said softly.

With that he started by just entering the tip and letting her adjust to it before he added more. Gasping from the pain between her legs she just wanted to get it over quickly insteadof dragging it out. She wrapped her legs around his waist and used them to propel him into her all the way.

"It hurts." she quickly gasped out, now understanding his reasoning for going slow she took a minute of keeping her legs clenched around him so he couldn't move.

After a few minutes of holding himself still he gently started rocking into her. Her gasps of pain turned into pleasure as the throbbing subsided and waves of pleasure washed over her.

"You're so tight." he groaned into her ear.

She pulled his face to hers kissing him deeply as he continued to ravish her pussy. Moaning through the kiss both of them grinding together. Each stroke becoming harder and more fierce.

"I'm going to cum." she moaned loudly.

"Come around my cock, baby." he growled as he started thrusting harder into her.

When her orgasm struck it caused him to cum, the tightening of her climax milking him spilling his hot seed into her tight hole.

They stayed there a moment still connected.

"Let's get you cleaned up." he said as he pulled his manhood from her. He gently picked her up and carried her into the bathroom.

"That was amazing." she said shyly as they entered the bathroom. He set her down on the tub surround as he turned on the shower to warm the water before getting in.

"It was a pleasure being the first man to taste and enjoying your tight pussy." he said seductively as he stepped closer to her, he leaned down and trailed his finger against the inside of her thigh.

"It was amazing. So, what happens now?" she asked curiously.

"We'll get you cleaned up. I'll drive you home. We won't see each other or speak to each other again after this. One time, no strings." he said calmly.

"Right, yeah, sorry. I've just never done this before and mostly didn't know what to say." she said lowly.

He guided her to stand and they entered the shower together. He took a rag and added some soap and began to lather her body, taking gentle care around her sensitive pussy and swollen bud. He stood and got some shampoo to wash her hair, he began to lather the soap. Once finished he signaled for her to rinse under the water.

"Since we won't be seeing each other again. Can I. Uh." she muttered.

"Say it, baby." he whispered in her ear seductively.

"Can I touch you some more?" she asked with embarrassment.

"Can your pussy handle another round?" he asked cockily.

Unable to muster courage to speak she just nodded and lowered herself to her knees seeing his cock was fully erect already.She gripped his shaft in her hands and looked up to make eye contact as she opened her mouth and took him inside.

"Fuck, have you sucked another mans cock before, beautiful?" he groaned out in pleasure. Not stopping but just gently shaking her head no.

"Your mouth was made to hold my cock, baby." he breathily said.

She picked up her pace and almost when he was about to cum, he pulled out from her mouth and picked her up wrapping her legs around him and hungrily thrusts himself into her. They breathlessly moaned together and soon came together again in climax.

They exited the shower without a word, they both dried off and got dressed and headed off for her to go home.

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