Cough Smoke

I worked in a mansion far away from a little town. I stared to work as a maid when I was 23 years old. One day I was in my break time, habitually my break time became a smoke break because, I’d a hard job, because we only were three maids in the team and without leader, so when we were cleaning a side of the mansion, another side was getting filled with dust at the same time. For that reason, I started to smoke in my break time, because smoking always relaxing me from the hard work, and I always did it hidden from my boss, because he hated the odor of cigarettes. One day his wife caught me smoking in my break time, and problems started in my work… and no... eh... it was so unusual... unusual without reason... strange... so strange...

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Chapter #1.- Caught you!

It was a normal day on the Rastford mansion. Near to the entrance of the garden, a huge place with a lot of different plants and precious flowers that were covered for a greenhouse like a crystal castle. I decided to take a smoke break.

I got ended fully my job, so I thought it wasn't a problem because, Mr. Rastford went out to a business trip, so I thought I could smoke my cigarette tranquil and quiet.

My cigarette pack was inside in a pocked from my long skirt of my uniform maid with my yellow lighter. I moved my gaze for over the place before start smoking, to see nothing moors on coast. When I saw nobody near to the place. I lighted my cigarette.

I puffed and dragged it a pair of times, taking a lot of smoke while the little flame was in burning it, I inhaled so deeply while I was taking a breath of smoke from my cigarette, a light smoke screen covered me for a moment then, I moved my head with direction to the roof to blew the smoke slowly to see the column of smoke escaping for my lips (I know, you think I looked like a chimney, but I feel myself sexy when I'm smoking, so sorry!).

I deeply sighed with residual smoke inside me, I could still feel its flavor in my mouth. I saw my cigarette for a moment, all around me was quiet, then birds were singing in a tree, there were some beautiful red birds in it. I put my cigarette again in my mouth and I proceeded to inhale it deeply, I dragged my cigarette a bit, hot smoke was getting into my body slowly and burning me pleasure gently, I took a little breathed of air to get cool the hot some, then, with a little kiss, I separated it form my lips slowly while some of smoke escaping between the cigarette butt and my mouth. I sighed relieved gently and, in a moment, I ended among a cloud of my own smoke that I had done with my exhalation.

"What a beautiful morning…" I said relaxing while I was removing the ashes from my cigarette throwing these to the ground, and then, I sipped my cigarette again to take a deeply breathe of luscious hot smoke from my cigarette.

"Celia! What are you doing?!" I heard suddenly.

I got choking in my own smoke, because someone scared me while I was inhaling it. I coughed smoke for a moment, then I hawked a little to clean my choking throat and tried to responded.

"Cough! Cough! La… cough… cough… Layne! What are you doing here?! Cough! Cough!" I tried to respond while I was coughing.

"No, no, no! No! You! What are you doing here? Are you smoking a cigarette?" replied Layne.

"Eh… well…" I responded, and I thought in that moment "Are you kidding me? Don't you feel the smell? Don't you see the smoke? And… My smoky cigarette? Ah? Eh! Please", but I don't responded.

"Why are you smoking a cigarette? Did you end your part of our work?" she scolded me.

"Ah, yeah…" I responded something nervous.

"Okay, I need you to do another job! So, put off your cigarette and threw it in a trash can" she ordered me.

I got a little angry, because this was my break time, so, I dragged my cigarette in a deeply breathe, I inhaled a lot of smoke until I filled myself then, I blew the smoke to her face, until we get a thick smoke screen around us, almost immediately she began to cough and fan the smoke despaired for some of clean air.

I responded while she was coughing.

"You are not my boss! And, you cannot impetrate my break, time is 10:30 am, and my break time start at 10:30 and end to 11:10 am, so you cannot order me a job for forty minutes" I said and I sipped my cigarette to get relax.

She was something angry and told me:

"Argh! Gasp! Okay… but, it was not necessary to receive your smoke directly on my face…" she said while was grimaced by the delicious fragrance of my smoke in the air.

In that moment, another one got closer and took a place in our conversation, she was Betsy, our job partner, another maid. She giggled a bit and told me too gently while was smiling.

"I suggest you put off your cigarette…

I sipped my cigarette again, and I blew a lot of smoke to her face. Betsy did not flinch among my smoke, she continued smiling confident while was breathing easily among it, and she pointed with her finger to a window in the mansion.

"Missis Rastford is seeing you; I really suggest you to put off your cigarette now, or you will get problems. You know the rules, smoking is not allowed in Rastford's mansion.

I turned my gaze She was in truth, Missis Rastford was seeing me through a window glass inside the mansion. I put off almost immediately my cigarette and I just smiled.

"You're in trouble!" mocked Layne.

"I know… just… just shut up…" I replied.

Later, I was in the kitchen, cleaning it. In a moment, Missis Rastford entered and saw me. She was a middle young woman, beautiful, with large and blonde hair and crystalline bright eyes like honey, thin and curvy body with white skin.

I just felt so nervous, I thought she was there to scold me, because I broke a rule smoking a cigarette. I felt so embarrassed carrying the weight of my fault.

"Hi. Can I do a question to you?" said Missis Rastford gentle.

I swallowed my own saliva too nervous and I responded stuttering.

"Hi… h… good afternoon… mis… Missis Rastford… I… I… yeah… what's your question Miss?"

Missis Rasford giggled a bit and told me gently.

"Were you smoking a cigarette this morning near the garden?

When I heard that, I just got nervous on top. I'd no idea how to respond for that.

"I… I… eh…" I just breathed deeply and responded so sad for the moment. "Yes Missis Rastford, it was not my intention, I know smoking is not allowed in the mansion. I'm sorry, I'm really sorry…" I just said.

Missis Rastford giggled softly and she told me something happy and lightly.

"Could you smoke a cigarette right here?…

"Eh?" I exclaimed confused.

Missis Rastford got a bit red embarrassed and said:

"I… I just want to see you smoking… so… could you smoking a cigarette now?

I was so confused. ¿Why did she want to seeing me smoking a cigarette? I had no response for that.

"Eh… I don't understand nothing… Well, eh… do you want to see me smoking a cigarette?" I questioned so confused.

"Yeah… I know you have your cigarette pack and lighter inside the pockets of your uniformed… I stalked you before…" she said and giggled likes a little girl.

"What the fuck?! She stalked me?! What the…" I thought so surprised. I felt this so strange. So, I proceeded to talk with her.

"Eh… I don't understand… let me find out a reason for this… you want to see me smoke a cigarette right here… right?

"Mmh!" she nodded.

In that moment I felt myself to nervous, I really needed a cigarette to take easy the situation. So, I proceeded to take my cigarette pack and my lighter, doubting about reasons of Missis Rastford.

I showed her the cigarette pack and my lighter and I replied "Are you sure?". She only giggled again and nodded.

I proceeded to take one cigarette for the pack and I put it in my mouth, in that instant, I insisted to her: "Are you really sure?" and nodded confident.

I had no option. In that moment I lighted my cigarette. When I smoke a cigarette, exactly when I take the first drag, I usually do a lot of smoke, until I get a smoke cloud around me, because I like to see how the smoke accompanying me, but, in this moment, when I lighted my cigarette, I swallowed a bit of smoke, to prevent do a lot of it, even so, smoke ended being too much in the air. At the end of my first drag after lighted it, I blew the smoke to the roof, doing a column of smoke.

Missis Rastford and me, ended covered among a slightly haze of my smoke. I could see she was in glad among my smoke. In that moment I thought she was pretending to be fine., so, I started to fan the smoke with a hand to dissolve it a bit in the air, and I apologized about the amount of smoke in the air.

"Oh… So sorry for so much smoke" I said so embarrassed.

Missis Rastford giggled again gently, and told me:

"It's okay, I wanted to see you smoking a cigarette…" she said and she saw the smoky cigarette between my fingers in my left hand. "Can I ask for something more?" she added to me.

"Something more?" I said something confused about it.

"Yeah… eh… could you… mmh… Could you blow me some of smoke to my face while smoking?" she said doubting.

"Eh?!" I exclaimed surprised, because I was not understanding nothing.

"Eh… Please?" she said to me something nervous. I could feel it.

I took my time to think what she wanted. In a moment I responded:

"Okay… let me understand, do you want to receive my smoke to your face, while I'm smoking Missis Rastford?

"Mmh!" she nodded confident.

"Mmh… why? I mean… why do you want my smoke in your face while I'm smoking, Missis Rastford?" I asked to her.

She giggled softly and told me while was too embarrassed and a little red:

"Because… eh… cause… Because I like your way to smoke… and… I like your smoke… I was waiting the moment to receive your smoke in my face, to feel it… to breathe it, for a long time ago… I was waiting my opportunity to tell you this… and… and… I thought this was my opportunity…" she said.

I got doubting a bit, because she literally wanted to breathe my smoke while I blow it in her face. The idea turned me on a bit, because she was a too beautiful woman. The only idea of smoke to her face turned me on a bit.

"Eh… please… Smoke your cigarette over me…" she said a little embarrassed.

I doubted a bit and I replied:

"Are you sure?

"Yeah… please, smoke your cigarette in my face…" she said while was seeing me with crystal eyes.

"Okay… I'll do it…" I responded.

"Yay!" she celebrated like a little girl doing little claps whit her hands near to her face.

She was seeing me so excited while I was putting my cigarette in my lips. I kissed a bit the cigarette's butt, and I blew a bit of smoke quickly to her face.

"Okay… that's all…" I responded.

"Oh, please… I know you can do more smoke than this…" she replied me.

"I don't know… I think I…

"Please… do a smoke to my face…" she told me about cry.

"Eh… I don't…" I exclaimed.

"Please, do smoke to my face, the maximum smoke that you cand do! Please!" she said.

"I think I…" I said but she interrupted me.

"Please… please…." She insisted.

I saw her, she literally wanted my smoke in her face. I felt myself so nervous in that moment, and I got turned on a bit.

"Okay… I'll do it…" I responded to her, and she immediately returned to be glad.

"Really?" she told me.

"Yeah… I'll do my max smoke capacity" I said to her.

"Do you promise me it?" she added so excited.

"I promise you it…" I responded.

"Yay!" she celebrated again.

"Please, get closer a bit to me, to see the smoke thicker…" I said to her. She nodded something nervous and excited, then she walked a bit to got close to me.

I put my cigarette in my mouth and I dragged it until I got it close to half, I breathed some of air to cool the smoke inside me, then I sipped my cigarette again, I repeated it several times, until my cigarette got near the end.

During my dragging, some of smoke escaped from my nose and from corner of my lips. Missis Rastford saw the bit of smoke around her for a moment, but she didn't lose her gaze over me. I continued filling myself with cigarette smoke until I couldn't drag more smoke or air to cool it.

At the end, I tried to take the last breath of air to take strength to blow the smoke, but myself was full up to top with cigarette smoke, I could feel it. Missis Rastford was too close to me, she was so exciting waiting for the smoke. I opened my mouth to start to exhale it, in a moment, I deflated myself like a balloon next to her expelling a massive amount of smoke.

Missis Rastford got glad like a little girl while smoke covered her face, but my exhalation was too long, smoke got thicker and thicker, in a moment, her smile erased and she got surprised by the massive amount of smoke, then she began to cough among a dense smoke screen.

I ended my exhalation, I felt so exhausted, because it was too much smoke for me, then I saw Missis Rastford coughing among my smoke and I told her:

"Oh! Miss! Are you okay?! So… so sorry about that… it was not my intention… I… I… so sorry…" I said while I started to pat her back and fan the smoke a bit while she continued coughing.

She continued coughing for a bit time, trying to recover her breath, then she saw me and giggled.

"You are awesome…" she told me.

"Eh?" I exclaimed confused.

Then she giggled again in glad and told me:

"Well, thanks… so, see ya…" she said while smiling and she walked out the kitchen.

I was really confused… and I had a lot of work to remove the reek of cigarette smoke and my ashes from the kitchen.

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