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Meet the cast

(not my pictures credit to the creators)

Lauren ⬆ - 17 years old - the protagonist - loves cooking

Infinity ⬆ - 18 years old - Best friends with the protagonist - loves drawing

Lucia ⬆ - 12 years old - Lauren's Lil sis - Loves singing

Lucas ⬆ - 19 years old - Lauren's crush - Totally a playboy

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A propos de l’auteur

Duda Castro Hello, I am Maria and I am really happy because people are reading my stories when I begin to get followers I am going to take in intro my future job! At the moment I am writing a scary story that is scaring the creeps outta me! I hope you like my stories, cause I work really hard, I don't have so much imagination so when I have ideas I gotta write them down before they become thin air. Thank you everyone for reading my stories, I am trying my best, and Thank you a lot!

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