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Hey!! feel free to send me requests or message me if you wanna just chat! I write only for ateez and my ocs (will introduce then later!). I’ll write for : coughing ✅ kink ✅ sneezing ✅ illness in general (but not serious stuff like cancer, etc…) ✅ a little bit of whump ✅ age play ✅ and some fluff too (I accept shipps but NOT smut) ✅

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Sick Wooyoung

omg I’m so nervous 😆 so guys, this is my very first sickfic, I’ve have written before, but this is the first time I actually finished something lol. Enjoy ❤️

Summary : Wooyoung and Seonghwa have an exciting plan coming up for their birthday and when Wooyoung catches a cold, he tries to pretend to Seonghwa that he’s not sick. But obviously it doesn’t remain a secret for long because he always gets terribly sick with bronchitis.

(it may contains grammar errors since english is not my first language)

Sickie : Wooyoung.

Caretaker : Seonghwa.

The tour was ending and Wooyoung’s condition was getting worse again. But this time it wasn’t his back killing him, this time was something that he knew well. Wooyoung is known by his loud personality, he’s loud when he’s happy, he’s loud when he wants to be spoiled, and he’s definitely loud when he’s sick. Expect for his kitten sneezes. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. He was getting bronchitis again, always happen when you have the weakest immune system of the group and travels back and forth.

It was the last concert night, everyone was tired so after all of them left to the hotel, shower up and sit down to eat, one member was sitting breathless on the couch.

Yunho was the first to notice some weird wheezing sound around, he looked back and saw it was coming from Wooyoung.

“Hey you’re feeling okay?”

“I’m..” Wooyoung was feeling unsure if he should tell someone about his sickness, after a while would be visible that he’s sick as a dog, but he wasn’t planning to let this reach Seonghwa’s hears so quickly.

“I’m okay” he finally answered. “I’m just still kinda tired, you know how it is.” he said smiling cutely hoping Yunho would let go.

“oh I definitely do” said Yunho stretching. “Just checking you up, tell me or hyung’s if you need anything ok?”

“Okay” Wooyoung respond making his way to the bathroom, he couldn’t hold back the coughing anymore but he couldn’t be heard, so he turned on the sink while coughing harshly in a towel, when ended he was feeling weak in his knees and his face was red.

“There’s no way Seonghwa won’t notice this.” He says miserably coughing one more time.

He makes his way leaving the bathroom and sat at the table to eat with his members

“Hey what took you so long sweetheart?” asks Seonghwa with his arms around Wooyoung.

“Ugh the nature was calling.” He responds playful and Seonghwa laughs.

He could pass the dinner fine, only coughing a couple of times where the others were being loud for him and he was thanking any entity for going unnoticed. Maybe he should have thanked more because later on Seonghwa was asking him why he was so quiet, he knew he couldn’t scape easily like he did with Yunho, his hyung was very careful with his health knowing that he tended to get sick if he overworked himself.

“Hyuuuung I’m okay, really!! I think it’s just my allergies acting up, and besides we’re all tired” He said pouting and cleaning his throat.

“Hum okay but if I suspect you’re under the weather, even your small cute little kitten sneezes” Seonghwa says grabbing his boyfriend cheeks, “we’re NOT hanging out tomorrow.”

“Ugh okay okay.” Wooyoung says looking down.

“Come here.” Seonghwa says embracing him, until they fall peacefully asleep.

At least it was what Seonghwa though. He didn’t notice his boyfriend leaving the bed 5 minutes after he fell asleep to cough his lungs out. Wooyoung was trying so hard to not be heard, he was coughing the quietest he could be, the problem above this whole situation was, he wasn’t getting enough air.

Seonghwa was rolling trying to find his boyfriend’s body but couldn’t.

“Where’s he?” He asked himself confused leaving the bed to go after Wooyoung.

He saw a light coming from the bathroom.

“Woo?” he called only to get a cough in response. “Wooyoung? Wooyoung are you okay in there?” he asks already worried.

“Se *cough cough* Seonghwa” Wooyoung says weakly coughing.

“Wooyoung what’s happening, are you throwing up? Open the door for me love.”

“I can’t *cough cough cough* I can’t move *cough* hyung *cough* help me.” He says breathing hard and almost faintly.

“Hang in there, hyung it’s coming.” Seonghwa ran around the hotel to get his spare keys, he was always on guard afraid of some fire may happen, he always ask for extra keys.

When he opened the door, he saw his poor dongsaeng coughing for his life, wheezing and grabbing his chest, he quickly grabbed Wooyoung and placed him in the bed leaning on the pillows, rushing to get his emergency inhaler and some decongestants, he was hoping with the humidifier on, he won’t have to call a doctor.

The cough was still there after 20 minutes, but wasn’t a full fit a least.

“So” Wooyoung starts, “We’ll be late for our dinner” he says playfully but Seonghwa grabbed him by his neck and started kissing him, they were going by 2 minutes until Wooyoung stopped for coughing.

“What was that for?” He asked in disbelief and coughing.

“Well I guess, as your penalty for making me worried sick, I’ll kiss you until you’re out of breath to remind how bad it is to hide things from me.”


And that was it 🥺 the part two of this will definitely be for someone who enjoys coughing as much as I do 😉. Feel free to leave me requests and constructive criticism!!

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