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Any Gabrielly is not a normal woman. With the same blood as her mother, she turns into a jaguar, every time she gets angry.

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The beginning

Note: Any and her mother lived in a kind of forest, in a very poor house.

Months ago

Maria (Any's mother):you should never trust anyone in this world, daughter

Talks while peeling something with his hands,they had a habit of sitting like frogs

Any: and why not?

Maria: because I trusted once,and I lost your father,so never in your life trust anyone

Any: you can leave

Current days

Maria died, was killed by a hunter, leaving Any alone in the world.

In a place a little far away

Ron: I can't hold back with emotion

Ursula: calm down Man

Ron: My other son is coming, I can't wait

Ursula: I'm afraid

Ron: from?

Ursula: Fear of you leaving Jonah and Jaden aside

Ron: never, i love them more than anything

Ursula smiles

Ursula:Jonah should be arriving with him by now.

with Josh

Mariana: my son, are you sure everything is there?

Josh: I have grandma, relax

Scarlet: I still don't agree with that idea.

Josh: relax mom

Talk approaching her and hanging on her neck

Mariana: it's Scarlet, you hid your son's father for 20 years, he has the right to know him

Josh: yes

Madison: I hope you like it there, it's beautiful

Josh: let's see

Anyway, Josh goes to the place to wait for Jonah to arrive.

I was distracted with my back

Jonah: Hey Josh

Josh: what's up,you must be the....

Jonah: Jonah

Josh: nice

Jonah: nice, come on, your father is waiting for you

they go to the plane

Josh:Jonah, can you take that door down? I want to take pictures of the landscape

Jonah: oh can I

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