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A girl is being watched as they try to figure out what's wrong with her and in order to aid her they set someone to watch her. Finally they come to a hint of how to help

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The girl sat at the far corner of the room bending down over her work as she continuously focused on her drawing.

She'd rather draw than mingle with the rest and that brought a lot of attention to the workers. The place was more of a mental home but the thing about it was the workers who wore green uniforms each day. These workers were there at any time of the day and even after curfew would show up.

They would change for the night shift before the midnight strike the and day shift at nine am.

Just as she was thinking she noticed two pairs of boots stop at her, slowly she looked up to meet an unfamiliar face before her. He was smiling at her when she suddenly tensed, he noticed this and while he sat next to me he quietly said "Don't worry I'm not going to steal you're art. I'm just going to watch you."

That worked, and immediately after he said those words she was back in her mind. Only she wished she hadn't. He sat crossed-legged watching her draw with all effort, including the mumbles she would inaudible pronounce. Though the girl didn't believe him, not one bit, he probably came to observe my behavior, she thought.

Most of the girls have been helped through the skill of observing, the characters and emotions were tested to know what the mind thinks. To free the man who is locked in a chain.

So when he sat she was more than happy her previous drawing had been flipped away. She drew a simple house with the sun smiling, a farmer working on the land with he's plenty of workers. Making sure she wouldn't let out too much emotion she gripped her teeth and bit her tongue. Though she had drawn something so beautiful she couldn't help but feel bitter about it.

Finally, the Man rose understanding something, the young girl hoped she out smarter him but little did she know he would return and come again and again.

Every day she pretended yet she hated it with all her heart. She hated her paper was wasted on something that was not true.

Every day he would come, watch her draw, and the more he would the more he saw the evidence, the more he was so close to snapping her open. So one day as she sat at her corner he took her away and into a room.

It had a desk and a chair, a blackboard and was filled with some people.

She was told to sit down then given a page of white paper with an HB pencil and eraser.

The Man, who looked younger than the rest spoke first, "Petra do you mind if you draw us a picture of a house and a family?"

They watched her closely as her eyes furrowed but quickly relaxed. She picked up her pencil and laid it on the page. Then it started.

As she drew she muttered inaudible words only she knew she was saying, then after every few minutes, she would groan lowly as she colored the shades. When she was done her face was left unsatisfied.

The people marked that down and as she looked up she felt an unpleasant feeling but she kept quiet, she didn't want anything to do with them less alone a conversations.

Her paper was taken away and given another clean one. "Draw us a girl smiling." A woman asked, she had blue hair and thin black specs.

The Man watched her again with the same behavior repeating. When she was done, he could see pure hatred in her eyes. She slid the paper away without a second look and he smirked taking the second paper away.

Then finally an older man motioned to the board and the girl watched as he spelled the word MIND on the black surface.

"That's what I want you to draw for me." He said.

She stared at the word and without a thought picked her pencil and snapped it in halves dropping them on the desk.

"That's my mind." She said coldly.

The people stared at her, the younger man was taken aback as he heared her voice for the first time.

The girl picked one half and drew on the sheet a brain with a lock tieing it as a gift bow.

Out loud she spoke, keeping her eyes on the drawing, "I'm a prisoner of my self and I'm locked from reality. I'm bound by the past and cannot get to the future because the present I live in is a nightmare and not reality."

"And can you free yourself?" The woman with specs asked.

She shook her head looking up. The woman nodded and said, "Then I'll teach you but first I want you to tell me everything."



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