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Book of 1 Out of 3 for the Dragon Riders Series. The World Of Themdore (Them-dore) is filled with magical creatures from the local vampire to dragons, each town has their own squad of elite heroes from knights to centaur. An elite group of Dragon Riders from the city of Rashing protect the world from those who are set to destroy what everyone has created for years. Amelia Jayne one of the 6 dragon riders is a mage, she knows she has a lot to prove to others especially being a dragon Rider. As it wasn't known for anyone but a full blooded dragon rider to be able to grow close let alone ride a dragon. But her trust is tested when an army of the undead is summoned by a mysterious man and the skeleton king himself Orthros. Making it harder to prove to everyone she isn't like her kind at all. She must fight against those she once knew and those she once loved in order to save everyone else, can she do it? Can she rise to the challenge?

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Ruvaen Mirasatra was seated at the head of the table, in front of him was a new task given to them by their Elf King Ragnar. He flipped through the pages reading over what they were required to do while Amelia, Caeda, Sam, Phyahi and Srocs settled into the meeting hall. In front of each of them sat the task for the others to read through.

He peered up from the paper in front of him his grey-blueish eyes scanning his work colleagues, he noticed Amelia was looking a little tense this morning, her long blonde hair seemed to be a bit of a mess and her golden eyes weren't shining as bright, he frowned for a few moments, trying to figure out what was wrong, but right now this new task was their priority.

Her shoulders were tightly hunched together as she sat down, earning her to move uncomfortably in the seat while reading the letter that was given to them.

"Good morning everyone, as you see I've received a new task from King Ragnar himself. He has requested that we head to the island known as Gascony," Ruvaen spoke folding his fingers together as his hands were stretched onto the table in front of him.

"Good morning Ruvaen, Island of Gascony... Isn't that the village of warfare? Why would they need our help?" Phyahi asked as he scratched the bottom of his green chin with his long fingernails.

Ruvaen skimmed through his hair while looking at Phyahi, "It seems they have already attacked the rouge dragon in defends but it refuses to move," he explained.

He shook his head before continuing, "They've also tried everything to get the dragon out but apparently the cave is too dark and scary for most men to enter, they don't know the way. Which is why they asked us to help."

Caeda hummed before quietly speaking up, after all this was her first mission with the guild, "So either the dragon is attacking for a reason or it's just a rouge dragon that is harming everyone in its path. What do we do?"

Amelia looked up from the table and gently smiled towards Caeda, "Well that's what we have to figure out. We must find out why the dragon is attacking and if it's a rouge."

Caeda nodded, "Also a question remains if it is a rouge why won't it leave? Normally rouge dragons destroy land and people before moving along, right?"

"Well that depends," Sam replied to Caeda's question.

She didn't say much else after that, she just sat back in her seat allowing the others to throw around ideas. Amelia was also very quiet as she re-read through the letter and requirements for the mission.

Her right hand slowly moved down her hair, when it reached the bottom of her blonde hair, her fingers would stop before yanking out the knots making her wince a few times.

Sam began to notice her mood and nudged her elbow getting her attention before asking, "What's on your mind?"

"Nothing much at the moment, just trying to figure this out. It states here In this section," Amelia points to the part she is speaking out, before continuing. "It said it was peaceful up until a few months ago, if it was a rouge why wait until then to start attacking the villages and land?"

Many scenarios ran through her mind as she spoke to Sam of what it could be, Srocs let out a sigh as he stared at Amelia.

"How are we supposed to know why the dragon is attacking, like Sam said that's what we've got to figure out."

Amelia rolled her eyes giving him a little bit of attitude as she replied back, "Well Phyahi, firstly I'm just throwing questions around like everyone else and secondly I don't have a connection with all dragons. I just have a way of calming them and speaking to them, it takes a few years to practice, maybe you should try it."

The room grew silent once again as the guild watched Amelia and Phyahi stare at each other. They could feel the tension between the two of them, making them all feel a little uncomfortable. Ruvaen groaned and shook his head before looking at the both of them.

"Seriously guys! This has to stop. We are a team, we work together," he commanded.

Amelia sighed softly and peered her face away from Phyahi's, "Well, I guess this meeting is over. I'll meet you all in the stable." With that she stood up and headed into the main hall of the guild.

Looking around at the building, she loved looking at the artwork and the structure of the building. Polished braziers enclosed each of the fourteen obsidian columns light up the guildhall; the walls painted in yellow and orange, down the hall towards the left were 6 bedrooms with their names engraved on a golden plate. Stained glass windows in the bowed ceiling dance in the flickering light.

Dragon shadows appear, showing a path from the main hall to the war room. A scarlet rug runs down from the front door and splits to encircle the entire hall while swallow tail banners with golden tracery swing gently from the walls.

Between each banner hangs a small lustre, almost all of them have been lit. Grand, tinted glass windows are neighboured by drape that were coloured with the same dragon colours shown on the banners. The long thick curtains had been adorned with jewels and fancy golden tassels.

Amelia stepped out of the guildhall and into the fresh streets of Craftsman's Borough, she took in the smell of Sane's shop, the smell of his potions and elixirs filled the air. Amelia waved to everyone as she passed them by, most of the villagers waved back. She began to wonder how Ethrinria was going, lately; she noticed that Ethrinria hasn't been acting right.

It's also the reason she has been so tense, if she knows there is something she can't fix about Ethrinria it freaks her out and makes her wonder. She made her way to Mastiff's Village where she saw the local merchant Cwynfleue (Cwy-n-flu).

"Good Morning, Cwynfleue I'm in need of a new sword, something that is easier to pack in my pouch here," Amelia stated tapping her pouch.

Cwynfleue chuckled as she looked around for the sword she was wanting to give Amelia. She was also one of the best blacksmiths in this town; her gorgeous strawberry blonde hair had a little curl at the end and her blue eyes shined brightly.

Cwynfleue escaped her old home Dacknor after it was attacked by Hecatoncheires; Giant monsters with fifty heads and one hundred arms.

She was lucky to escape but the rest of her town was not; she left with a few scars, one of the side of her neck and one just above her heart which she proudly showed off.

"Of course, I made this one yesterday. It's a magic sword, it can fit anywhere you want it too," Cwynfleue replied, grabbing the sword which was gold and seemed to shine brightly as the sun hit it in the right spot.

"How much?" Amelia asked as she opened her money pouch grabbing as many krila pieces.

"Well for you Amelia only 50 Kirla pieces," Cwynfleue replied watching as Amelia gave her 50 kirla pieces.

Amelia grabbed the sword once Cwynfleue had taken the money, "Thank you Cwynfleue, and be safe." With that she headed to the dragon stable.

The dragon stable was a large rectangular home for the dragons; each dragon had their own space, allowing them to move freely within the area they were in. The dragons could wander throughout the town if they pleased.

"Ethrinria please calm down!" A frustrated Grace whined as she tried putting the harness over Ethrinria's body.

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