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The Eighth Sphere is an archaic, millenary Order, in charge of keeping the balance of the world (Lithra) stable and guarding it in order to avoid a possible apocalypse. The call to be the new and only member of this Order, the son of a celestial, is forced to leave behind the life he knew to embark on this path in the midst of a decomposed world. Along the way, he will face various obstacles, from dark entities to other horrendous dangers. But the greatest of all his challenges will be the search for himself having the whole world in his hands. Added to this, is the appearance of an intriguing character from the past, who intends to use an ancient and forbidden object capable of impacting the Lithra at alarming levels. Palingenesis is the first installment of this saga, with a plan weaving in the shadows, intrinsically controversial, where angels deceive and real monsters have a human face.

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The Woman in the Night

"With light from a new moon, the chosen one, bearer of two bloods, shall step on the earth and the world will be reborn."

Lost Prophecies



The sound of her footsteps was barely audible, because her own heartbeat predominated, going at a thousand an hour, almost to the point of losing track of time. She didn't even know where she was going; she only had the order to run, to run as far as possible without stopping nor looking back, otherwise the consequences would be terrible, and just thinking about it gave her a frightening cold on that hot night. In fact, she had been running around the city for twenty endless minutes until she began to feel the ravages of thirst and exhaustion, but it was fear that kept her going, although the most important reason was huddled in her arms, a small pink lump that slept undisturbed.

When it was about forty minutes and she felt that she could not take it anymore, the woman began to desperately ask for help, stopping in the middle of the street, obstructing traffic, hitting the car windows with tears in her eyes. However, the shock on her face, her moans and the simple fact of seeing a woman with her son zigzagging through every inch of the city, didn’t seem to disturb the citizens in the least, who barely noticed her, and some who another dared to turn their heads. She discovered, feeling a painful hollow in her chest, that she was alone, and that was much worse than she imagined, even worse than the fear itself.

Suddenly she had an idea, but in order to execute it, she risked stopping first in a dark alley to look at the baby in her arms who, wrapped in a crimson blanket, maintained an enviable calm under the circumstances. She took advantage of the moment to regain all the breath she’d left behind, although she couldn't stay there. The gray veil over her face wouldn't hide her for long as they could be in many places at the same time and moved stealthily like ghosts in the dark. The thought of what she was about to do shook her from head to toe, yet there was no other choice.

She left the alley and began to walk quickly towards the only place that could mean salvation. Turning corner after corner she then came to a long avenue crowded with people, which seemed perfect for her to camouflage. It was not favorable for both of them to be out in the open. She sped up. The crowd came and went engrossed in their cell phones without paying the slightest attention. She walked around for a few minutes, thinking she was invisible, but then she decided to turn her head and saw them. There were two and they were following her. Her face went pale, she felt prickles in her throat, and her mouth began to tremble. Her first impulse was to run no matter who she was running into on the road.

And she ran much faster than before, feeling closer and closer to her destination. Crossing the track, she didn't even bother to look for cars around or trucks about to hit her. Several horns and various insults behind were heard. Finally, after fifteen minutes, she stopped in front of an old house whose lights were all on. She knocked on the door, but no one answered. A long moment passed and she hit harder again. An old woman came out of the interior wearing a nightgown, her face haggard from sleep and age.

“Yes?” said the old woman in an annoyed voice, as she had in front of her a young woman dressed in a red jacket and a gray veil covering her head.

"I am… I am…", the woman tried to say something, but the lack of air cut off her terrified words. “Someone…Chasing me… My baby.” Then, seeing that the old woman acquired a confused expression, she discovered the child and showed it to her. But as she was about to hand it over, she saw one of them through the slot in the door, waiting patiently inside. The young woman let out a loud cry, grabbed the baby with all her might and ran down the street again, while the old woman, owner of the orphanage, watched her walk away and disappear into the night.

She hadn't even realized the distance traveled because of her blank mind. As soon as she regained some sense, she realized that she’d reached the shore of a beach whose waves were launching their typical nocturnal songs. At that moment reality hit her in the face and she gave in to abandonment. There was no escaping when it came to them. With tears in her eyes, she began to gaze at the dark sea in front of her, hugging the baby briskly to feel its warmth. He looked so perfect, so beautiful, so peaceful. She wondered how she had gotten to the point of having to run for her life and her son's. That wasn’t how she had imagined things as soon as she found out she was pregnant, instead she planned a lifetime with that little creature that shared her womb. It didn’t seem fair to pay such a high price for something that miraculous, and even more about the fate of her son if she gave up. She couldn't allow it.

At that moment, when she barely turned around, one of them was only three centimeters from her face, so close her entire body was paralyzed. She felt her neck being held and lifted into the air, knocking her baby down on the sand. The boy's cries fought with the symphony of the sea. She felt herself being thrown several meters until falling heavily on her shoulders. She tried to get up quickly but fatigue had already taken over everything, and it took a lot of effort to get up. The veil she had was lost into nothingness thanks to the wind, exposing her brown hair. Standing still, like marble statues, were five male figures dressed in white, tall and slender, watching her with golden eyes that gleamed feline in the night. And at their feet was the boy.

"Please," she said after a deep silence. “Please don't hurt him.”

"The child is safe," answered one who seemed to be the leader in a calm, quiet voice. “You know what we’ve come for, it’s useless if you keep running.”

Truth be told, she knew that perfectly well. Through it all, the moment had come. Despite trying to survive for both her sake and her baby's, she was aware of her fate, of what awaited her.

“Can I at least see him before…?” she couldn’t get the last word out; it had stuck in her throat like a stone.

The leader agreed and the woman knelt at his feet to pick up the baby. She began to rock him and sing softly some unknown lullaby. The boy stopped crying and opened his eyes to see his mother. She gave him a kiss on the forehead and then placed him carefully on the sand where he, surprisingly, remained calm.

"Do what you must," the woman said, looking up at her five executioners, "but, I implore you, don't let him stay here alone."

Without wasting any more time, the leader stood behind the woman and whispered something in her ear, but she couldn’t answer anything because her throat was slowly opened by a golden sword, letting a waterfall of blood fall that looked black to the moonlight. She fell to the ground with the open wound while her eyes were fixed on that crimson clothed bundle. The last thing she did was try to smile when she saw him, again so beautiful and so perfect, until then a breeze took her last breath.

On the other hand, the five figures observed the scene in total silence. They weren't pleased with what had happened, but it had to be done, and they had done it. They were about to leave when a groan made them stop. They had completely forgotten about the baby in the sand.

“What now? Do we leave him here?” one of them asked the leader, who remained quiet for a long time before answering.

"This creature represents something forbidden," he finally said as he picked the baby up to have a better look, "and yet it has been chosen." The leader approached the boy toward the seashore, leaving him very close to the water as the tide rose. “However, the night shall decide his fate…”

The others exchanged glances. As much as they wanted to protest against such a depraved act, they were in no position to do so. They remained silent, and one by one, withdrew. The leader of them all was the last to vanish. But before that, he watched the water brush against the child's blanket for a while, very sure he was doing something righteous, until he finally disappeared with the rapidity of a puff.

Nevertheless, the tide continued to rise.

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