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Identity Thief

As soon as we were born...

They stole our real identity.

It's been one hundred years,

building slaves for their society.

A human corporate commodity.

Traded as stock on Wall Street.

A fictitious personage to own

with their Fiat Money...

The last sovereign nation faces


Red Numbers are your reality.

A business is your CAPITAL name.

Watch the stocks go up and down,

only digital numbers are gained.

Currencies really not intended

for you or me.

Life in a vault. Pass code please.

Credit for your labor,

A paper facsimile.

They hide all the gold overseas.

Generations seperated from the

natural state of laws.

'It's easy to sedate them...

They're blind to the cause'.

This Lions got claws, and I'm

shredding through these lies.

Stand up! Let's applause while

we watch their matrix die.

There's no way they can justify this,if more people would only resist.

Stop braisingly killing each other,

and raise up your fukkin' fist!

I'm pissed, and I've had enough

of this ignorance...

Too many people blind to the game.

They call it a rat race for a reason.

Your number is your corporate name.

They literally own you.

They have the paperwork to prove,it has your fingerprints as evidence all signed by slaves that promise to care for you.

If ignorance is bliss, we're doomed.

Watch them step knowingly into thegloom.

They take bids on us right from the womb.

A nonstop source of income for thekeepers of their masters tomb.

They say there's no more room, asthe Hegelian Dialectic reaches it's end.

Welcome to A New World Order...The age of the human synth begins.

Sponsored by Google and Microsoft...SkyNet will ensure you're safe.

A microchip to always alert you

and tell you how to behave.

We'll make the clothes we want youto wear and hire actors to make them look kool.

Other people's names on yourunderwear and use you as an ad promotional tool.

We'll make you believe that how youlook will determine who you are.

Just sign your corporate name righthere, and I'm sure we can make you a star.

Identity Thief.

Written by: Michael W. Taylor

May 9th. 2022 ©






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