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This is a mystery/ thriller, revolving around a girl named Laura, that involves her friend, Gabriel. This is the first chapter, the story will take interesting turns as it progresses, so stay tuned! Do support. Thank you.

Thriller/Mystère Tout public.

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That vacant desk

So that's how Jack proved his point, what are your views on this? I'm all ears, added Prof. Wheeler. Every student started to pen their views on their notepads.

Uhmm, Gabriel, Are you here? you seem a little "out of the zone", everything alright?

Yeah, fine, everything's fine, Professor, I'm just a little exhausted. Anyway, take care, your tests are approaching, said Prof. Wheeler. Sure, Mr. Wheeler, I will.

Even though he assured Mr. Wheeler, he wasn't sure whether he'd be alright. He kept looking towards "that vacant" desk. It's been days since his friend Laura went missing, No one has a clue.

Not even Gabriel...well, one can't be sure about that, may be Gabriel knows something or may be not. G and L are too close, L leaving town, without telling G? Not a chance! Or may be there's a loophole...

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