C Clark Carbonera

Once, I closed my eyes and found myself in the mists of the mountains...

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... and their voice reached my ears

It took me a while to realize

That something was missing along the way.

Until I came across

The mists of the mountains.

Eyes shone distant,

Feeling the emptiness awakened in me.

With the mists they came and the air

Tasted like the drizzles of old.

The melody of the mountains

Resounded deep inside here

And took me to distant times

When perdition had not found me.

In the lull of the mists I went

Flying with the stars above

And down rivers of tears and rain

Carrying past mistakes.

And through the silence of the mountains

They came back, singing the mists language

Singing what the people had forgotten.

"Listen to the cry of the mountains

For the illusions that darken horizons.

Do not close your eyes to the lights of the stars

And do not let yourself be blinded by the sparse lights of the world.

Remember the mountains that dwell within you

Unafraid to resonate with old mistakes

For the mists will take care of the melody

And the rain will come...

And you will get wet....

And it will be all right."

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C Clark Carbonera “A utopia está lá no horizonte. Me aproximo dois passos, ela se afasta dois passos. Caminho dez passos e o horizonte corre dez passos. Por mais que eu caminhe, jamais alcançarei. Para que serve a utopia? Serve para isso: para que eu não deixe de caminhar.” Fã de carteirinha de Buffy - The Vampire Slayer.

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Lahoucine Elassry Lahoucine Elassry
beau poéme
August 05, 2022, 00:58

Lahoucine Elassry Lahoucine Elassry
beau poéme
August 05, 2022, 00:58