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A man find love in a house by the girl living next door to him.

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Getting out the rain

There was this young man name Adam Ford who was in the bus coming home from a hard day's work at The Home Depot after hours of packing shelves, as it was raining heavily that day sitting in the bus. Looking out the window seeing the rain coming down constantly, he wondering to himself, "when the hell is this rain going to stop falling?" finally getting to his destination, he pressed the bell, as the bus stopped at his stop, getting out of the bus, as the bus drove off. There, he was, as rain poured down more and more heavy, knowing that he had to get to his designation which was his home covered with his raincoat with his work clothes underneath. From the bus stop at where he had gotten off at, he started to get to his journey which was his home as fast as possible, walking five blocks down the road. There he was, now walking with no umbrella and his raincoat on, Adam starting to realize that the raincoat that he was wearing wasn't serving any type of justice whatsoever, as the heavy rain started to soak into the raincoat now getting to his clothes. Now realizing that, he now started to jog as the jog now turned into running, going as fast as he could, knowing that he needs to get out of the rain quickly hurrying to his house.

On his way to his house, Adam heard a voice from next door as a young girl shouted, "Adam!!," looking to a house to see his neighbor's 18-year-old daughter Natasha calling out to him wearing a tank top, hoody, tight and slipper. "Oh, my goodness Adam! get out of that rain and come here right now before you catch a cold, get out the rain! come right now!" said Natasha next-door. "I need to get to my house if you don't mind," said Adam, still in the rain, "are you crazy? yes I do, now come here, and get your ass out that rain before you catch a cold," said Natasha, demanding for Adam to get out of the rain. Then as Adam looked at Natasha confused, Natasha shouted again to him, "come here!" to the man in his thirties as he quickly came to her house now coming on the porch. "Holy crap!!, you're totally soaked, like seriously Adam you're really soaking wet, that rain sure as hell did a number on you, well, I'm going to get a towel and come back honey, stay right there," said Natasha, as she went back in the house fast to get a towel leaving Adam on the porch soaking wet from head to toe. Then in 4 seconds she came back with a hug white towel, "ok Adam, we need to get you out of those wet clothes now," said Natasha as Adam looked at her and said, "come on Natasha, I think it would be better if I wait here until the rain stops so that I could go to my house there and take my clothes off there," as Adam wanting to keep his modesty.

Then as Adam said so, Natasha looked at him and said, "Are you kidding me Adam?!, you are going to catch as cold wearing those wet, cold and damp clothes, now take them off" said Natasha, as Adam now started to take his clothes off starting with his raincoat as Natasha helped him take it off. "Come, sit here" said Natasha, as Adam sat down as Natasha then took off his shoes, feeling his wet and soggy shoes. She then proceeded to take off his socks, as well, as they were soaked as Adam was now barefoot. "Good, now get up and take off the rest of the clothes" said Natasha, very demanding, "come on Natasha, can I at least keep my clothes on till the rain stops?," asked Adam, "are you kidding me? you are not keeping those wet clothes on at all, now off with them now!! before you catch a cold," said Natasha, rushing Adam into taking off his clothes, he then did what Natasha told him and took off the wet and damped clothes he had on. He unbuttoned his wet Home Depot shirt, and took it off, he then took off his belt and then his pants as he handed them over to Natasha. There after he took off all of his clothes, he then handed them over to Natasha. There Adam was on Natasha's porch on a rainy day in nothing, but his wet damp undies as it was the last piece of clothing that he had on. Then as Adam was on the porch with wet undies, he felt a finger coming straight into the waist band of his undies as he turned to see that it was Natasha's finger in it. They're seeing Natasha's finger in the waist band of his wet underwear, he then looked up at Natasha as she said, "Come on Adam dear, off with these wet undies, now," as Adam replied saying, "come on Natasha, not my underwear," as Natasha said to him, "sorry Adam, but they have to come off, now off with them." Now raising out her right hand as the rest of Adam's clothes are in her left arm.

Adam there on his neighbor's porch with the neighbor's daughter, he saw the rain still pouring having no choice, but to take off the wet underwear. "Alright, here goes nothing," said Adam, as he hooked his thumbs into the waist band of his wet soaked underwear and took them off. When taking off the wet undies, Adam bent over pulling his wet underwear to his ankles causing Natasha to turn her head to look at his bare bum. There Adam took off the last of his clothing as he gave it to Natasha now standing on her front porch naked. Then as Natasha got all of Adam's clothing, Natasha stared down, as she took a glance at the schlong and scrotum that dangled between Adam's legs that was shriveled up. "What is it Natasha?, I have taken off all my clothes, and now on your porch naked, now what?," said Adam, "you are cold, really cold," said Natasha, still staring at Adam's manhood, as she has him on her porch in the buff. Then as Adam caught what Natasha was staring at which was his genitalia, he covered it up telling her, "Natasha would you stop looking at my penis," as he saw a grin on her face. "Come on in the house, after you," said Natasha, as Adam covering his dick, and went in Natasha's house as she stared at the bareness of Adam's butt cheeks going up and down loving what she sees. Now with the towel in hand at the front door, Natasha then wiped off the wetness off of Adam's nude body as she then whipped his privates. "Whoa, wow!!, Natasha!!," said Adam, giggling a little and shivering, "what is it Adam honey?" asked Natasha whipping his naked body and genitalia, he said, "Natasha that tickles," as she said to him, "I know Adam, but I need to wipe down there in that region, you are cold down there you know," as she the stopped from whipping him off with the towel. Coming into Natasha's house, Natasha said to him, "Adam, you can sit in the living-room and I will get you a sheet," said Natasha, as Adam replied to her saying, "ok, I will stay here until you come back," as he stood in the living-room of Natasha's house naked covering his private as Natasha went to get a sheet for him, and to put his wet and soaked clothes in the dryer to dry in the basement. Adam left in the living-room naked, went to a nearby fireplace in the living room, coming there trying his best to keep warm. Standing there by the fireplace naked covering his privates, Adam then saw Natasha coming to him with a big sheet, big enough to cover myself with, as she handed it to him as he covered himself with it. Now covered with the sheet that Natasha gave him, he then sat in the seat that was near by the fireplace that he wanted to warm up quickly.

Then as Adam sat by the fire, Natasha then asked him, "Adam care for some tea honey?" as Adam said, "yes, please," as Natasha responded by telling him "Coming right up," as she then went into the kitchen to get him some tea to drink. There was Adam, in the living room with only a sheet over him sitting by the fire trying his very best to keep warm. Waiting by the fire, Adam now saw Natalie bringing him hot tea, as she came right up to him, and handed it to him as he said to her, "thank you," as Natalie replied to him saying, "your very welcome honey," as Adam drank of the hot tea. Natalie as she sat on the couch on the other side of the living room, she then signaled for Adam to come over to her patting the couch next to her, for Adam to sit next to her. Then as Natalie had signaled for Adam to sit right next to her, he then got up from the chair next to the fireplace, as he made his way to where Natasha is sitting. "Now come, sit on my lap," said Natasha, as Adam then sat on her lap. Now Adam sitting on Natasha's lap, Natasha then started to cuddle Adam like a baby trying her very best to get him warm. While on the lap of Natasha where Adam is now sitting on being cuddled by her, Natasha then pulled open the sheet that Adam is covered with, as she stared directly at his groin, and said to him still staring at it, "well now Adam, it looks to me that you're getting a little warm right now," as she closed back the sheet that Adam is covered with and went back to cuddling him on her lap. "Still want to go back to the fire to keep warmer Adam?" asked Natasha, as Adam responded with, "no that's ok," as he got off of Natasha's lap still with the sheet covering him, as he decided to lay down on the couch. Now laying on the couch as the rain was still falling outside with the sheet cover him, he then closed his eyes.

Now seeing him on the couch as Adam took a nap, she then kissed him on the cheek and went to check up on his clothes and cooked dinner. Later that same evening as it was still raining, Natasha after taking Adam's once damp and now dry clothes out of the dryer and cooked dinner, she then went to the living-room to where Adam was sleeping as she surprisingly saw Adam sleeping on the couch with the sheet off of him. She saw him sleep on the couch, on the bed sheet that he was covered with before, as she saw him sleeping there with no clothes on bare from head to toe. Natasha now coming to the couch, kneeled down to where Adam's face is, she said to him, "wake up honey, dinner is ready," as Adam slowly woke up as he saw Natasha there, seeing her wearing the same thing that she had on when he came to her house with his wet clothes from the rain that he walked through. Now waking up, Adam got up from off of the couch, and now stood on his feet. "I feel a lot warmer after being by that fire place of your," said Adam, as Natasha took one look at his body and said, "I could definitely see that Adam, and let's just say that warm is not the only thing you are right now," as she took a glance at his groin area, as he said to her, "not the only thing? what are you talking about Natasha?," curious to know. "Well Adam, how could I put this, you're in my living room......naked," said Natasha, as she both looked and pointed at his goin area. Then as Adam saw what Natasha was looking at down there, he then covered his groin saying out loud, "whoa!!, holy crap!, I'm naked, literally!!," as Natasha replied saying to him, "yep, tell my about it, you sure are," as she saw Adam's nakedness giggling and laughing. Now seeing Adam in the buff covering his junk, Natasha now came up to Adam looking at his covered groin, she pushed his right hand away from his groin, as she did the same with his left, and pushed him on the same couch that he got up from. Now having Adam back on the couch, Natasha then sat next to him looking him in the face, and then steeling a glance down at his schlong and scrotum as she looked back at him and said, "you are warm indeed," as she proceeded to kiss Adam on the lips as the both of them made out in the living room. Then after the two kissed, Natasha then got up from off of the couch, Natasha looked to Adam, she said to him, "come Adam honey, you dinner is ready," as Adam naked, got up from off of the couch too as Natasha taking her final glance at his penis and balls, said to him, "but first, let's get you back into your clothes," as she grabbed a hole of his dick leading him to the laundry room in the basement.

Later on, that day as the rain had held up and the sun came out, "Adam then took a shower, got dressed in the same clothes that he was wearing that had dried in the dryer, he now went to the dining room of Natasha's house, as he sat down and the head of the table to eat the dinner that Natasha cooked for him as it was veg rice, chicken and chicken stew, as he enjoyed the food and how good it taste. "Home Depot," said Natasha, having dinner that she cooked at the table with Adam at the table as they drank it with glasses of wine, "sorry," said Adam, "Home Depot, on your shirt, do you work there?" asked Natasha, as Adam said looking at his shirt, "oh...yes I do," said Adam, as they continued to eat the food and drank of the wine. "Tell me, how long did you work there?" asked Natasha, "I've work there at least for 28 years," Adam replied, as the two enjoyed each other's company at the table as they sat at both ends of the table eating dinner. "Have you ever been married or dated?" asked Natasha, with curiosity, "I dated once, but it didn't work out between me and her," said Adam, as Natasha said to him, "sorry to her that," as her asked her, "how about you," as Natasha said, "never dated, my father doesn't allow me too," as the two finished eat their dinner and drank their wine. Then after dinner as Natasha took her and Adam's dishes, she then brought them to kitchen sink to wash them.

After dinner, Adam went to the front door with Natasha as they hugged each other. "Well, I've got to get going, thank you for everything," said Adam, as Natasha then said to him, "your welcome Adam, anytime," with a smile on her face. Still hugging each other, Natasha then said looked him in the eyes as she then started to kiss him on the lips, as the two hugged and kissed each other. Natasha still kisses him as the two had stopped kissing passionately as she kissed him and kissed him not wanting Adam to leave. "Ah....Natasha.... I..... have to go to my house," as Natasha kissed and then asked, "do you have to go honey? as Adam said to him, "afraid so, I will see you next time" as Natasha said, "Yeah, next time," as Adam then took his backpack and head out the door to his house waving at her as she waved back.

Later on that night Adam was in his house, with a robe, as he watched Tv. His phone rang, "hello,"

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