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Issac is forced to go to the past to retrieve his past to prepare for the war against the avatars while reuniting with Kikyo as they both must resolve their personal issues.

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The Past

It has been 1 year since Issac is a guardian of the light and started traveling alone in search of redemption, in this time he has matured a lot, although he was still arrogant and stubborn; he has traveled many places, he has saved many people, but the most important thing is that Izanagi let him use his sword of darkness after much training:

Issac's narration: "It's been a year and there is no trace of the avatars, it's strange, why didn't they show up yet?Maybe they don't want to attack yet...it's much better this way, so that when I'm ready, I can finish them off...the good thing about this trip is that I have met many people that I have saved besides thanking me for staying to sleep and with food...I'm liking this life I have now...the bad thing is that I didn't find any indication of who I was...nobody knows anything not even the oldest demon knows about my past life before being the warrior of the light".

- Hello Issac - appearing a hooded man.

- WHO ARE YOU! - unsheathing his sword.

- It's me, Izanami - taking off his hood.

- Izanami...it's been a long time... - annoyed-. Where were you?

- I've been doing some research, sorry for not visiting you sooner.

- if you think excusing yourself helps you to be forgiven, I won't - sheathing.

- Come on, I was only absent for more than a year.

- Why did you come here? - arms crossed.

- I have come to tell you that the war with the avatars is about to begin.

- really, when? - surprised.

- very soon.

- don't worry, I'm ready.

- I am sorry to tell you that this is not enough.

- What are you referring to? - I was puzzled.

- you will need more than that to defeat the avatars.

- hmm? - suspicious.

- Here you go - handing him a shard of glass from a mirror.

- a piece of mirror? - accepting it.

Touching it, Issac saw several images in his head such as a destroyed place, Izanagi, a woman and a child:

- What was that? - impressed.

- that was a small part of your memory.

- was it a part of my memory?

- this fragment was given to me by Juanz and he told me that he used an object to erase your memory.

- a magic mirror.

- That's right, this object allows you to keep your memory locked in it.

- So I have to recover my memory, why?

- because your memories hold the key to winning the war.

- I understand... where is the mirror?

- that mirror is out of your reach and was also divided into several pieces and hidden by the avatars.

- Damn! - angry.

- there is another method for you to recover your memory.

- what is it?

- you will have to travel back in time when your memory is erased.

- and how do I travel to the past?

- with this object - showing the black ring of destiny.

- I had lost it in the fight with Izuna, as....

- I just saw that Izuna discovered the ring, so I threatened him to give it to me.

- thank goodness - relieved.

- well okay - putting on the ring and deforming his right hand.

- Izanami...your hand - worried.

- don't worry about me... - concentrating.

He pointed his hand towards a place to shoot a small red energy, this took the shape of a circle that got bigger and bigger until it reached Issac's height:

- this is a time hole, if you cross it you will reach the past.

- okay - approaching.

- wait!

- what's going on?

- you have to recover the mirror not change your past, although it is up to you to decide what to do.

- what if I change my past? - serious tone.

- the consequences would be very severe at this time.

- what are the consequences?

- I don't know...maybe Izuna will come back to life.

- Don't worry I won't, if I do I will forget about Kikyo and I don't want to do that - sad tone.

- 3000 years ago you had a wife and child, you still have time to change your destiny.

- no...there is no turning back, what is done is done.

- listen carefully, once you get your memory back, you will have to look for me or Juanz.

- Why?

- because I can't keep this hole open, you'll have to find another way back, Juanz has the willow sword and I have the black ring.

- I understand

- you will have to be patient, me and Juanz were very different people.

- you told me about you and my teacher, you were very suspicious...and he was very insecure.

- If necessary look us both up, convince us of what's going on, so you can come back.

- understood - about to enter.

- be careful, at that time it was pain, suffering and a lot of hatred.

- don't worry, I'm immortal...plus I have a new weapon - holding up the sword of darkness.

- So you managed to master my brother's power?

- after hard training, thanks to Zenaku I was able to control this power.

- will help you defend yourself, but don't trust, being immortal and having that sword...it will give you a lot of problems.

- okay, see you - crossing the hole.

- be careful! - by closing it.

Once the time hole was closed, Izanami cut his hand to prevent "evil" from consuming him, took the ring and then disappeared. Meanwhile, what fate awaits the guardian of the light...only the past will tell. ....


In the past, it was a bloody time full of pain and suffering; hatred was in charge of rotting the world, thanks to Izanagi who organized this war. Humans feared and distrusted the monsters, just like them; but the warrior of light managed to unite them for this war. Issac made it across the time hole and fell to his knees vomiting:

Issac's narration: "hell...I think I'm going to throw up again...I didn't like crossing that hole and wormhole, or whatever, shit this place is a fucking desert, it's destroyed and desolate...how the hell am I going to find my past self?" - getting up.

No sooner had he crossed, he was assaulted by 3 individuals who tried to kill him; he disabled them all using simple blows without having to kill them. He was surprised by these assailants who had the form of Izanagi, he had no choice but to kill him as it was too dangerous to leave them alive; to avoid being discovered he took a cloak from one of the corpses to cover his appearance:

- What the hell are these? - Issac asked in surprise.

- they are my children! - speaking Izanagi from inside.

- your children?

- I used the sword of darkness to create an army of my own flesh - explaining.

- Now I understand, Izanami told me too.

- be careful, they attack anyone they see

- you're a sick man, you know that! - tone of hatred.

- I am warning you, how about a little respect.

- it's your fault! You ruined the lives of many, now I must live with my greatest enemy, for the rest of my life.

- if it weren't for me you would have been dead a long time ago and Kikyo too.

- yes, but that's over...don't talk about Kikyo again - sad tone.

- the reason you stayed away from her was to protect her.

- I don't want to talk to you anymore, go to sleep.

- typical, you don't want to talk because it's about the priestess.

Already advancing 1 km away he could notice how the "sons" of Izanagi attacked a village, killing all the people, except for a girl who had been cornered:

- I know I should not meddle, but I can not let those wretches, and more so if it is a poor girl - hidden.

- Let's eat! -Izanagi's sons spoke impatiently.

- please don't eat me! - the little girl cried.

- you will be a delight, it tastes good!

- somebody help me! - I cry out in desperation.

- don't scream because no one will help you, well it's time to eat!

- know I think they are dead - Issac appeared before them.

- who is that?

- I am his death! - arrogant.

- Will it taste good? Let's attack!

- you can see they don't know who they're messing with - unsheathed little by little.

In one move he finished off all of Izanagi's children, without anyone being able to see that he used the sword of darkness. The girl with brown skin, short spiky hair and stature almost on par with Issac:

- how weak and pathetic they were - observing.

- Thank you so much for saving me," said the girl.

- You're welcome, now get out of here, it's too dangerous to be in this place.

- I have nowhere to go, my parents and everyone is dead - crying.

- you think I care, find another town and take shelter - leaving.

- wait, don't leave me!

- go away, I don't want you to follow me - running.

- wait for me! - following him.

Meanwhile on the sacred ground, the avatars saw how the war was going:

- How many days have passed? -asked the Supreme Avatar.

Golden Avatar: 3 days, supreme avatar.

- humans and monsters fight bravely.

- We must do something ourselves! -Juanz exclaimed.

- again, when are you going to shut up - Izuna said annoyed.

- why don't you try to shut me up! - face to face.

- I wish - evil smile.

- Enough of this discussion! -commanded the supreme avatar.

- Juanz started it all," excused Izuna.

- You coward! -Juanz shouted.

- Juanz, Izuna enough; we must not fight among ourselves - interposed Drago.

Silver Avatar: they are pushing back the enemy, no doubt they are fighting bravely.

Bronze Avatar: according to what we hear, they are led by an individual who calls himself "the warrior of the light".

- Warrior of the light? -asked Azula.

Bronze Avatar: I have no idea who he is, but it is said that his power can equal an avatar.

- I didn't think there was anyone powerful," said Drago.

Bronze avatar: this is the most interesting thing, it is human.

- Human? -asked Izuna! He's human, what a shame - he scoffs.

- Don't make fun of him, he is doing what we didn't do! -Juanz shouted.

- Do you know him, Juanz?

- I have no idea who he is, but I must say he is the bravest person I have ever heard - look of hatred.

- I don't care who that warrior of the light is, I only hope that this war ends," spoke the Supreme Avatar.

Golden avatar: you are right supreme avatar.

- I want you to keep an eye on him, I don't trust appearances.

Silver avatar: I already anticipated, I sent the black and white avatar.

- Well done," said the supreme being.

- Supreme Avatar, don't you trust him! -asked Juanz.

- Juanz we do not know who he is, nor do we know what we are up against; therefore, we cannot be confident.

- what are you trying to tell me?

- we do not know whether the ally or the enemy.

- supreme avatar please do not...

- Shut up already, how annoying you are Juanz," Izuna reprimanded him.

- Izuna cursed! - about to attack.

- Juanz stop it! - shouted the supreme Avatar.

- I'm sorry - I duck my head at Izuna's mischievous look.

In the meantime Issac had arrived at the place where the army of the warrior of the light is, that is, his past self; to be attentive to the moment of the betrayal of the avatars. However, the girl he saved followed him:

- I told you not to follow me - annoyed.

- I'm sorry, but I don't want to stay alone - approaching.

- then look for someone else - replying indifferently.

- I lost my parents, I have no one else- sad look.

- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to talk to you that way - sorry.

- do you have parents?

- I don't know...maybe I had them, there was a person who took care of me - remembering Juanz.

- And what happened to him?

- died to protect me - sad tone.

- I'm sorry... what was his name?

- I don't want to talk about this, please don't ask any more questions.

- Okay, now that I think about it, I don't know your name. What's your name? -I asked, but he preferred to remain silent and look at the army. Well, if you want to tell me, I'll tell you mine, my name is .....

- I'm not interested in knowing your name, so stop talking - I anticipate.

- you are a very bitter person.

- don't bother me.

- bitter - angry.

- shut up.

- force me - mockery.

- weren't you taught good manners?

- ja and you?

- arguing with you is a waste of time - exhaling.

- tell me why you are guarding the army of the warrior of the light?

- how do you know it is their army?

- I know him, and I know his name.

- Really? tell me.

- His name is Issac, he's 30 years old and he has a wife and a son," she said, to which Issac was surprised. What's wrong? You were silent again.

- nothing, I'm just impressed that a little girl knows all about him.

- I'm not a girl, I'm 20 years old, only my body looks the opposite.

- I guess you're right ("shit I'm curious to know who this person is, but if I ask him who he is; he'll ask me questions again about who I am").

- You did not answer my question.

- Which question?

- About Issac's army.

- I just want to make sure it's the right one.

- are you going to join them?

- perhaps....

- Look there's Issac! - pointing with joy.

When the warrior of the light came out, Issac was so impressed because after all, it was his past; he couldn't help but feel strange. He looked quite similar, the same height and appearance, only his hair was a little longer; the costume was similar to his own, only that he had a black samurai armor:

- You saw him, there's Issac! - he said with joy.

- so...it seems - impressed.

- He will be the one to end this war.

- yes...he will do it - I whisper.

- What's the matter? - looking at him.

- nothing... - walking towards the army.

- Where are you going? Wait for me.

- I want to see it closer.

- wait for me! - following him.

Being almost close to humans and monsters, Issac placed himself between them to camouflage himself without being discovered; however, the girl slipped in behind him without him noticing. Meanwhile the warrior of light was about to say something:

- Fellow humans and monsters, we have fought bravely against the enemy, despite our differences; we managed to ally ourselves to defeat something worse than ourselves. The demon of darkness, Izanagi, is someone who doesn't care about any race...he is going to exterminate everyone, all of us. That is why we must not let that happen, so please we must continue advancing until we can finish with him -spoke the warrior of the light.

- YES! -shouted humans and monsters at the same time.

- so please move forward, move forward and tell those sons of Izanagi... DIE! - drawing the sword of light.

- DEATH! -shouted the entire army.

- death!

Returning to the light keeper and the girl:

- Did you see it? It's beautiful," said the girl.

- what are you doing here? - annoyed and low tone.

- wanted to see it - hidden in the cloak.

- If you are discovered, those monsters will kill you.

- Don't worry, they won't do that, otherwise they will die at the hands of humans.

- however, it is dangerous for you to be here.

- I'm a little worried about Issac.

- Why?

- because it can die.

- Don't worry, he is the warrior of light, no one can defeat him.

- How can you tell?

- let's say I have faith.

Back to the light warrior and his speech to encourage them:

- So comrades, let's keep fighting for our freedom! Let's move forward!

Although he was far away to avoid being discovered, the warrior of light noticed him and saw the girl with him. Once the humans and monsters had advanced, he approached the hooded stranger:

- hello Issac! - greeting the little girl.

- What are you doing here? -asked the warrior of light to the girl.

- I wanted to see you, besides my parents are dead.

- I am very sorry - sympathetic.

- it was Izanagi's children, I thought I was going to die; but he saved me - pointing to Issac.

- Who are you, why are you covered? - I ask suspiciously.

- I don't have a name and besides you don't care why I'm like this - trying to put a hoarse voice the Issac of the future.

- I don't believe you, besides your voice is familiar. Who are you?! - more suspicious.

- I'm nobody, I told you - trying not to get caught.

- Take off that hood or I'll make you - unsheathing his sword.

- I'll tell you who I am .... - trying to come up with an idea to get out of it.

- I'm waiting - annoyed look.

- my name is orc and I was sent by Izanami to talk to you.

- Izanami sent you?! - surprised.

- Your name is orc - said the girl cheerfully.

- Now I understand why you are covered, tell me what you want to tell me," said the warrior of the light.

- I must inform you that when you meet Izanagi, to be very careful because you will not be alone," said Issac from the future.

- I understand... but because who?

- I have no idea, but be very careful.

- Don't worry, take off your hood...if you are a servant or friend of Izanami; you are also my friend.

- my appearance is horrible for both humans and monsters, that's why I'm always like this.

- don't worry I won't tell you anything, just take it off.

- here is a girl...

- I told you I'm not a child, I'm an old woman! -complained the girl.

- However, I don't want to show myself, please respect my decision until I have the courage to show the world what I look like - speaking politely the guardian of light.

- All right, if that's what you decide, orc, I'll accept it," agreed the warrior of the light.

- thank you, you are very kind - leaving.

- where are you going?

- I must go with Izanami, no one must know that I came to see you.

- Okay, I understand; but I could ask you for something.

- Tell me.

- you could take care of her in the meantime.

- I am not your daughter! I am the woman who loves you.... -said the girl again.

- We have already talked about this, understand that I love my wife and my son," exclaimed the warrior of the light.

- I don't care, Issac I love you!

- but not me, you understand!

- ("who is this girl, she reminds me of ......") - thought Issac from the future, but his thoughts were interrupted by the warrior of light.

- Orc wait here, while I clear this up with her," Issac asked from the past.

- It's okay, but I can't wait too long.

- It will only take a moment, we won't be long...follow me - speaking to the girl and getting into a campaign.

- I'm coming after you - the girl followed him.

While the warrior of the light was arguing with the girl, Issac noticed that they were not alone; someone was watching them. He did not know who it was, but there were not only one but two watching them; far away the two avatars were watching everything as ordered:

- Looks like that guy detected us, look how he looks around -spoke the Black Avatar.

- Who is he? -asked the White Avatar.

- I have no idea, I never saw it.

- I heard that he said he came from Izanami.

- We don't know if this is true or not, but if Izanami is up to something, she will pay dearly for her betrayal.

- you are right, but we must concentrate on our main mission.

- spying on the warrior of light.

- hahaha you are so right - sinister look.

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