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This is neither a novel nor even a biography too. It's a collection of experience gathered one's own life at different phases. Desires, hopes born in the mind,we try to get them instantly or slowly .We may gain or fail to access them.Joy or owe are our regards we get.We burst into laughter in joy,we feel sorrow when we commit the loss and in owe. Many hopes are lost in the midway.People are there on earth in contrast are rewarded easily with the such a way that never experienced the difficulty in the life.They are really blessed.Other sections inspite of bone-breaking and tireless efforts face loss and very least or not the real victory as success . Their life they lead in terrific way.

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Beginning of the life.

Life is something that is very difficult to define.Philosophy depicts it very different ways.

But never reached to a definite definition yet.As many people are there on the world perhaps have so many views regarding their life.I always believe in true friendships. A friendship is a virtue that brings together two souls present in two different people. It is a heavenly quality which is not seen but definitely works and felt by both the connected fellows. History witnesses that a real friend doesn't hesitate or thinks twice to sacrifice one's own life for the other. Sounds ridiculous! It may be !it is because we are not lucky to be gifted with such a friendship.

We often lose our nerve and faith in a critical situation.We lose friends and friendships both.

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