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Emotional Outbreak

Long, Long time ago there was a virus no one could figure out but on August 24, 2053 scientist Dr. Matilda had tested on another doctor who had the disease and figured out that the disease was an emotional virus and only activated from stress and anxiety. Dr. Matilda was the best scientist that ever lived and was the most hard working scientist even though she works stressful days and nights so she is surprised she hasn't gotten it yet she also figured out that the people that got infected turned into mutant zombies.

As the days grew longer and the hours became multiple, Dr. Matilda had left the lab to have a free day to release some stress and anxiety as she was throwing away her gloves she had seen a microscopic hole in her gloves. “ I can’t believe that zombie, he bit me after all the studying i've been doing to help him,” Dr. Matilda murmured.As the sun went down Dr. Matilda wasn’t feeling very well.

As the day kept going her health started getting worse. When she came back she found the window shattered into pieces on the marble floor and the lab totally ruined. She thought her day couldn't get much worse but she was wrong. When she looked around to find her mutant zombie she’d seen that his chamber was wide open and with claw marks all over it.

When she went outside to investigate the area there was no sign of the zombie. The zombie wasn’t wearing any shoes so Dr. Matilda was frantically looking for a foot print like a detective, at last she had found a footprint evidence that the zombie had escaped.

Dr. Matilda was running down the street when she spotted him, the mutant. When she finally caught up to him Dr. Matilda took a syringe from her pocket as she said”Hopefully this works,”as she poked the needle in his light green

skin he slowly started to turn into a human and for Dr. Matilda had a more special syringe for her own health, one that will heal the infected that hasn’t turned yet, when she stabbed the syringe in the tan-green skin five minutes past and nothing had happened she had realized she gave the wrong syringe to the zombie.——

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