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It more of a romantic novel that explains how Nigeria neighbors are, and how the writer almost lost his life because of his neighbors .

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Take a gander at me, I don't have the foggiest idea how this things occurred, however men it works out, I my person, prevalently known by many name, at any rate I just called them titles, given to me by companion, family and young ladies, some are simply fun, well, for example, lady pioneer, ruler of ladies undertakings, prof, lord of ladies counselor and master of, what once more, title excessively… .

men I simply don't have any idea, yet anyway life not entertaining, on the grounds that prevalently saying thoughs who get cap no get head except for thoughs who get head no get cap, that life, however the most amazing aspect of that life was while moving to another compound gee life excessively sweet from a one room men to a self contain, wonderful… .

As we realized cash isn't everything except cash stops garbage, so am trusting you all we be thinking pressing in wouldn't be the issue, at any rate stopping in wasn't the issue, please!! With the gigantic burden, was I joking, it was heck, subsequent to pulling and pushing load like somebody who was running from his country brother it was damnation… .

Like Mumu , I rested more than ever, body no be kindling, however brother kindling fit be body, partaking in the radiant and sublime rest, Satan just sent his message… .

Thump, thump, the thump took me back to my corrupt earth with torment in my voice, who's that? it me who! your neighbor, the voice resembled points playing a tone of melodies I hurrying to get the entryway, from my soothing and exquisite bed, yet view the wonderful voice that awakened me, was only a delightful and beautiful figure, one that I haven't seen for long time. What's up, sounding dumbfounded like somebody that has seen a phantom…

hey am your nearby neighbor, Nora, okk, what might I do for you, taking note of mush simply that, I just stopped in and was attempting to convey my heap inside however there are mush, could you at any point help, if it's not too much trouble, even be for the please her magnificence alone is enough for me to help her, despite the fact that I was feeling frail like individual way life wear comot from e body , I was unable to express no to a delightful refined that, alright I help, thinking it was a little burden you realize young ladies little burden na large thing to them… ..

In any case, view damnation was set lose, blood of Moses well dear is this merchandise or your full town individuals, noooo!! she said, it simply my things, that's it, actually nothing more, I said, feeling awful for my non-sensible explanation that has neither rhyme nor reason, yet just envision the aggravation after the work, however as a person man, we structure, alright dear no issue, it's noticing, I can make it happen, she take a gander at me with a lovely grin, in my heart I only day say lady off limits kill me, lady off limits kill me… .

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