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A war happening between the ice dragons and fire dragons kept the ice dragons prince wondering how the war started. He gathered a team to make some researches about the mysterious war and was ready to make things right.

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Once upon a time in the dragon era, there are many dragon kimgdoms, but in this story we start with two dragons, the ice and fire dragons. These are dragons who could turn human and they live most of their life as humans. They are mostly referred to as humans who have the dragon soul in them, the dragon soul enable them to turn from human to dragon.

The fire dragons empire was known to have a superior king who rule them. They have chiefs who belong to different villages in the empire and same with the ice dragons and other kingdoms as well.

The fire and ice dragons fought wars for many years for petty reasons. They were warned to stop the war by the elder dragons. The elder dragons threatened to punish them by creating mountains sky high to form a barrier between them and the world.

After they were threatened, the two kingdoms ended the war and lived normal lives again. The other dragon kingdoms were relieved by this because they were affected by the war. But due to the great loss the water dragons suffer because the war was ended the water dragons were ready to cause another war.

The water dragons plan to cause another war worked and another war began. This war was more serious to the extent that they wiped out half of the air dragons population. This caused the elder dragons to punish them as they said. They had to live in the mountains, but still, they fought war. The water dragons punishment was never known by the other dragons, but they were never heard from again. It was said that they were in a place which is horrible for them to live.

A hundred years later another situation happened on the ice dragons celebration of new year. This is a day when new soldiers are rectuited and the ones who are too old retires.

That night, a hooded man came out of nowhere and killed many soldiers and guards. He ran into the castle and head to a locked room in the castle, where nobody except the king goes. He broke his way in and saw a gem far ahead. He noticed somebody at a corner of the room but had no time to know who. He dodged the booby traps there with perfection and took the ice dragons power orb. The hooded man heard some guards coming and set the room on fire. He jumped out and vanished.

Another shocking message arrived, the two ability heart was missing. The ice dragons king visited the fire dragons king and asked of the reason why he would take the two ability heart. The fire dragons king was confused but the ice dragons king was impatient and attacked. The fire dragons king was killed at the moment of the attack and the guards began to fight. The ice dragons king was also killed and the ice dragons had to retreat. Many part of the fire dragons kingdom was destroyed by the ice dragons. Then another war started.

Daggulus, the next king of the ice dragons after his father's death vowed to make peace again while Dracus, the next king of the fire dragons vowed to get revenge and distroy all ice dragons. These two kings fought war for so many years and had children. Daggulus had two sons and Dracus had a son and two daughters. Daggulus and Dracus trained their sons and these sons are ready to do anything for their kingdoms.

Then Ishkas (Daggulus son), was so desperate to solve the whole mystery behind all the wars that have been happening.

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