Neil J Robinson

There might be some shit in here that will fuck with ur mind juuuuust a lil bitz!!!!!

Thriller/Mystère Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

#Weird #spooky
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Where the fuck do I begin

So I wake up fires roaring in front of bullets whizzing off me and every fuckin where else..And I got the entire fucking police force stand in front of me I mean SWAT guys Regular guys who knows all these fucking guys ..they're all kinds of fucking guys out there 30 of them maybe at least... I look down in my hands and what do I have in my hands but some type of mini rocket launcher and some type of amazing looking assault rifle that I've never seen before in my life and I'm going full out like I'm going out this is the end kind of thing it's strange man and the last thing I remember is going to sleep with my daughter singing her lullabies you know twinkle twinkle little star and then to make matters worse.....well I die yeah... I die and that's it here's the kicker... Sooo I meet this other guy in the grocery store of all places no not gay very straight thank you, but so I meet this guy in the grocery store and he's Talking and I'm overhearing him talk about how he wakes up and boom the exact same story I just told you I mean word for word and he's in another body and I can't help to think that maybe it was some glimpse of someone else's life not sure very strange very strange!!!

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