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She lost her faith , but got it back with the help of a young pastor.

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Passionate, loving , believer - the 22 year old Annalise Garcia. She lost her mother at the age of 16 , Martha , a beautiful woman who taught her daughter to conquer.Annalise was heartbroken when she lost her mother , but she accepted that it was time to let her go and be at peace, and that she's in a better place now.She grew up without her biological father but that was fine because she has a father figure who's been there since she was born , her mother's eldest brother , Greg . He was always there whenever she needed him.Greg doesn't have any children of his own . but Annalise is there. She's been living with him since her mother passed away . She has beautiful brown , curly hair and eyes , just like her mother. She believes that you can overcome whatever you're going through, she's full of light and she has faith . When not attending class , she spends time with her boyfriend Alex and friend Laurie . Her uncle , boyfriend and friend are the only people she has , her other relatives are extremely far from her and she doesn't even know them very well. One Sunday while attending church with Laurie , she listened to the newly assigned pastor , David Alexander's , message .

" Sometimes our lives doesn't turn out the way we want it to and sometimes we don't understand why things happens the way it does , but you have to have faith . We make plans of our own , but God directs our path. It may not always be easy but the only thing you need to do , is to keep faith and trust God's timing. Stay blessed and remember , have faith . Thank you ."

Annalise was deeply touched by pastor Alexander's words.

" I can't believe he's only 26 years old ." said Annalise.

" a Perfect match for you ." said Laurie.

" I have a boyfriend thank you , and I'll never be a pastor's wife , I can promise you that ." said a convinced Annalise.

The following night , Annalise's life took a huge turn .Greg tried to force himself onto Annalise . She was devastated, with Greg claiming that she owes him for all he has done.

" I was always there for you ,I fed you , I kept you in school , I made you the person you are today , you owe me little girl .Either you enter a romantic relationship with me and do as I say or you leave , you have 5 minutes to decide ."

Annalise went to her room , packed a bag and ran away in the rain , in the middle of the night . She ran to Laurie's home and when she opened the door , she caught she and Alex red handed. She ran away , she took a piece of cardboard and sat on it in the rain with some other homeless people , including a seven year old boy , Bradlee , whom kept her company and gave her a piece of bread . For days and days , she tried to make ends meet , but nothing happened. After a few weeks , she gave up . Annalise didn't see the point of trying, she lost her faith and turned to drugs .

The girl with the brown curly hair , beautiful smile and adorable summer dresses turned to a hard core , careless girl .She met someone who introduced her to the world of drugs and gave her a complete makeover. She now wears only black , her hair is black and she wears dark make-up. Sam saw her on the streets and offered her a place to stay and convinced her to use drugs. She was only meant to try it once , but she continued using it which turned into an addiction. Sam forced Annalise to sleep with him , and when she refused , he kicked her out and send her back to the streets . She stole his alcohol, drugs and cigarettes and ran away - she's back on the streets.

One afternoon, a car stopped next to the drunk and high Annalise , it's pastor Alexander. He was eager to find out what happened to her as he remembered her from that one Sunday .

" I'll tell you what happened pastor . My uncle whom I've been living with since I was sixteen , wanted to sleep with me , a 50 year old man whom I called my father. I ran away , I find out my friend and boyfriend has been having an affair all this time behind my back and my so called helper , Sam , kicked me out because I refused to sleep with him .There you have it pastor , that's my life ."

" You must have faith , let me help ."

" I DON'T HAVE FAITH !" screamed an emotional Annalise and ran away from pastor Alexander.

Sam found out that Annalise stole from him . He and his friend found her and left her beaten up in the streets . She was awake , but extremely weak and her vision was blurry. She could feel someone picking her up , then she lost consciousness.

She woke up in a bed , clean clothes and a beautiful young woman next to her . The woman next to her is pastor Alexander's sister , 24 year old Odelia. Odelia left and the pastor entered the room . Annalise cried as soon as she saw him , knowing that he saved her . He placed her hand in his and started praying like never before. Annalise's body was used to the drugs and she suffered without it , but she had to get used to living without it . It was extremely difficult , but she pushed through with the help of Pastor Alexander . For ten weeks straight, they prayed and read the Bible . Annalise was baptised , she got her faith back , she's healed. Those ten weeks were difficult , but pastor Alexander refused to give up on her.

Annalise prayed more , she read the Bible , she burned her black clothes , she wiped off her dark make-up , she believes again . Looking back at the last few months of her life , the people whom she loved and thought loves her too , betrayed her , but a stranger walked into her life , refused to give up on her , brought her closer to God and changed her life. She lost her faith , chose drugs over the Bible and prayer , but still God believed in her and used pastor Alexander to change her life , she will forever be grateful.

One morning , Bradlee , knocked on pastor Alexander's door . He and Annalise were happy to see each other . She thought that it was a friendly visit , but he was there to warn her about Sam's plan to kill both her and the pastor , tonight. They called the police who promised to be on standby he all through the night . Annalise couldn't let anything happen to David , she is the one Sam wants . She snuck out and went to Sam who is on his way to David's house , when he saw her .

" Well , well well ...what do we have here , the new Annalise.'

David discovered that Annalise went back to the streets . He called the police and they went after her while Bradlee and Odelia waited for them at the police station . Sam pulled the trigger , Annalise closed her eyes as she awaited the bullet when she felt someone pushing her aside . It's David , he took a bullet for her and Sam got shot by the police. Annalise held the bleeding pastor in her arms and watched him fading away . Odelia received the news , she held Bradley's hands and started praying , joined by a few policemen.

Three months later , pastor David Alexander , well recovered , stood in front of the congregation: " I would now like to call upon our guest speaker for today , the mother of our adopted son , Bradlee , my wife ."

a Beautiful woman with a long white dress , walked to the front , it's Annalise.

" For I know the plans I have for you , declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you , plans to give you hope and a future . "

And today I want to tell my story .

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