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Isabella is a girl that has been dreaming about living in a fantasy world where she can live freely unlike her real world where there are no freedom for girls and boys since 6th grade. Will she be living in her own fantasy world and leave her real world along with her friend, Lilian or will she be staying in her own world and her own nightmarish life and give up her fantasy world?

Fantaisie Horreur Adolescente Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

#Tragedy #DreamWorld
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Chapter I : Beginning


I woke up, startled by the shouts from my mom.

"What is it mom?" I said.

"Its seven o' clock already, you have to get to school or you'll be late again"

"Ok... Now get out mom!"

I went to get ready for school, ate breakfast then rush to get to the bus.

"OI, late again, Isa? Did you dream about the dream again?"

That's my friend, Lilian. We were childhood bestfriends, we even went to the same school together. We're in 9th grade now, I told her that lately I have been dreaming a dream that keeps continuing without a stop, so I guess it's my "other" life now.

"Yeah, been dreaming about it again" I said.

"Did you find your prince charming then?" She said.

"Nah, not really" I rolled my eyes.

We continued to talk until we get to school.

We got to school around 8 to 9 o' clock mostly but today we arrived at 10.

"Isn't it a bit weird for the driver to be this late?" asks Lilian while eyeing the driver weirdly.

"Not unless you keep looking him like that, Lilian" I laughed.

We got off the bus and went in the school. Me and Lilian went our separate ways and went to our own classes.

I put down my bag and waits for the teacher.

"Mrs Myers is always late, don't you think?" asks Judith. Judith is my friend and deskmate, we would always talk to each other when the teachers isn't in class.

"Yeah, always" I rolled my eyes.

We talked to each other until Mrs Myers came in the class.

"Okay students, take out your textbooks and turn to page 56. We will be learning the cycle of the human world" Mrs Myers says.

After two more classes its finally lunchtime which everyone is very happy about since Auntie May, the canteen aunt will be giving out free foods which she had cooked for the students. Pretty much everybody wants to eat her food.

"Auntie May's food are the best" says a blonde boy, his friends all agrees.

Auntie May's food has been popular ever since last year.

As we ate our food, a fight broke out.

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