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Time travel is now a reality. It is now safe for travel in space-time as no paradox can form. But things changes when a young agent starts realising that something is not right.

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In the future 2072, a time agency is formed called "The Golden Work". People are allowed to travel in time but "Standard Paradox Temp" prevents everyone from changing the timeline. After numerous research and investigation, they reach to a conclusion that no one can change the past. They can only observe the past event. The same applies on the future travel.

But among them there was someone who has the skill to change it. And the only one who can stop this time travel from happening ever.

Shaun Barrett, the new agent of "The Golden Work" is given the task to travel back in time to stop a criminal, "Francis Carr" from escaping into the past. As he has stolen a precious classified data from the Agency.

Shaun travels to the year 2009 as the criminal's last location showed to be there. He hides his "Time-ring" and investigates the people with a fake alias Eli Homes. His search leads him towards a run down home. When he enters inside he feels a tingling sensation and he saw everything glitch as if the scenario is changing.

He notes it down and thinks of returning back when he finds that the run down home is changing and things started to turn around.

Puzzled by what was happening, he tried to contact his Agency through the time immune card. However, it seemed to change and instead of "The Golden Work" Symbol there is another symbol and a name "The Platinum Breakers".


He was soon hit by a car. And was taken immediately to hospital. When he regained his consciousness, he found the Time-ring to be missing. He asked the nurse where his ring is. They told him it was in the patient vault.

He reached his vault and found the ring. Shaun tried to use the ring but was met with disappointment when it did not worked. Without awaiting further more, he ventured out to know what happened.

He comes again to investigate at the address he visited but realized that someone resides there. He rang the doorbell and a man opened up the door.

He asked him who he is but before Shaun replied he found a young boy who looked familiar to him. But before he can say anything, cops came and they shouted at Shaun.

The cops got out of the car with an arrest cuff moving towards him. Shaun immediately runs from them and using his training skills for a time agent manages to escape from them.

As he walked in the alley, his ring started working again. Seeing this as an opportunity, Shaun uses the ring to go back into his present time. Upon reaching he found out that "The Platinum Breakers" are the one who allowed the ring to activate.

They informed him that since he is from the alternate universe he needs to be erased as well so that the new world can stay as it is. And they started attacking him.

Fighting a dozen of skilled agents of this new agency he managed to escape barely and came into one of the alley where he lost his consciousness.


When he regained his senses he finds his mentor and chief along with other scientists who worked in "The Golden Work" Agency.

He asks them what happened while he was gone. But they rather asked him who he was. Shaun realized that they were no more the agents they were supposed to be. He explained to them, who he is and how everything changed.

Jacie Fresno, the head scientist who is the brain behind the Time-ring explained to everyone what happened to Shaun.

The change in timeline is impossible due to the paradox protecting it from outside changes however, there is a way for one to change the timeline. And that is for one to create a parallel timeline and making it coexist within the actual timeline.

And so over time the one that was the prime will be cut off from existing. Which means that someone is trying to change the existing timeline. Maybe, the one who did it opened up the parallel universe for a limited time.

And if so then we need to stop the person who is trying to make the temporary timeline into permanent!

Shaun's ring was activated with a different program allowing him to control time for only a limited period. He got seven chrono moments to use and if it reaches to zero then all hope will be lost.

He listened to what his task will be. The first task is to find Francis who is out there and must bring him back after which further task will be given out.

Shaun accidentally uses the time-ring when a car hits him. The ring sent him ten minutes earlier. As his search get intense, someone kept eyes on him.

He felt that presence, but decided to shrug it and continued to search for Francis. He came to know that he is staying hidden in an abandoned home.

There he finally finds him waiting on the sofa. Where, he explains to Shaun that the world is far better if time travel never existed. He goes on saying that Shaun was destined to save humanity from a Monster, who will unleash chaos and destruction.

Puzzled by his explanation, he asks him to tell more but suddenly a smoke bomb is released inside the home and before he can see who is the person doing this, he lost them and Francis was missing.

The next day, he finds a letter at his car. He picks it up and there's a warning telling him to stop his search and never to trust "The Golden Agency".


Suspicions and questions started to rise in him. He used his ring once again to travel back at the same night and secretly observed the yesterday events once again.

He stayed out and saw a masked man throwing a smoke bomb and taking Francis out of the room and the masked man used it's wrist watch to vanish into the air.

He thought of going after them, but stopped at the sight of his past self getting out of the house.

He then time travelled once again back to his present time. He checked his remaining chrono hour and only four uses are left. Shaun was walking towards the secret base when he was attacked by some strangers.

He fought them skillfully and defeated them but was hit by the masked man. He recognized him from yester night and fought him. However, Shaun was easily overpowered by him.

The masked man said to him, "As the caterpillar turns into larva and grows to reach it's full maturity, it comes out in the end as a butterfly that flies in the sky free of the bondages of anything and never to be held back."

He turned back to Shaun and shot him at his heart killing him. The gunshot alerted Jacie Fresno and the others. They found Shaun to be dead and with his death they were devastated.

Away from all this in an unknown year, Francis was brought to a stranger by the masked man.

The stranger turns out to be none other than Jacie Fresno herself! It turns out that this Jacie belonged to a different world and was the one who opened the Gate of Fate (also known as Parallel Universe).

She questioned Francis about revealing their identity to Shaun. But he tells that it was all under the order of the "Master". She contacted the "Master" and after confirming it she let him go.

Meanwhile, Shaun who is dead awakens in the past year 2056. But to his surprise he is at his school and is very much alive. He remembers that he was shot and he very much died from that but he is somehow alive.

Freaked out from all this happenings, he got out of school and came face to face with someone that took him by surprise.

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