Joel Del Carlo

Every Neighbor hood has that one house that no one ever goes nerby

Horreur histoires de fantômes Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Chapter 1

“Hello My name is Vincent and I lived on this strange

Street my whole Life it just so quiet and traffic barley ever

Come by. The trees are all dead the sky is never blue

Barely anything happens on my street.”

Later in the day I meet with my best friend Oscar

Well Oscar is kind of prankster and a little mean

But what can I say, he's my best friend as we were walking.

There was a creepy old house that always sat there

No one never knew who it belonged to no one ever knew who

Lived there I never thought anything about it

Just a weird house that's been there for years.

I was sitting at dinner talking to my parents about

The creepy old house they just chuckled and said nothing.

The Next morning I got up and went to school

at least something interesting happens there

Walking threw the hall I see a model from one the geometry kids project its the house that's across from my

Street. When I got into my algebra class the teacher hands back some assignments and she speaks “ good morning I am handing back quizzes most of you did well she hands me back Mine “a D- I tell Oscar who sits next to me well this

sucks . As I walk through the hall a kid bumps his locker an scares me a little After lunch I have the rest of the day off but Oscar doesn't so I walk by myself home and see the creepy

Old house and just stare at it its wood rotten its decayed the weeds fill the front yard the boarded windows the

Mold covered the place and the way the tire swing swung back and forth and no one ever went near it.

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