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The Mystery from the swamp will the reader find out

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The swamp Critter

Chills shorts #1

The Swamp critter

I walk through the swamp. That's right next to our house, just a tiny little cabin as some people may call it. I walk through the slimy mud. Each step is worse than the last “Oscar!” I yell out looking for my dog where could he be I thought what could that dog be I shine the flashlight on this one shadow it looks like a figure of some sort I get very nervous sweating my stomach in a knot my face is cold and pale I quickly shine the light on the shadow It just a tree It takes me a while to calm down I hear a noise like someone

walking “hello Oscar is that you.” the noise is suddenly gone. What am I doing out here in the pitch black and cold night then I hear a sound thump thump thump.

“Who's there?” I said while tears ran down my face shaking

I see something on the ground, it's Oscar's collar I gulp.

Then I felt breathing down my neck. I slowly turn around and look, it's a big slimy creature, its teeth are crooked and the eyes are red. I see it staring at me.

The end.

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