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Hazel Ford is 18 years old. She is a rare wolf, there's only 2 of her kind. Hazel is only able to hurt on a full moon, she's still strong but her wolf only comes out on a full moon. There a dangerous and ruthless wolf. Hazels life is nothing but hell for her. Her mother killed herself and her father blames Hazel for her mother's death. Hazel is abused, beat, and raped by her father, she wants to get away but she doesn't know how. One night on a full moon Hazels dad forgets to lock her up and when she comes back to her sinces, her father's ripped to shreds, now she's free and ready to look for her mate but doesn't know where to go from there. Duke Taylor is 24 years old and an alpha wolf. He's a Rouge wolf who's a gang leader and a psychopath. Duke was suppose to become alpha of his pack but his father turned an eye and gave the pack to his brother. His brother always hated him so when his brother became alpha, Duke was kicked out of the pack. Duke hated his family for everything they did to him, he grew obsessed with killing people and he became a gang leader. He never really wanted a mate and he never tried finding his mate but what happens if his mate finds him instead?

Fantaisie Fantaisie sombre Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

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