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«— You are a monster, to them all, you lost everything because of them. Every time they throw knives at your back, and you are silent. Alexander, I don’t understand how you hold on, I would have lost this battle long ago. — Everyone wants to see the fall of the enemy, but not everyone is interested in what price he will stand...»

Romance Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Stage №1. Banal acquaintance

— So, give more passion, give vent to emotions. You are now a model, not a piece of meat, show your feelings! — a loud male voice sounded almost throughout the studio. — Please, change positions, showing all the plasticity of your body!

In a rented studio, a photo session was held for another glossy magazine. The photographer, I think that you have already noticed him, was slightly dissatisfied with the work of the model. According to our professional, the model was too constrained and could not fully show herself on camera.

— Well, well... Let's see what came out of it... — said a young, but at the same time quite a professional photographer. — Everything is terrible! What's with the face?! Have you eaten a lemon? Where is the joy of being on the cover of a fashionable glossy magazine?! Light erotica, like a log! Do you even know how to work on camera?!

— Do you know how to take pictures? — Without thinking, the girl quipped.

As for me, it was a fatal mistake, our photographer is now already so annoyed, and then she throws logs into the fire. A little more and it seemed to me that she would no longer be alive.

— Do you understand who you're talking to like that?! — the guy got excited. — Enough of my word "no" and you are no longer a model! So shut up and keep working! Easier face! A slight smile, imperturbable passion, plasticity of the body, photo! — shut the mouth of the impudent model.

What did I notice? Nowadays, appearance does not show the character of a person. Yes, you can argue with me, but, on occasion, I think so. After all, our young photographer is quite with a charming nature. Boy's hair is medium definition, also slightly wavy and chestnut feeling, goes to the side, raised. His arched eyebrows were, if I may say so, soft, but medium and thick. And now the most interesting part - the eyes. The photographer's eyes are generally green, but if you look closely, you might think that they are blue. So let's say gray! (Logic at the highest level). The nose is large and with a small hump, lips in proportion to the size of the nose. By the way, before I forget, our guy loves the sun, he has barely noticeable freckles on his face.

— Stand in a pose and look at the camera, — the guy warned. Where is the emotion?

But she was not destined to finish, Alex immediately interrupted her, having heard that his last name was incorrectly pronounced:

— Alexander Freishtel! Freishtal! Difficult to remember?

— Sir Freistel, I'm sorry, can I rest? I'm tired, — the girl said.

— Well, you have fifteen minutes, just in time to run to the makeup artists, let them fix the makeup.

— Where are they? The studio is big, I don't remember yet...

— Oh-oh-oh, what am I doing all this for?! Down the corridor, to the right, and then to the left,— Alexander yelled, rolling his gray eyes.

And to tell the truth, the studio is actually big: it consists of three large rooms and one office room. I think you guessed that our heroes are now in one of the three rooms. And in another large compartment, let's say, backstage - make-up artists, costume designers and many other workers. In the third room, you might be surprised, but this is a warehouse. Well, and, accordingly, an office room, where all the papers and contracts are. It's just a pity that this chic studio is rented.

And in the meantime, while the model went to the make-up artists, Alexander walked around the place of the photo shoot, adjusting the reflector, moving the interior elements from one place to another, in which the model will look.

After a while, the girl returns, but this time she closes the door behind her, with a lock. In turn, Alexander, like a cat, only led his ear, but did not decide to turn around and control the actions of the young lady. Weird decision, but oh well.

— Julia, is that you? — the guy asked.

— Yes, yes, it's me! — instantly answered the photographer.

— Get back, we've got half an hour left.

“Horror, two hours of work have passed, but there is nothing!” — Alex thought.

For half an hour it seemed to me that Alexander wanted to kill the model given to him. Even after so many correct remarks, the girl continued to step on the same rake.

— The last one has gone! — Alexander continued.

This time, Julia wanted to overdo it, by her standards, with emotions. And you know, the experiment was a success, our photographer liked the last frame. Emotions were running high...

“Finally! First normal frame! She woke up! Hooray!” — the guy was delighted, thinking so.

— Fine, at least something. Free ... — said the photographer, freeing the model.

Rejoicing at the photo that came out, Alexander sat down at the table. The camera hung at the level of the diaphragm, and he put his hands behind his head. The guy wanted to relax already, because the work, in fact, turned out to be hard. But it is too early to rejoice in victory and peace. The girl decided that she would not leave just like that, she needed something else...

In the meantime, Alex closed his eyes and wanted to sleep, but, apparently, this was not destined to happen. For a split second, the guy felt, behind his back, someone's eyes on him, and after a moment someone put his hand on his shoulder. From surprise, I think, like the other person, he opened his eyes. It turned out to be Julia, who gently began to massage the photographer's shoulders.

— You are tired, I see. May I give you a massage? — the girl said unexpectedly.

In response, Alexander ignored this question because of this, the model considered this as consent and continued her work. To begin with, the girl removed the camera from Alex and put it on a nearby table.

Of course, the guy made sure she put the device on the same table. After all, it was bought for personal money, it is very expensive. Therefore, Alexander carefully followed where he was put. So, let's continue!

— Bad character - rudeness is what I like: strictness, beauty - the perfect combination... — Julie spoke. — It's strange that a guy like that doesn't have a girlfriend.

Smoothly and gradually, Julia switched over to Alexander's chest muscles. She continued to slowly stroke him in that area. The girl even tried to weakly squeeze the guy's chest, her nails went over the fabric of the clothes. In response to such actions, the photographer remained silent, but this time he smirked.

And then, I think, this result did not suit the model - the silence and smirk of the guy. Therefore, she decided to take a very sharp and unexpected step. This time, already brazenly, the girl put her hand under the guy's thin jacket. This has already crossed all boundaries!

— Julia, of course, I understand what you want, and for this you closed the door to the room, — the guy responded. — But no!

— And if you think well? — stood on its model.

— If you think about it well… — Alexander thought.



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