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This story is about, to teenage girl named,emma and lanna, their mother hired a baby sitter from of the website that was on the news. This was based on a true story anabeth and analiesa. True story: anabeth and analiesa were born in 1970, back in 1983 they hired a babysitter to wacth after them, they mother had to go out for 2 days cuase of her job,when she got back 2 days later, she found anabeth on the floor unconscious with a lot of bruises and scars, while analiesa was locked in her room, their mother was able to call 911, and the police arrived and arrested the babysitter, a few weeks later, after her arrest, they took the baby sitter Daniella, to court, and their mother pressed charged on her, she was found guilty of the hand of 2 teenage girls, daniella admitted what she did to them, she tried to burn them alive, stab them with a knife, , the judge later said she was sentenced to prison, for 30 years, a luckily the girls survived, they were given. Medical treatment and had to stay in the hospital for 1 week, to make sure their ok, and the mother never hired a baby sitter agian, she made sure her brothers snd sisters can watch, them while their gone, which was, anabeth and analiesa, uncles and aunts, with their cousins coming to visit them to and spend the night, untill their mother got back.

Horreur Horreur Adolescente Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans. © This is not copyrighted, this is based on.a true story, back in 1983

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Chapter 1 The news

" you girls are always bad, no wonder why i hire so many babysitters." said their mother, as she opend her laptop.


"but mom, were 13 now, we can tale care of out selfs, most babysitters your hire they mess up your house, not us"

said emma

"yeah maybe if you stop hiring us sitters, we can be good for once" said lanna.

"fine i will hire another one, cuase im out for 2 days, now get ready for bed" said mom, as she closed the laptop.

they went to their room, and both of them did their own thing, lanna went to bed, while emma was on her laptop.

Breaking news: a family hired a website called, babysitter,claimed that their 4 kids was in danger, of the hands of an nanny, a few of them were injured by the hands of the nanny, that tried to, drown, stabbed, posion, their kids.

after emma read the website she mubled," wow, thats just cruel", she went to sleep.

the next day, came and lanna and emma got on the bus ready for school,

"have you heard the news, the website of hiring babysitters is dangerouse, their are lots of bad nanys on their, but a few good ones", said emma friend.

"yeah i heard,but who would do that to such an inoccient child" said emma

once the got to school, they walked into the classroom, and everyone was talking about the news about the website,aand one girl claimed she was scared to come home.

"guys im scared to come home, becuase i heard their are bad nannys on their, and my mom hired on" said the girl.

" ha, what an liar she is everyone, she just saying that to scare you, or just get attention." said chloe.

as emma sat down she looked at her whone about the news, chloe walked over with her minions.

"so i heard you and your sister still get babysat, and your 13, hopefully it not from the website," mocked chloe as she went to her seat

the teacher walked in and wrote on the boared" okay class i know you heard the news, and your very concerned with it to burt now its time for class.

oncer school was over they went home, but they did not know, what their mother did was shocking.


written by: me

word count:376


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Wow, that was really good! I hope you add more to it! I hope Emma and Lanna are okay!
March 13, 2022, 23:19