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 In the beautiful and small village of France namely "pellion" Was small peaceful home town of the cottagecore girl "Cecilia Aubert " Just some girl who was in the await of her prince on the white horse. As in destiny twisted and make her fall in love with the other town boy" Pierre Dubois " , the only son of the family and a great hunter. He was no less looking prince atleast for Cecilia . They made a pact of two rules 1) never one without the other And other they will always meet at the cliff. They made turns for each other to make it to the cliff. No matter the hail, the smog, the thunder. They will make it there for sure. It was turn of Cecilia that unfateful day So she head towards the cliff They made turns for each other to make it to the cliff. No matter the hail, the smog, the thunder. They will make it there for sure. It was turn of Cecilia that unfateful day So she head towards the cliff On her way she saw a monk happens to hanging down the cliff. He asks for help but Cecilia need to Make it to her Pierre. So she left him there. But later her Conscience didn't let her go, so she went back But she was too later as she went down the hill. To look for the monk but when he found him he was too injured, he was near death. He before leaving curse then both that they will both die before the dawn and they will not meet in the next birth either as in a particular age the curse will start again and one of them will never be human at the same day, one of them turn into werewolf. After that he dies. Cecilia was shocked to hear those unfateful words. She rushes to Pierre and tell him everything. He decided to not to leave Cecilia behind. And they both died together hands in hands. After 100 years later : Into the family of bernards in the town of rennes A girl was born , her name was kept Cecilia. And at the same day , a boy was also born in the same town in Baillairgé family his name was kept Pierre. And many years earlier in 1910s in tibet monk had also took the birth. As they all don't remember anything about there past life, as the girl and boy turned 16 the memories of the past came flooding and they both eventually meet but the happiness came to a halt when Pierre turns into a werewolf and they both came to know that this curse will won't leave them alone here too. Will they end up together? Will both of them succeed in defeating curse? Or will they have to stay forever like this?

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Chapter - 1 Cecilia and pierce

In 1835 in the village of pellion, in
France , In the lap of the slopes , a little
town of pellion was arranged, it was a
virus winter morning and sun's
bombed attempts of heating up the
encompassing from his warm beams.
The sieved beams of sun Emitting
behind from slopes hitting a little cabin
in which cecilia with her herd of
sheeps are pleasured and fortunate as
she run behind her steers.
As Cecilia's mom advises her to return
soon as weather conditions appears to
be flighty. Be that as it may, Cecilia in
her own emanation , overlooking her
voice and run towards the slopes. she
is looking towards the slopes like she
need to catch this second perpetually
Seems like she simply need to
embrace it .

Running against the norm, on the
opposite side pierce takes out the
trigger and discharge with his firearm,
all birds are frightened and take off for
their life.
Pierce is playing hunting with certain
companions. "What are you doing ? " You
missed it once more! Pierce's
companion asked . "Try not to stress
henry !'we got entire day at this point!'
Henry said, "Today
I Will clearly take some. Eight or 10
with me " By saying this, Pierce takes
out exploded ligament and adds
another one . "What's more jeers"
presently keep a watch out!
Pierce begins to point towards the
greater part gathering of the birds
flying overhead, and on the other in the
wake of protecting little sheep that
was caught in branches and prickly
nursery she takes a gander at the sky

and her vision radiates over to the
gathering of birds , she fans out her
arms just to do fruitless attempts of
taking a flight like them. As she runs
behind them . And afterward in the end
pierce shots and terrified for their life
birds began flying to a great extent
bothered. One of the birds tumbles

Cecilia got restless she ran towards
the bird as well as pierce to get it, the
two of them runs into a grassland
where yellow grass was developed to
it's much degree and afterward there
the two heads knock, the two of them
ran into one another, pierce gets his
head and falls in amazement of
wretchedness of his head. In any case,
in actuality Cecilia not thinking often
about her agony rushes to the bird.
She immediately cleaned it's injuries ,
she teared a portion of her scarf and
attached it to it's injury. Pierce turns
threatening and says "hello young lady
this is my bird! I shot it." She got it and
race to a stream streaming almost a
cottage and assists the bird with
drinking water from her hands. Pierce
turns irritate again and said "didnt you

She turned towards Pierce and sneer
with outrage in her voice
" You figure your courageous to kill a
defenseless blameless bird who can't
represent itself with no issue " ! 'Do you
have a stone in the spot of your heart!?"
"They were so cheerful flying up there!"
She said
"Assuming someone attempts to kill
you like this? "Then, at that point?
"You're such a miscreant" she said
"Delinquent? " "Me? "How might you say
like this? He asked "would you say you
are the God?" That is for my treat! He
Gracious! to eat , there is a ton given
by God why? is it less to you? She said

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