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A group of kids were taken from a party and placed in a series of horrendous games leading in death and trauma. Is it all a dream or is it real?

Fantaisie Fantaisie sombre Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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Twisted circle

It was a normal night when a group of friends went out to a local party. As the party neared its end a mysterious stranger appeared in front of the four friends and blew this intoxicating violet smoke in their faces and they fell down in a deep peaceful sleep. Once the teens awoke they found themselves locked in chains in this dungeon-like room surrounded by 15 others. From out of nowhere a guttural shriek awoken all the other “people”. They saw the four teens and whacked out like blood sucking zombies and started swarming the teens. There was a loud beep soon after and the metal restraints fell to the floor with a loud clunk. The zombies stopped almost immediately when the deep booming voice came out of nowhere announcing “WELCOME TO THE TWISTED CIRCLE! The rules are simple: escape the zombies but

if you get bitten you have 3 minutes to figure out a way out or become a zombie, hit the wrong button and get annihilated. Good luck!”

The voice went off and three buttons lit up across the room and the twisted game started. As the zombies ran after them the teens scattered around the room one went to check out the buttons while the others fought off the zombies. One of the teens noticed that there was some loose piping and broke off a couple of pieces and tossed them to the other teens fighting the zombies and the female Leela hollered to the guys to keep fighting while she went over to help the oddly cute nerd figure out the buttons. “Hey let me help!” called Leela to Nick the nerd. “Why would the most popular girl in school wanna help me? How’d you get here anyways?” he drolly replied, rolling his eyes.

As they figured out the correct button , Kyle(jock), Valark (band geek) , and Nima (goth) were fighting the zombies which are now down to 10 zombies . Leela and Nick finally figured out the correct button. Nima, Valark and Kyle ran towards them as the zombies crept closer once they were close enough Leela hit the button and they all ran out as the room burst into flames eliminating all the zombies and flames started to erupt from the door charring Nimas pants leg exposing thick legs and a grim reaper tattoo on the back of her thigh creeping up to the top of her left butt cheek. Nik took his shirt off exposing a skin tight tank top fitting tightly over an even toned body and showing a dragon tattoo on his muscular toned forearm. He took the black button up he had on and tied it around Nimas waist and gave her a fangly smile causing his freckles to show.

Nick helped Nima walk through the corridor and onto the next challenge and onto the next challenge they waited at the door with the others for their permitted entry. Nima couldn’t keep her eyes off of Nick

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