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"Let's not do this. Not now, Fish," I whispered. "I'm sorry," he apologized. I smiled, curling my hands around his neck, stepping on my toes, and kissing his lips. He was taller than I was. "Better now?" I asked, after keeping my feet on the ground. "Mhmm....." He smiled. Afterward, he lifted me, making me curl my legs around his waist. "This will make me feel much more better," he whispered, before jamming his lips into mine. With that, he led us into the room. I watched as he pulled off his T-shirt, revealing his tanned and ripped body, which he had gotten from workout sessions. I could see the bump in his pants, which meant he was aroused. He hovered over my body, placing kisses down my neck, while I moaned in pleasure. ****** To love is nothing, the saying goes. To be loved is something. But to love and be loved is everything a queer youth coming of age needs. ... Fisher is gay, and his parents know but disapprove of it. His father sends him to a mixed school an hour away, to avoid seeing his face, but he doesn't know he's letting the planets and the fates and all the stars align. Fisher sets his eyes on his best friend's brother and falls in love. Meanwhile, Ethan is a gayby because his parents are a gay couple. Upon having encounters with a queer athlete in his high school, he begins to have that gay panic after forgiving him for a grave offense, but his surrogate mother tells him to follow his heart. Moreover, it is not a crime for Fisher to love and be loved, is it? ****** published February 21, 2022. ... Gaydar: Only for the LGBT, supporters, and those positively curious about the community. To work out the plot of this story, scenes of rape and nudity abound. ---*--- Reader discretion is advised.

LGBT+ Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans.

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The Leroys were a prestigious family, but an unhappy one. It was not until some months ago that Mr/Mrs. Leroy found out the sexuality of their only child, Fisher. They could not believe that he was gay, especially with the heteronormative macho traits he embodied. Months of counseling never worked, so they sent Fisher away to a mixed school far away from town. That was the only way to protect their reputation. It would be embarrassing if their business partners were to find out their heir was gay. That was what they thought, but they just did not want to accept the fact that the world was becoming more accepting, because they were not.

"Mom, I'm sorry," fourteen-year-old Fisher apologized to his crying mother, before leaving the mansion. Although she was a conservative woman, she had much love for her son, unlike her husband. Fisher could not even bear looking at the face of his hidebound father or that of his adopted brother, Bryan. A topic the family rarely mentioned, Bryan was adopted when Mrs. Fisher was told of how his parents died by driving into a ditch. He was the timidest of all the orphaned boys she had met, so she felt it right to give him warmth. That's a story for another day.


Fisher had been practically disowned in some way. Maybe it was best if he left. Or not...? He was moving to a school in an entirely different setting, away from his family. With one last hug from his mom, Fisher walked into the chauffeured Dodge Charger. And that was it. He would never see his family again, not until his father agreed.


...Two Years Later...

The Hunters were a middle-class family, but a happy one. Mr/Mr. Hunter were a gay couple. They got two children from a surrogate mother named Lysa Realls Dominguez. She bore two boys for the couple, Greg and Ethan. Greg was a proud bisexual, and focused more on girls, though he cared for boys. But Ethan had this internalized hatred for the LGBTQ+ community and felt too ashamed being a gayby, making sure he severed relations with his parents. He was only close to his surrogate mother, Lysa.

"Are you really leaving us?" Lysa asked Ethan. He had decided to move into town to school there with his elder brother who he would share an apartment with.

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