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A young lady the goes by the name Tiffany McConnel that goes by an illegal hacker name Trinity is found and recruited by Morpheus to crack the IRS database and to find The One as she becomes a member of Nebuchadnezzar and is a 2nd ranking officer on that ship.

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Running from the Agent

The years is 1997 as there was an old abandon motel building. Then all of a sudden there came a burst through the glass roof as four individual, Switch, APoc, Cypher and Mouse came on the scene. "Alright, let's get this over with," said Switch, "yeah, better hurry this up before the cops and agents come for our asses," said Cypher, as they came to a computer in the room that they're about to hacking into, for the mission that they are trying to accomplish was to hack in the IRS database as it's known by many authorities, to be illegal. "Come on, as far as I am concerned guys, the cops are easy work, the agent are the ones that are more powerful," said Switch, as they continued to hack into the computer IRS database. Then as they were about to do that, they heard the sound of cops sirens. "Holy shit!!, let's move!!," said APoc, as they all ran out of the room with the door marked 303. While running out the room and into the hallway, they saw cops there as they then ran from them, as the cops where in hot pursuit shouting out, "hey hold it right there!!," as the police went after them. Running from the cops, they went outside on the fire escape as they looked down and saw an agent who was known to be Agent Smith as they quickly headed up the stairs, and onto the roof now running from the police officers.

All four headed up the ladder now getting up on the roof, as they all ran their asses off from the cops jumping to another building. While running on the roof, A-poc looked back and saw one cop out of all the cops there as Switch said to him, "A-poc what the hell!!, let's go!," as the crew stood there. Then as he saw the cop standing there, Apoc pulled out his gun at him. Then as the cops saw them, he then pulled his gun out and said "freeze! hands in the air!, do it now!!," with his gun pointing at them. Hearing the police officer, Cypher put his hand in the air as they all saw the police officer turn into one of the agents known as Agent Jones. "Holy shit, an agent let's go," said Apoc, as the four ran for their lives as they saw the agent running after them.

Then as the crew of Switch, Apoc, Cypher and Mouse where running from the agent, all of them jumped from one building roof to another as Agent Jones stopped, pulled his gun out and shot at the four of them, but in the process shot at the two walls they went through. Then the four of them started to jump high, 15 feet from one building to another as the agent jumped the same feet from one building to another, as Agent Jones was still in hot pursuit, chasing after them, as the four cops he was with that chased them, stood on the other side of that building. Then as they were running from agent Jones, they by luck, saw a door that led to the bottom of the stairs, leading to the street where the phones are.

Then as they approached the door, Switch opened it as she was the first to go as both Cypher and Mouse followed behind her, as Apoc was the last to go through the door. Going through the door, the Agent came closer as he pulled out his gun, and fired it at A-poc, as A-Poc retaliated and shot his Mack 11 back at Agent Jones. When shooting at agent Jones, Agent Jones then dodged every single bullet that A-poc shot at him as Apoc hit nothing but air. Then after Apoc shot back at the agent, he closed and locked the door, leaving Agent Jones to shoot two shots in the door. Agent Jones still on the roof with the gun in hand, and two figures to his air plug, he then said, "targets head to the main street," as the four crew members ran to the streets.

There the four members of the crew where, out on the streets as they headed to their car which was a old 80’s BMW M535i e28 as they looked to get to the phone. When going to the BMW M535i, they heard police sirens of police cars coming towards them. “Oh damn it!!, cops!, we really need to get out of here quick and fast,” said Mouse, as they came running out to the car. Now getting inside the car still hearing the siren of the police, Apoc in the driver's seat started the engine, and drove off from the police pursuing them in a high-speed chase. There they were, as A-poc was driving down the road as fast as he could to get away from the police, as the police were still hot on their tale. “Man!!, those cops are still on our asses!!” said Cypher, as Switch who was sitting in the passenger seat pulled out a colt M-16 as she said, “well there is only one way to get rid of them, Apoc keep driving,” as she stuck her body out of the window with the colt M-16 riffle, pointing it at the police cars that were chasing them. Then as Switch shot at the police car, she shot at the bonnet of the police car, shooting at the engine causing the police car to shut down and drifted to a side, also causing three other police cars to crash into that police car, giving them enough time to get to the phone booth. Switch getting rid of the cops, A-poc’s phone rang as he answered it, “Yes,” said A-poc, “Hi A-Poc, keep straight, and then turn left, there should be a phone booth in a train station nearby in welted lake, just beware of any agents” said Morpheus, over the phone. “Will do” said A-Poc, as he hung up the phone. Finally, the crew reached the train station, now getting out the car, and running in the train station. Then as they got to the phone, they saw four phones that were ringing at the same time. Then as the four of them came towards the phone booths, they then picked up the receivers, put it to their ears and disappeared. Agent Smith then pulled his gun out and shot at one of the phones as it was too late. Then Agent Smith along with both Agent Brown and Jones, came to the same phone booths that Cypher, Switch, APoc and Mouse escape in.

'“They escaped” said agent Jones

“Doesn’t matter, they are irrelevant at this point” said Agent Smith

“we have info on our next target” said Agent Brown

“She goes by the name Trinity'“ said Agent Jones.

“We need a search running” said Agent Smith, as Agent brown replied saying, “it’s already begun,” as their next target was Tiffany McConnel aka Trinity.

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