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My love*

10 years ago there was a beautiful young lady,—was rejecting all the man come to her life,because of suffering from the past toxic relationship. one day on her way to the market she met a handsome middle age guy,who was so interested to her.unfortunately she was not interested to him specifically guys with high class.

She let him down over&over....to this guy was making him to get more interested to her,—he find it very difficult to understand to be rejected by a simple girl,you know most of the women want guys with big pockets. he stalk her &follow her where ever she goes, after 6months

she give up & give him a chance.

There relationship was amazing, no fights there where happy together, he was amazing partner, again the Lisa"was her name was playing hard to get,it was difficult for her to just trust him,the guy told her he is a divorcee....anyway nothing was suspicious about him .Lisa was staying at work.

Lisa have 1problem always she was dreaming about his partner wearing a wedding ring,but she never believed in her dreams!everything she her from that guy was the right one.

1day Lisa had a birthday 12.03.1984 she was born. the boyfriend have surprise for first time they going to spend the weekend together including intimacy. while they having fun party of two,Bheki"thats his name,he knee down&proposed. it was the happy moments for both of them.

Eventually making love was included, she end it up pregnant &Bheki promised to go&see the Family to do right things.he never keep that promise later,when she was 7 months pregnant, she received a call from a strange woman ask her,excuse "me are you expecting a baby with my husband?she asked!yes Lisa was curious about the whole story.

Lisa got a shock of her life to find out her fiance is lying to her he is happy married with 3kids ,the last born was 3months old....while she is 7months pregnant. she beg the wife if she can speak to her husband for few questions. the wife decided to put the foune on speaker, asking her husband?here is your pregnant girlfriend....

He rejected her front of his wife&told her she is crazy don't know her

Lisa was broken in two pieces.

She couldn't believe her ears &she was on tears.—in her life she never have any misunderstanding or fighting with this man,but the guy hurt her more than anyone in the world, she try to abord the pregnancy but it was too late,Bheki never call her again until today ,Her son name is *THANDOLWAMI *meaning *my Love*

because his wife told her there son name is *Thandolwethu*meaning *our love*

She learn that she was not the one.

broken hearts heal,but never forget.

True story.

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