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A young man name Luke Author, who is always modest gets over fear of nudity as he get a job as a art figurative model which requires him posing in the nude in front of everyone.

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Job on college campus

There was a young boy name Luke who was 16 years old how attended collage studying physics. However Luke was always a guy that was always shy about his body and not one to be a fan of showering in the gym locker-room as he saw guy boldly taking there clothes of showing there naked bodies and there penis rather they be small or big as Luke seeing a bunch of naked boys is not much of a big deal to him especially the guy that was getting all the girl name Ryan how Luke would call naked Ryan because Luke would see him naked all the time as Luke saw his big 6 inch dick as he walk around the locker-room naked and all so when he showered. Luke would see them naked but they can't see him the same way no homo. After the guys got dress Luke then would strip and take off his clothes and shower after him and the guy physical education.

On the flip side on the whole shower incident of the Luke as he was going to collage, he had to have a job. Then as he was walking through the collage campus he looked on a board as he saw a opening job that makes $900.00 a week which was a job as a life model for a art class. "Hi Luke how is it going?" asked Rachel a black female to the white boy Luke Author "h....hi Rachel how are you?" Asked Luke very shy "I'm fine thanks and yourself" replied Rachel "Ah....I'm fine as well" replied Luke back at Rachel "oh I see you're trying out for the art class life modeling job are you?" Rachel asking Luke a question about they art class life model job "oh yes I'm trying out and applying for this position" answered Luke as confident as he appeared to be "ha ha" replied Rachel jokingly "ha? Rachel what do you mean by ha" said Luke curious about Rachel's reaction, "come on Luke you are one that is always shy about your body as no one never seen you naked. yeah I really want to see how things turn out with you as a life model" said Rachel, as her and Luke walked down the cafeteria as they walk the counter to order there lunch.

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