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It's a complicated story of romance between college boys. Sam is just like every other gay college student. As a virgin, he barely knows about sex, despite his being best friends with Matt, a fellow gay college student who fucks with his boyfriend more than once a day. The only thing Matt wants in his relationship is for him to be the top, at least once. As for Sam, dating and sex are not his priority. Ever since his high school relationship disaster, he's always wanted to focus on his successful academics and please his parents so bad he doesn't have friends. But when circumstances push him to relocate all the way from the other extreme end of the college campus to Matt's condo at the opposite end of the large UW-Madison campus (miles apart from both ends), things begin turning the other way round. Sam has to choose between factors affecting college life, including academics or romance, academics or gay bars, and academics or the gym. Worse comes when he has to choose between three hot guys who all, unfortunately, fall in love with him at first sight. What a great journey to begin with, just about when you are in your senior year and about to wrap up with college. "Goddammit." published February 16th, 2022. WARNING: Contains strong language and little bits of smut.

#4 Dan LGBT+ Déconseillé aux moins de 13 ans. © © 2023 Kpeddeo All Rights Reserved

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Who The Hell Is Stripper?

Well, high school was pretty much a mess for me, and I couldn't say any less. Fucked-up relationships made me seem like a fool; twice in junior grade and once in senior. I mean, I dated thrice in high school, and no one taught me that. I just went to school to practice ‘em, but of course, so it goes.

I gotta really tell you the last relationship I had is gonna be the last I'll ever have till I'm done with academics. Like, ever.

I figured I was gay when I was in my senior year of high school. Actually, I started sensing it a year before, so I tried my luck at dating girls (who, unfortunately, I lacked interest in). I got into a relationship twice and broke up twice. The first was with a gingerhead girl whom everyone called a nerd. I can't remember her name, but she really was a nerd, so I broke up with her because I was kinda a nerd too (and tried my best not to be).

My second relationship was with the two popular girls in my school. I was hoping you wouldn't ask me how I got in a threesome, cos I don't really know or wanna know. I wanted to be popular, and not be tagged as a nerd. From all the gay novels I've read, gay nerds are always the most abused and bullied boys on the planet. I figured being popular won't do me any harm, and I was right.

But still, rumors spread that I was into girl fetishes and all those stuff, saying I was into threesomes. That lead to me breaking up with them, and it came right on time when those bitches almost ruined my virginity.

Good Lord! I never wanted to lose my virginity until high school was over (and, oh well... yeah, I was that daft and nerdy). But when I encountered that jerk in senior year, eventually falling for him, I began having every intention of losing it with him. We started going out on dates together, falling in love, and all those shit. I'd ask him to do ‘it’ with me, but one thing or the other would divert the ‘mainstay’ of our relationship. Then, we broke up when I found out he was a motherfucking slut who fucked anything our age that walked (except me, his boyfriend). Boys or girls our age; about 10 of them had been fucked by this monster, in the course of our 6-month-long relationship.

Since then, I swore I wouldn't regard sex as the mainstay of any relationship I'd be into, in the future. But I still like boys, as a matter of fact. Period.

Now in my senior year of college, I feel pretty messed up. My best friend is dating and has been dating this particular guy since sophomore year (don't ask me how they haven't broken up since). It's ‘true love,’ I guess.


“Hey, Sam!” Matt snaps me out of my cloud of thoughts. “Come on, man. What is it again?” He arches an eyebrow at me.

“Matt, I'm thinking, okay?” I snort. “I'm thinking. Don't bother me.” He looks at Levi and begins to laugh unnecessarily. “What's that for?”

“He's thinking about him,” he tells Levi, who chuckles. “I can feel that.” Matt gestures love shapes around me. “Love, crush, love.”

“Oh, fuck off,” I push his hand away. “You're a parrot, you know that?” I throw a glare his way. He smirks.

“Yeah, a parrot who tells the truth the way he sees it,” he shrugs, coming closer in a teasing manner. I just snort and push him away.

“Go and fuck your boyfriend, Matt,” I smirk, before realizing what I just said. “Oh, fuck. Levi, I didn't mean it that way.” Matt chuckles.

“Dude, what's funny?”

“No, Sam, never mind. You actually got it the opposite way round,” he smirks. I arch an eyebrow at him, knowing he's about to say... “I'm actually the man and dominant in this relationship, you know.” Okay...

“There you go again,” Matt snorts playfully. “You know I've fucked you times before.” Levi rolls his eyes. “Cool down, Matty B. We both know it's only thrice.” That makes me burst out in laughter, as a way of teasing Matt. He really deserves it.

Matt only smirks. “Sam, that laugh of yours doesn't go against the fact that you may like Stripper.”

“Okay, who the hell is Stripper?” I snort. “Is that even a name?” This only makes the lovey dovies smirk back at me. “What?” I shrug nonchalantly.

"Come on, it's between us three,” Matt smiles. “Don't be shy. Just tell us you like him. We don't bite.”

“Stop spewing nonsense, Matt,” I hiss. “You like teasing me, don't ya?” I frown. “That's what best friends are for, huh?”

He only shrugs. "What if?" Cheese and rice! What if what?! I'm waiting politely for him to continue with his sentence, but he only stops there.

“I don't like Stripper or whoever he is,” I walk over to a sofa. “I've barely met him.” Matt sighs at me, expressing doubt. Goddammit.

“Who do you think would be the man in their relationship, Levy?” He asks his boyfriend who only shrugs. “I think it'd be Stripper himself.”

“Oh, shut the fucking hell up, Matt,” I glare at him. “We've got lectures this morning.” He snorts at me. “Duh. You're such a nerd. It's about time you start wearing spectacles.” Levi chuckles a little. That big guy doesn't talk much like his crazy-ass boyfriend slash best friend of mine does. I think I'm pitying him.

“Dude, shut it and throw me the freaking car keys before I throw up on you,” I yell. Actually, I'm having a hangover from last night's party.

Yeah, Matt and Levi dragged me along with them, to a freaking gay club, instead of welcoming me with a housewarming party. I mean, I ended up relocating from my condo on the other side of the campus, just because my best friend begged me to do it (for a reason he is yet to tell me).

Okay, no lies. I actually liked the idea of staying here with them both. I think I like it better in this part of town. It has crowded streets, parks, and libraries. Don't ask me why I mentioned the crowded streets. I love noisy places. Weird, I know.

I actually thought that living in a secluded part of town would make me more studious in the pursuit of academics, but three years have passed since I graduated from high school. I'm in my senior year in college. What have I got to lose while having fun with my best friend and his boyfriend? Nothing, cos I've always been the normal type of person who enjoys fun throughout high school and still scores on the ACT.

Based on my conclusions, I decided to go to a freaking gay club on the first day of my relocation. “I've got nothing to lose in having fun.” That became my mindset throughout last night, but I'm beginning to regret it, just the same way my stomach is.

“Oh my God, I really have to throw up,” I exclaim. Matt gasps snidely. “On me?”

“No, in the restroom, dummy,” I hiss, and before I can make a few steps, I spurt out stomach fluid all over the floor. “I did it,” I sigh. “No, you did it, Matt. You did it,” I point my fingers at him. “You made me drink my ass off at a fucking stripper club party.” Matt and Levi sigh in disappointment, looking up at Matt who's lost at words.

Haha! About damn time to play a trick of ‘I'm outraged right now’ on them.

“Sam,” he tries speaking on behalf of dumbfounded Matt.


“Stay out of this, Levi,” I throw a glare in Matt's direction. “Your boyfriend's gonna make it up to me, or else...” I click my tongue. Matt sighs, still looking down at the mess on the floor. He really is taking me seriously. Well, I sometimes get angry at petty stuff, making my best friend feel guilty.

“Come on, Sam,” he picks up his voice. “You have no idea how much I wanted you to have fun on your first day here,” he looks up at me. “What's so wrong with that?”

I hiss. “Yeah, it's not so wrong per se, but we didn't even have a housewarming party!”

“But that's too cliché!” Matt snaps back, glancing at Levi for support. “Ain't I right, Levy?” He asks. “Yeah, that's actually right, Sam,” Levi nods at me, waiting for a response.

Why am I even playing this stupid game, when I'm late for class?

“Okay, I get it,” I smile back. “Matty, I actually love the idea. Are we going back there tonight?” Matty smirks with a wink. “Of course, buddy.”

My eyes trace the direction of Levi's, whose focus is on Matty right now. “Okay...” I smirk at them both. “Matty, your boyfriend's here. Don't wink at me,” I chuckle. Matt smirks wider, while Levi coughs distractingly. “I think I have to clean up this mess,” he says, standing up to go get a vacuum cleaner.

“Levy, buddy and I are leaving right now,” Matt announces, carrying his backpack beside the three-seater armchair. “Stop calling me your buddy, dude,” I frown playfully. “Okay, buddy,” he teases back at me, which only makes me sigh.

“Yeah, come here,” Levi arrives with the vacuum and kisses Matt who moans into the kiss. I can't believe I had to watch this. “Okay... Save the sucking for later,” Levi ends the kiss, waving us bye at the end. “Bye, pie,” Matt throws him an air kiss and drags me outside.

“You guys are gross.”

“I don't know anything about that word,” he leers teasingly. “Ugh, let's get to the car already,” I huff and walk past him, before jamming into someone. “Oops, buddy's gotten sloppy,” Matt chortles. That slug.

“Oh. I'm so sorry,” I apologize, looking up at the person I just jammed into. “It's nothing, really,” the male voice says, but I can't really make his face out of the hoodie he's wearing. He continues walking, while I stand here, waiting for that slug of a best friend.

“Hey, Fred!” Matt handshakes the guy and gives him a bro hug, before walking over to me. “Who's the guy?” I ask, watching the Fred guy open the door to his condo. “Is he our next-door neighbor?”

“Yeah. Fred Williams,” Matt nods. “The quiet next-door neighbor who's got no roommate.” The latter part of his sentence leaves him sneering.

“What's with the sneer?” I ask. “Don't you find it weird? He's just like you,” Matt shrugs, earning a glare from me. “He hasn't had any roommate since freshman year.”

Wow, people like me actually exist? Cool. I peek in the guy's direction. He's probably entered the condo already.

“You said we've got lectures this morning,” Matt pats my shoulders. “Let's go.” I sigh and follow him to the car. This is gonna be a long day.


...and it's gonna be a long story too. ;)
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Dagmar .C Dagmar .C
Good the combination of love and drama.
May 12, 2024, 14:47
FD Freddy Duran
Good so far drama.
April 10, 2024, 01:38
Damm,it is amazing
March 05, 2024, 15:32
KK Kana Katoji
Love the introductions,bro
September 29, 2022, 07:43

  • Jasper Kpeddeo Jasper Kpeddeo
    thank you. glad you loved it. 💜❤💜 February 15, 2023, 18:11
SW Shilo Willingham
I only read the first chapter, but I love it. But maybe try to go over it and correct a few things, other than that, It's amazing! Keep up the good work!
July 08, 2022, 15:32

  • Jasper Kpeddeo Jasper Kpeddeo
    thank you. all loops and problems have been fixed. xoxo. 💌 February 15, 2023, 18:18

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