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Part 1

The Paragon Alliance

Alex Connor was 19 years old and was a member of the P.A, P.A stood for Paragon Alliance. This organization was made up of heroes in order to stand up against the villains that showed up, no matter where it might be.

The alliance headquarters was in New York City in an underground Base beneath an average-looking book store…

Alex had joined the alliance at the age of 17 after his dad passed away. He lived by himself and didn’t have any contact with his mom ever since then. The young hero had blonde hair brushed to the side with blue eyes. Throughout most of the day he would either be at the headquarters looking over the news and police reports for any activity, or working as a janitor at a high school just a few blocks away.

CHAPTER 1 The Might Of A hero

Connor sat at one of the Aligned seats in front of a large computer screen going over reports of the past few hours, looking for any situations or criminals that might be in the city at the moment. There were four blue leather seats that were connected to a metal bar in the ground. You couldn’t move the chair around cuz it didn’t have any wheels, but you could spin around in it.

Just then the electric door could be heard sliding open as one of the fellow members walked into the large room. “Glad to see you’re searching for any crimes that may occur at any moment” Alex turned around replying: “Well I was free and wasn’t sure when any of the others were planning to come in, so thought I’d get us started early since it was only noon”

The member’s name was Kyle Hall but went by Arcon Inferno as his hero name. He wore all black with a cape along with a blood-red sun symbol within a circle on his chest. Kyle had long black hair that was brushed back with orange eyes as if flames were engulfed within his irises. He sat in the chair beside him, putting his leg over the other while reading over the reports as well…

One Hour Later…

A beep could be heard from the screen as the list of reports were minimalized and locked onto the location of a hostage situation. “Alright, looks like we have our first objective” Alex commented before getting up from his chair, heading to the metal door. “I’ll get us there and handle any hostage situation” Kyle responded as they went through the sliding door, leading to an elevator…

A bald man with a scar across his left eye dressed in black armor had a gun pointed an innocent woman with blonde hair “All of you stay back, any of you cops come any closer, I’ll kill this bastard!” Suddenly the criminal’s hostage was engulfed in flames before nothing was left but a scorch mark.

“What the hell!?” The man looked around pointing his gun toward the group of cops becoming uneasy from the random flames. Meanwhile the citizen had been teleported onto a nearby roof by Arcon’s fire manipulation ability. “Shh, make your way downstairs and get away” Alex whispered watching their target from the rooftop. The scared woman nodded before opening the door next to them, running downstairs.

“Now then, time to kick some ass. It’s been awhile since I’ve used my powers” His partner watched as the young hero began to transform, black flames went from his feet and hands until it traveled to the center of his chest. His body was now a skeleton dressed in a dark-purple cloak as he leapt from the roof, soaring a few feet before landing behind the line of police cars. One of the officers noticed the undead figure proceeding toward them and aimed his gun toward him.

“Stop! Don’t come any closer whatever you are!”

“I’m on your side, I’m here to deal with that man over there” Alex assured them still approaching. The man’s hands shook in fear before prematurely firing a shot toward the hero. However, the bullet burned to ash from black flames that engulfed the bullet instantly. “Sorry, but I don’t have time for this, excuse me sir” The six officers stepped out of the way in fear as Connor stood a few feet from his target.

“Dennis Cox, I insist you put down your firearm and accept arrest” His foe shook in fear before firing off several shots. The undead hero stood motionless as the projectiles burned to ash once more. With a word, Alex caused the man’s gun to melt as his dark flames covered the pistol.

“F-fine, just stay away from me!” The bald criminal got down on his knees whimpering while the police surrounded him, cuffing his hands behind his back. “Thank you…um…who are you again?”

There was a slight pause before the hero answered: Death Guardian” They were a little uneasy by his name but thanked him before taking their target to a car, driving away along with the other officers. Meanwhile Kyle was about to rejoin his ally when someone stepped behind him on the other side of the roof. In reaction he spun around, unleashing a wave of fire in their direction.

“Heh, such foolishness” Arcon watched as his wave of flames were absorbed into the man’s open palm. “I staged this little crime to get you both out of hiding. I’m not a tyrant, I can be a fair person when I find it necessary. Now then, I would like you both to join me, I must expand my legion and increase my power over this country”

Alex came up to the roof still in his undead form to find the assailant standing a few feet away with his arms behind his back. He had gray hair with white eyes dressed in knight armor. “Stay back!” Death Guardian cried out, igniting a wall of black flames between them and the unknown enemy.

“Interesting, rare to see two heroes with the same abilities that aren’t related. Sadly I’ve wasted enough time here, I’ll allow you both to think about my offer, but will return in time for your answer” The pair watched as the man vanished in a burst of black energy.

“I’m assuming he asked you to join his team right?”

“Yea, seems we’ll have to come up with a plan in a few days before he begins an attack” They went back to the base to find their leader reading something in the library in their headquarters. His name was Mark Holt, the man was tall and muscular like your stereotypical hero. He wore dark-blue tights with black gloves and boots with an hourglass symbol on his chest.

“So, we have to come up with a plan to deal with the leader of this evil legion hmm?”

“How do you know that captain?” Connor asked reverting back to his human form. Mark let out a slight chuckle putting the book down. “You must’ve forgotten, one of my abilities is clairvoyance, the power to view anything on earth by closing my eyes or creating a visual like a crystal ball”

“Well what do you think we should do sir? We weren’t given an exact time but I assume a week or so”

“Just go about your usual schedule, I have some earpieces to give the members so they can contact me when they need to”

“That reminds me, where are the other two members? I haven’t seen them in awhile” Kyle commented. Their leader led them back to the briefing room, informing them that their teammates Daniel Frost and Quinten Underwood were on an information gathering mission to find the locations of other heroes or villains in other parts of the U.S.

“Currently they’re in Pennsylvania, but I haven’t heard back from them yet…if they don’t contact me soon, I’ll have to use my clairvoyance and head over there to either scold or help them if needed”


Daniel and Quinten had heard of a get together by possible villains, so the pair dressed in formal suits and made their way over to a large fancy mansion owned by a man named Oscar Gale, he was known by many as one of the wealthiest men in the U.S. (Money often draws criminals and other fiends, so no doubt they’ll be at least a few villains at this party) Frost told himself as they pulled up to the mansion in a black muscle car.

They found an open spot to park in the large parking area in front of the house. “Alright, time to see if we can uncover any info from these people” Daniel brushed his black hair to the side out of his green eyes. While Quinten used hair gel to smooth his dark-red hair back. He had hazel eyes that sparkled in the light.

“Come on Quinten, we don’t wanna be late” His partner nodded before they locked their car and made their way through the large open doorway leading into a huge lobby where a few high-class citizens were standing around chatting while drinking wine.

“Welcome gentlemen, glad to see many were interested to come to my party…oh how rude of me, my name is Oscar Gale and as I said this is my party”

“Thanks for your hospitality, I hope to see what you have planned for this get together” Frost replied with a firm hand shake. With a nod the billionaire walked off to check on his other guests while the heroes went over to the drink table that had wine glasses aligned in a circle with four wine bottles next to them. Daniel picked a random bottle and poured two cups for them. After handing his friend the glass, Daniel asked Quinten to give him the tiny devices in his pocket so he could proceed with phase two of their mission.

The boy nodded pulling a small bag out from his suit’s chest pocket. “Are you sure you can do this out in the open?” He asked with a lowered voice. His teammate assured him that he could handle it. “If you’re so worried, then use your ability if need be” Underwood watched the hero head to the bathroom where there wouldn’t be any cameras.

(Alright, let’s do this!) Electricity swarmed around his body as the second hand on the bathroom’s clock slowly grinded to a halt as if time was stopped. The hero moved at an insane speed, placing tiny bug-sized cams all throughout the mansion. After only a second had past, the man stepped back out of the bathroom hoping no one realized he was only in there for a moment.

The party went on with everyone taken to the ball room where many men and women were dancing together with classical music playing all around. The two paragon heroes sat at a private table covered with a white cloth and other accessories many see at a high-class restaurant. “May I ask what you’d like tonight?” A butler asked standing in front of them holding a notepad to write down their order.

“We’re not picky, we’d like whatever you or the chief would recommend”

“Very good sir, shall I inform you of what it is? Or would you rather have me surprise you both?”

“Surprise us good sir” Daniel suggested. Their waiter and butler bowed before heading towards the kitchen to give their order. The tables were only five to seven feet apart so Frost wasn’t sure of talking aloud, he pulled out a pen from his chest pocket, writing a message down on a thick napkin in blue ink. Sliding it over to Underwood.

“Use your powers to read their minds for any dark intentions”

Quinten nodded folding up the napkin. Placing his middle and index finger on his left brain lobe, he began hearing the thoughts of everyone in the room:

(I hope there’s cake at the end of this)

(Ugh, I canceled my spa appointment for this, the food better be good here) The psychic hero lowered his hand telling Daniel he didn’t hear anything suspicious. “I don’t think there’s any threat at this event”

“Hmm, well we’ll at least stay for any possible intel. Also, I think we’d be seen as strange if we left for no reason” They saw their host preparing to give a speech when Quinten suddenly had a vision, the entire mansion was engulfed in flames as many people ran out screaming…

His comrade saw the man’s widened eyes and new they just had a vison. “What happened? I know that expression” Wood took a deep breath responding: “Something or someone is planning to destroy the area, my visions range from a few minutes to a day. It was still dark and everyone was here so I know it happens soon”

“I’ll use my speed to find the source of the damage. If needed, get everyone out the moment something happens” Frost took-off moments before their food came. “I present you with fried chicken with sprinkled salt an garlic stuffed with butter”

“thank you, we’ll greatly enjoy this meal” With another bow the elderly waiter walked away. Meanwhile the suited hero advanced through the halls at his time freezing level. However, he couldn’t seem to find anything. Once the man walked normally, a faint beep could be heard near by. As he walked over to the wall it grew louder and faster. Daniel’s eyes widened the moment he realized what it was.

He was sent across the hall from the abrupt explosion. His body was hurt from hitting the wall but didn’t let it stop him. The hall was now engulfed in flames with a gapping hole in the wall. Running quickly back to the ball room, he informed Quinten about the bomb meaning it was time to get everyone out before anyone was hurt. Greatly focusing his power, Underwood mentally controlled as many as he could, having them evacuate the house and get outside hoping it would be safer.

“T-there, everyone’s out” Just then a grenade crashed through the window landing at their feet. The psychic instantly created a shield around the bomb. In a condensed explosion it went off, causing his force field to shatter. Both heroes were sent staggering backwards with Daniel rolling across the blue carpeted floor while Quinten hit the wall before passing out.

The quick warrior was in great pain but still able to stand while noticing his ally out-cold. “Damn it, my legs hurt, but seems I’m the only one that can deal with this threat. Lifting his unconscious friend up in his arms, he raced outside moments before the entire mansion blew up in a bright explosion. Frost noticed most of the guests had left which was good, that’s when a figure dressed in a white cloak came down in front of them.

“Tisk, tisk, why would you fools interfere in my plot to kill Oscar Gale? Surely the man doesn’t mean anything to you”

“Not him personally, but I doubt he deserves to die especially so harshly. I may not be the perfect hero, but I won’t allow you to kill anyone!” The fast warrior announced along with electricity beginning to flow around the outside of his body. “Quinten, cover me I’m going in” The psychic created a pink barrier around the outline of his ally. Frost bolted toward the white hooded figure at near-full speed.

“Take this!” With all his strength Daniel threw a blow right for the villain’s head when the tyrant abruptly caught his fist at the last second. (What!?! That’s not possible! At this speed time should basically be frozen!) The enemy threw Frost by his fist, sending him crashing back into the burning house.

“No Frost!” Underwood attempted to use a psychic blast, firing a pink beam from his forehead. However, his target just stood motionless, taking the projectile head-on. “Seems both of you are worthless as heroes, no wonder you were sent on a separate mission from your fellow team members” The warrior watched as the villain pulled his hood off, revealing a man with pink hair brushed to the right with red eyes.

Meanwhile Daniel awoke with bruises all over his body while more fire began to cover the surroundings with immense flames and smoke. Holding his breath, he ran through the house, using the force of his speed to blow out the ragging flames. “Good, seems the flames are dying down. Now to get back to the battle!” Once again the quick hero went right for the assailant. This time his foe elbowed him with his right arm without even turning around.

“Ack! H-how…?” Daniel let out a wheeze before collapsing in the grass…

Back In NYC…

“Seems the time for action has come earlier than we were hoping. Our team in Pennsylvania is badly hurt and might be killed at this rate…Kyle…get us to their location now” Mark ordered while watching the battle unfold in an orb-shaped rift like a mirror or T.V screen.

“Yes sir! It’ll take me a moment to transport all of us that far” Using their large computer to find their exact location, he had Mark and Alex put their hand on his shoulder before flames began flowing around them in a circle like a snake until a dome of flames surrounded them proceeding to grow smaller…

Back on the battlefield the villain lifted Quinten up by the throat preparing to kill him. “I guess I should tell you my name before you fools die, my name is Carson Valentine and you shall die by my hand” At that moment, a burst of flames appeared a few feet away from the psychic and villain. Mark along with the other members emerged from the flames as it died down.

“Enough, hand the boy over” Their leader commanded. Carson smirked, tossing Underwood aside. “Hmmm, why bother with a sidekick when the leader stands before me” Mark ordered his allies to go check on the injured heroes while he dealt with Carson.

“You may be strong, but I’m sure I can handle you”

“Really? Then come test your luck” Holt sighed and raced toward his opponent. Blue electricity swarmed around his body, he reached his target in a split second. Valentine fired thin but quick beams of violet energy from his eyes in hopes of killing the hero with little effort. However, mere moments before his projectile hit, Holt vanished instantly.

Quinten had no power left to help, but managed to lift his head up and watch as he laid on his stomach. Suddenly Mark appeared above the assailant, throwing a blow with am immense amount of power. Valentine smirked, catching the warrior’s fist without looking above him. Throwing the hero up toward the orange sky, Carson formed a condensed ball of energy that looked like the sun but multi-colored like a rainbow.

“Catch hero!” He threw it right for the ascending hero. Mark managed to stop himself moments before the projectile came into striking distance. “What incredible power, what his he!?” Just then Arcon Inferno created a sphere of flames around his boss right before the attack could hit him. The power of the attack sent their leader soaring across the sky like a baseball.

(Daniel Frost, Quinten Underwood)

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