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My life - depressed

It's so painful,

It's so sad,

When parents have problems,

When both are mad.

Dividing you,

In pieces two,

For him and her,

And you're never sure.

You never know,

When someone's low,

When someone's high,

You just wanna cry.

You can't live on?

You have that drag?

On your shoulders,

Like a bag?

That stupid feeling

When will it end?

Can't you get another life?

Buy it or maybe lend?

The mood to cry forever,

That pain which never ends.

The wish for freedom, to be a feather,

To be free just like the wind.

A dream which never will fulfill,

A wish which is impossible,

The feeling to be always ill,

That route which is repeating.

Between you and the freedom,

Is an invisible line,

But no matter what you feel,

Acting as if it's fine.

You're waiting for the worst to happen,

So the suffer will finally end,

And nothing else than that,

Is waiting for you your death.

When you look at the moon,

It's like a breathtaking moment,

Still you feel sorrow so soon,

You wish the light would be closer.

The music which makes everyone happy,

makes you feel the pain,

and the more you suffer,

the more you get in the shade.

Your throat gets always dryer,

no matter how much you drink,

you feel just like a liar,

by showing yourself ideal.

Smeeling a pink, just opened flower,

makes you feel the origin of life.

That origin, is so high, so needed,

knowing you can't get it, is like a frosting knife.

Every leaf o a tree,

is full of live, full of power,

getting that much energy,

is an unreachable tower.

The wish to be set free,

from all suffer, from all sorrow,

that path is impossible for you,

you can't have it, you can't borrow.

The blue water, a green tree,

an orange flower is what you see,

a waterfall, a shining light,

is for you a beautiful sight.

The wind is blowing in your face,

your sad life, a painful case,

you're realizing thought by thought,

that once you lie, you will get caught.

Every morning every night,

any time that you would might,

you're standing in the sad old sight,

dreaming of the shining light.

Writing these small phrases,

is taking all my strength.

With every sentence this sad story,

increases by its length.


Sadness and Sorrow

Written by Fatima

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A propos de l’auteur

Fatima Said I like writing, because you can let the paper know whatever you want, without causing anyone any pain. Somehow the emotions have to come out sooner or later. And if it's not through art but on a person you may end up having to live with that guilt forever since scars never truly heal...

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