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They were born into two different worlds, she had nothing, he had everything at his fingertips. Both had been through hell and back in the shirt 19 years that they've lived. Both have seen things that no one should have to see and that no one should have to live with the memory seeing. Can Mia make him see that he's not a monster that what he calls demons in him are nothing more than his regrets and loss that have been following him for years? Will he cause to lose herself because he is too selfish to let her go? Or will she be the reason that in the end the man that he's become, becomes that man that he's always wanted to be? Will he leave her alone like everyone else always has? Can he give her the strength and will command respect and attention as he does? Will he the reason that she falls unable to get back up or will he be the reason she becomes something and someone no one ever imagined was possible? Will they stand together holding each other up strongly? Can they be each other's strength when one is fading? Is it possible for them to make it back to each other without either one losing something they cannot afford to lose? Or will one of them have to make the ultimate sacrifice for the one that they love and the family that they've sworn to protect. They all whisper that there is only one way that are able to become part of the Lombardi Mafia Family. The rumor whispered among so many men and boys is that if you’re not born with Lombardi blood in your veins then you’ll never truly belong. Declan Lombardi is about to change the way that everyone talks and sees the business that his family spent generations building by changing the hierarchy of his entire family, for the wife of his eldest son. "From the moment you walked into this house, you just simply belonged Mia. I don't think that you understand that. You may not have been born by blood, or bound by blood to this family, but...from the moment I saw the way my son looked at you and held you, one thing was for certain. If there is only one absolute that I have learned during my life it is this. "Born of blood or not you are my daughter. You have been denied your families name at birth, but I believe they knew even then that you were meant to carry another name even then. Whether the blood that runs through your veins is of my lineage or not there is one thing that every man and woman in this room can agree on...Mia, my dear....YOU WERE BORN TO BE A LOMBARDI."

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Meeting - part 1

Deacons POV

"Business has been good in my absence I take it?" I asked my brother as I straightened my jacket.

"There was an issue and I had to fill the position quickly.

"Damnit Alex! One rule!" I snapped.

"Just go in and check her out... at least her work and see what you think after that. He laughed. I'm sure she'll more than meet all your requirements for a new waitress. From everything I've been told she doesn't exactly get along with the rest of the waitresses we have, in fact they all seem to hate her."

"Great, so you hired a girl, riled up everyone and now I have to deal with the fallout."

"Deacon, just give it a chance, maybe you'll find out that she was the perfect hire for right now."

At Club

I sat watching the security cameras in my office as business began picking up. Watching the waitresses file in for the evening, one caught my eye. Her long red hair and her simple clothing made her stand out even more. The rest of the evening I found myself glued to the monitors watching her. She had me hypnotized by her smile and her movements.

As the end of the night approached, I recomposed myself, knowing that I had business to handle. With a grunt of frustration I heaved myself out of my chair, exited my office and headed towards the bar. "Trey, I see that the night has been busy as usual."

"Always, the new girl has helped that a lot as well, lots of return customers since she started."

"That's unfortunate, Alex shouldnt have hired her, now I have to do what I have to do."

"Damn shame, maybe I'm speaking out of my place, but if you don't have to then I wouldn't. She's different from the rest of the girls, she's kind."

"But she's over there in the corner if you absolutely have to. Her name is Mia by the way." He laughed, as he walked back into the kitchen.

"Trey!" I called, then waited for him to poke his head back out. Give her whatever her last order was for herself.

"A medium burger and curly fries coming up!"

"She has good taste." I laughed loudly. "Such a simple order."

Looking into the corner of the room I was completely mesmerized, she was smiling as she gently swayed her hips to the music. 'God, would I feel her hips fall into my hands while we dance.'

"Trey, I'm all done for the night." Her voice sang lightly.

"And this is for you." He laughed, sliding the plate across the counter at her.

"I told you already, I didn't have money to eat tonight Trey. I'll just heat up some left overs when I get home."

"Yeah and you've said that for the last three days as well. Anyways, this one is on the house. Boss orders. So sit and eat."

"Boss' order huh?" She laughed.

"Yes, Boss' orders." I cut in. "Please enjoy the meal."

Her attention immediately turned towards me. "You must be Mr. Lombardi." She whispered, looking down at the counter.

"My name is Deacon, you seem to have already met my brother."

"Yes." She smiled brightly and my god was it the most beautiful thing I could have ever imagined. "Please thank him again for me, this job saved me more than anyone can even start to imagine."

"Well...then we have a small problem. See, Alex, does not have the ability to hire anyone. So you can see what my problem is correct?"

"Oh...I guess I can see the problem." She answered softly, reaching into her apron. "Then I should probably leave this here with you. I don't want any problems."

Carefully I watched as this beautiful angel sat what looked to be probably three or four hundred dollars in tips on the bar between us. "No, those are definitely yours, you earned them." I smiled.

"Thank you." She whispered as she started to walk away.

"Hey, wait...could I walk you home? I mean you do seem to be the last one here."

"No, no, no, I swear Ill be fine." She rushed out, before bolting from the building.

I followed her, stopping as she entered what was probably the absolutely shittiest motel within blocks. "No, she, she can't live here." I whispered to myself. "She just can't."

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