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While Elizabeth is playing old board games with small kids in the Green-Village, John is writing a protocol in his laptop in the Linux-City. One day however, these two totally incompatible people are being thrown into something together by their not quite lucky faith.

Aventure Tout public.

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John ran and ran, when he finally reached the first house on the very edge of the Green-Village. Totally out of breath he wiggled the rope in the bell jar none stop, while constantly looking around. Finally, a girl his age - about 20 - opened the door.

"Honestly, for goodness sake! What do you want, ringing like the phone?!"

But the man ignoring that pushed himself though her and ran to the living room. It wasn't a fancy room: An old, tiny but very fat TV, a small table and a sofa - wait, that sofa! John pounced on the sofa and tried to push it in different ways, but all he achieved is to move it for about an inch. The girl, who finally came to herself closed the door and fiercely went next to the John.

"Are you crazy Mister!?! If you don't want me to call the police you better leave my house! And that rashly please!!!"

"Listen, I-i-i... I just need the recorder under this sofa. It was hidden here years ago and now I need to bring it back! Please let me take it! Please! And time right now is more precious than ever! Please just let me... I just... just have take it out and will dissappear this very moment! Please!", and again he tried to move the chair, but in vain.

"What? What recorder? A recorder under MY CHAIR? WHEN THE DEVIL DID YOU PUT IT THERE?!?"

"D-d-don't worry! It was turned off this whole time. It has nothing to do with you", John tried to calm down the girl, who's eyes were almost bursting out of her head.

"Of course it does! It was for years under my Grandma's sofa!!", and the girl pushed John aside and pushed the sofa aside without even exhausting herself. When John saw the recorder he was about to take it but the girl was faster. In just an instance, she was already holding it in her hand and looked at it from all sides.

"Wow. And why do you Mister want it? It's in MY house so it logically belongs to ME"

"N-n-no! It belongs to the police! Please give it! They will come any moment and by then I have to dissappear!"

"Who is them? And how do you wanna dissappear? Are you a wizard or what?"

"I mean run away! Please just give it"

"And who is them?", the girl repeated her question and held the recorder out of reach of John.

"Assassins! They want to kill me, so please -Please!- give it to me!", and John tried to take the recorder away from her but in vain. Suddenly, some one pushed against the door.

"I know you're in there! It's senseless to hide!!!", a man's voice came from outside.

"That's it! I'm dead. I'm dead! Why do I deserve this?", John whined.

"Huh? What? Who in the whole wide world is that? No one is allowed to brake the door from the house of my Grandma, without regretting it!!!", and the fierce girl went to the kitchen and took a pan, still hot from her breakfast. She went to the side of the door and when a man finally broke it, she hit his head with a pan, so a second later, he was laying on the wooden floor unconscious. Right after that two other men came in and got knocked out as well.

"Ts! Told ya didn't I?"

"You're a piece of gold! Thank you so much! Come one, give me the recorder!"

"That sure is a nice idea. You get the recorder and a clear path and what about me? I get three men? What should I do with them?"

"Call the poli- ...nevermind... they turned off the connection... I don't know what you can do but I have to bring the recorder to the police in the city! So please!"

"In the city? You know what? I'm coming with! I always wanted to visit a big city! Now then... wait a sec", and the girl went in different rooms and packed some stuff in a backpack. In about five minutes she was standing in front of John with the pan in her hands and a backpack on her shoulders.

"Let's just finally go! They can wake up any moment!"

"Boy, you are such a crybaby! Just look at me and learn! I never get scared no matter wh- AHH!!", suddenly a man woke up and tried to grab the girls foot, for what he however got another hard hit with the pan and again he fainted.

"See? ", the girl tried to look relaxed. "Anyways... let's go!"

"You do know this isn't gonna be an easy trip, don't you?"

"Sure thing I do! And I always wanted to participate in an adventure!"

"You watch way too many movies..."



"Books, not movies"

"Yeah, Yeah... whatever. Can you just give me the recorder?"

"Why does it matter if it's with you or me? And plus, if it has to be delivered to the police, I better do it myself to be secure, 'cause how can possibly trust you? Oh my! That's right! I can't trust you! Hands up! Rashly!", and the girl held the pan ready to hit John. The poor man of course put his hands up and started whining again, while they made their way to the city through the big colorful meadows.

"Why did I ever sign up for this? Why? This really is gonna get me killed! Why did I!?! "

"How can you possibly be a detective? You're such a crybaby! But not in my presence! No-no-no! In my presence we're gonna be having fun with a song! And it's gonna be called... ehm... going to the city!"

And in a strong but still beautiful voice she sang a melodie she created on the run:

"We're going to a city,

that's hopefully quite pretty,

enjoying here and there,

for this man that's rear"

"That's not true!", John refused but the girl ignoring him continued:

"We're going to a city,


And hopefully it's pretty,


On the way to the city,

I'm helping a young guy,

on the way to the city,

at least that's what I try"

"No, you're not!", the man tried refusing again, but in vain.

"We're going to a city,


And hopefully it's pretty,


Finally they reached the border, but there John realized something he wished would be false: His bag! He lost it!

"Oh no! No, no, no!"

"What's the problem now, you crybaby?"

"My bag! I lost it!"

"Boy, you really are a crybaby, if you are whining about a usual bag!"

"No! You don't get it! It's just that my stuff are in there! My passport, my money, my ID - I can't Pass the border without My ID!"

"... so... in other words... I'll just go delivered the recorder myself!", the girl said pretty confident voice, but John wasn't happy with that at all.

"But if I'm gonna stay here, those men are gonna kill me!"

"Ugh... fine, fine. I'll stay with ya!"

"That-that doesn't change anything!"

"What do you mean by that?! You'd already be dead by now, if I wouldn't save you back at my house! So why not do it a second time?"

"...", John didn't know what to say. What could he possibly say? When that girl decides something than... than it's decided. Suddenly, it flashed through his head.

"Of course! Edward! He's a friend and he works as a guard somewhere here! He can tell the other guards, who I am!"

And so the two went to the stand next to a men, who according to his costume was a guard. After seeing the girl holding a pan next to a man's head, he ran to them.

"Do you need help Miss?"

"No not at all... hold your hands up!", she shouted at John who just wanted to put them down, but now changed his mind.

"Dear Mr", he started. "Could it be that by chance you know Edward? He's also working here. Edward Wells"

"Oh! Eddie! Yeah, I do... so what's up with him?"

"You see, I'm a detective and while I was on a mission, I lost my bag with my ID and passport. Edward knows me well, so he can tell you who I am, since you can't really trust me, right?"

"Oh... Well, I really am sorry if that's true, but Edward is not here at the moment. He has vacation "


"And when is he returning?", the girl mixed herself in.

"In eight days -he just left yesterday. I really am sorry, but I can't let you in, if I don't wanna loose my job"

John fell down on his knees and started whining again.

"Why? Why is my luck so bad?! First this girl with the pan and now this? I can't stop asking myself, why I ever signed up for this!"

"Stand up, put your hands up and let's go! It's too dangerous to return to my house, so we'll just find a place to stay for the eight days! Come on, you crybaby! I still don't understand how you can possibly be a detective! "

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