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Part 1

The cell games was beginning with dozens of warriors all over the world gathered to fight and become known as the world’s strongest…

Cell stood in the center of the square-shaped arena preparing to start the cell games. “Alright fighters from all over the world, it’s time to start the cell games!”

Fight #1 Guts VS Eren

Guts stepped onto the stage wielding his large great sword with a serious expression on his face. “Let’s get this over with” Eren walked over to him standing just a few feet away. “Don’t underestimate me” The man responded biting his hand as blood gushed from his wound. The other participants watched as the man transformed into his titan form looking down at his opponent.

“I’ve seen worse” Guts commented aiming his sword toward the tall monster. Eren clinched his fist, throwing a fierce punch right for the dark swordsmen. Guts put his sword up, blocking the powerful strike as the area shook from their sheer power. “It’s going to take more than that”

The swordsmen dashed past his opponent, piercing straight through the titan’s leg as blood gushed from the wound as the large limb hit the stage as Eren fell onto his hands and knee as Guts prepared to strike once more. Eren put his hands together, throwing them down as he smashed the dark swordsmen into the stage with immense force as the stage shook.

With a moment to think, Eren grabbed his decapitated limb, healing it as it reattached to his body. The titan looked down at Guts who got back up covered in bruises but can still fight. “Seems I’ll have to take this fight more seriously” Eren watched as armor formed around Guts as the pain from the titan’s attack faded.

Eren sent a full force punch right for Guts when a barrage of sword strikes decapitated the titan’s arm before Guts leapt into the air, stabbing deep into the monster, going down his torso before jumping off his body standing in front of the wounded combat. Eren let out a loud roar that echoed throughout the field as his wounds began to slowly heal.

Guts gripped his blade, throwing his blade right for the creature’s face as blood gushed out of his face as he fell on his back with a thunderous boom. With his opponent down, Guts decapitated him, as the titan form corroded away leaving Eren laying motionless on the stage.

“Winner: Guts!” Cell announced as the dark swordsmen reverted back to normal holding his sword over his shoulder.

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