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Looking her inert body lying on the stretcher, Murphy dedicates these words to the great love of his life minutes before taking a dramatic decision.

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Memori's final... or not?

With tears streaming down his face, Murphy utters what he believes to be his last words to the love of his life:

- "I was always the extra, the one that no one cared about, the one that didn't fit. I tried with all my strengths to be someone, to live, but unfortunately that luck wasn't mine. I went out to walk, to see, to feel, without get any benefit that could complete me...

Until you appeared on my way. You, with your singular beauty. You, with your desire to be the strongest person, the one who doesn't fear anything and everything at the same time. You, who without saying a single word, were able to say everything. You have been the one who has helped me and taught me to be.

With you I have learned that it doesn't matter where you come from, but where are you going, what do you want, how do you want it and with whom do you want it. And I want everything with you. Or well, I wanted it. To be honest, I will always want it. But I just can not anymore. I can't see you, I can't touch you, I can't smile at you. Who's gonna pick me up when I fall. Who's gonna make me laugh until I cry.
I can't, I just can't. In my head, the day I met you, the sunny days and the rainy days, the laughter and the collisions are repeated over and over again ... Until it explodes. And it does it with your loss. And all those memories come to my head, but broken, knowing that they won't be repeated. But I promise you, I swear you, that I will do whatever it takes to be with you, and I won't rest until I get there.

May we meet again."

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