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Looks like Mary and Bianka we’re making friends with other animals in the woods and even beyond

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Mary the mouse and Bianka the bear make friends with animals all over the planet

Mary: oh, who are you, and why are you looking at me scarily?

Bianka: sorry when I do that, it's just because I am a bear and we give scary luxe, but if you wanna be friends with me I'm willing to help.

Mary: thank you, did you know that I am a mouse

Bianka: Yes, we live in the same woodland neighborhood, you live in a hole inside of a tree, and I live in a hollow inside of a tree with my mom, Brenda bear

Mary: what do you wanna meet my mom, you might call her Mrs. mouse

Bianka: sure, but before I meet your mom, you need to meet my mom, Mrs. Baer is what you can call her

mrs. Baer: Bianka, who is that in our tree hole?

Bianka: this is my new friend, Mary, do you want to come with us so that way I can introduce you and get introduce myself to Mrs. mouse

mrs. bear: I've known Mrs. mouse since high school, I would love to hear from her again, this tree is an old family tree where we stayed in for many many many many many many many generations

mrs. mouse: hi, Brenda, haven't seen you in such a long time, do you remember me, Melissa mouse?

mrs. bear: yes

Bianka: Mary and I are going to the pond to find some water friends like frogs, alligators, and crocodiles, if we find any snakes or skunks, I'll make sure they don't bite us and I'll make sure that they're friendly.

mrs. bear: OK

ms. frog: oh, hello, you must be Mrs. bear's daughter, greetings, I am Felicia frog, you might know me as Ms. frog, and this is my daughter, Freya

then she became friends with Freya frog

mrs. alligator Colin I am the protector of this pond, you cannot pass the Spond without my permission

Mary: I just want to make friends with your daughter, is that OK with you, Mrs. alligator?

I have a few children that you can be friends with, let me go get them.

Mary: that's amazing, thank you, Mrs. alligator

mrs. alligator: Allison, Alyssa, Alyssa, Alan, and Alisa, Come out, you have a bear, a frog, and a mouse that wanna be friends with you.

Allison: hello, I am Allison alligator, you can call me Allison or Ally, I like your idea of wanting to be friends with me and my siblings, now, please, I want to know how it feels to finally be here with you guys, even though we're reptiles that come out of the water and on the land, it would be best if we all go to School together, plus we never went to school together, and we're all supposed to be meeting there tomorrow

ms. skunk: Sarah, there are some other woodland animals here that want to meet you.

Sarah: Mom, I'm a little bit scared, if I see them, I might spray them on accident, and I'll make them all smelled terribl

ms. skunk: it's fine, Sarah

please, make this the best day of the woodland animals like

let's run free so that way we can find more animals to become friends with, but please, I don't want there to be any mean people out there

miss crocodile: how dare you take my nieces and nephews, I am literally going to swallow U-Haul if you don't return them to the Spond that I'm guarding

mrs. alligator: Christie, how dare you, can you just wanted to become friends

after they made friends with every animal on earth

let's go see Mrs. grasshopper for school

mrs. grasshopper: I need a bigger classroom, you guys have made so many new friends that didn't go here for the first time, well, we're going to start math class, I love being able to teach other kids, now, do you know about Miss crocodile, Ms. skunk, Mrs. alligator, and the mouse family

Mary: yes, Mrs. grasshopper, but I made another friend in the garden somewhere, and her name is Brooklyn bumblebee, but she's flying in right now

Brooklyn: I never want to sting any of my friends, thank you, Mrs. grasshopper, despite being a fellow insect

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Bravo! I liked this atmospheric story ))
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