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The girl that never loved and the boy with all the love Imagine if you went back 132 years to the green heaven ( Switzerland) . A short story about love .

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A new beginning

I suddenly woke up in another world. My family, my friends and even my neighbours was there around me, but we were in a different new world. It was a village surrounded by green pastureland and some mountains which reminded of Switzerland and Kashmir. People wore old style clothe, and I couldn't see any technology. It reminded me of some fantsy novels i used to read when i was a kid but i didn't understand what actually happened or how i came here but i decided to go with the flow and act normal like the novels i read.

" Mom, where are we and what is the date today ?" I asked my mother who was busy baking.

"Did you hit your head or what ? Don't do strange things tomorrow and act normal for once. " My mom said in an angry tone.

" Green- heights Village in Switzerland, 1889 "said my younger sister Hanna while laughing.

I started to think how did I get here and will I be able to get back or not maybe this is just a weird dream. My youngest sister Lina entered interpreting my thoughts.

" June ... June your soon-to-be husband is here with some gifts "said Lina while giggling and then ran off.

" Don't do anything odd again, we don't want him to flee like the others. You are already 21 and your younger sister Hanna is already married . Don't arse up this opportunity "yelled mother before leaving.

I headed off and stood behind the main door to see my soon-to-be husband, he was a tall guy with tanned skin and brown curly hair. He looked stiff and a very quiet person. My father who enjoyed farming as a hobby in my modern life was also enjoying it here too, went to welcome him. He was holding a gift in his hand and many fruits and vegetables on the ground. And before I could observe more my sister Hanna suddenly pushed me inside.

" You aren't suppose to see each other before the wedding for 3 days, but you already ruined it. Well, tell me what do you think about him "said Hanna

" Wait is this my first time seeing him ?" I asked in surprise

" Yes, he came many times before, but you refused to meet him. You were acting like a princess of some country. " Said Hanna in a mocking way.

She gave me the gift that he bought. We opened the box to find a beautiful blue dress with some accessories. I was surprised why a handsome guy like him would marry a girl like me. I have black wavy hair, honey skin, dark brown eyes and my face was not that beautiful either.

Just like that the day passed, and before I knew it I was getting ready for the wedding, I wore a simple wedding dress in buff sleeves and my husband Henry was waiting at the door. He wasn't the type to smile much but when I came out he gave me a warm smile. The people of his village and mine gathered to held a delightful weeding near the stars-lake . At the end of the day I left with him to my new house. The house was 5 mins away from my village. There was a big apple tree on the side, and you could see the stars-lake from the window, it had two floors and a window for each room. I was too nervous to see the beauty of this house.

' What will happen now? , what are we supposed to do ? What is he thinking of? ' All these questions popped in my head since I never imagined that I will be married one day. He took my hand and lead me to the bedroom. I sat on the bed calmly, but I wasn't calm from the inside. Henry opened the window to allow the cool breeze in, once I saw the stars-lake I understood the reason of its name. The lake was sparkling as it reflexes the night stars...

" Close the window before you sleep, so you don't catch a cold "said Henry before closing the door and leaving.

I changed to my normal sleeping clothes and watched the beautiful lake for a while, but Henry never came back. I went out the room and started to look for him until I found him down sleeping on the couch.

' Maybe he feels awkward around me after I have refused to meet him before, or maybe he just finds me annoying '
that's what came in my mind after I saw him, then I went back and slept.

The next day Henry was out for most of the day treating patients a he was a doctor but for me it was a boring day, I wore the blue dress that he bought and took a book and started reading it under the tree.

After a couple of hours I went back to make dinner. Henry came back when I was done with the food. I admit that I feel bashful around him, and sometimes I find him scary. He started to eat my simple meal, then I took my first bite to discover that the food tastes horrible, but he didn't say anything.

" Sorry, I am not good with cooking " I claimed.

" It's okay, I can teach you if you want "said Henry then took another bite

"You can cook ?" I said in surprise

" I find it quite enjoyable " he said calmly.

I don't know why, but I never thought he would have such a lovely hobby. The next day I climbed the tree to get a better view and to eat some fresh apples. When Henry saw me on the tree branch he approached me.

"Be careful not to fall " said Henry loudly

" You may find this strange, but I am actually good at climbing tress " I said while throwing an apple.

He caught the apple in his hand then said
" I find it spectacular ".

When I was going down , he held me between his arms and put me on the ground. I didn't expect that I will run inside the home in embarrassment like a little girl. A week passed smoothly and whenever I saw Henry by chance in the village, I would feel nervous. I still couldn't accept the fact that I am in a different world, married to a stranger.

One night while I was sitting in my room organizing my things with a small candle to light the room I heard a music from outside the house. I went out to find my husband sitting under the tree with a bamboo flute in his hand. He played a sad and beautiful music that made me feel more comfortable.

" Now that's what I call spectacular " I said while leaning on the tree.

" It is called a" (bamboo flute) we both said at the same time.

" Most people here doesn't know a bamboo flute, but you do " he said while smiling.

I sat beside him to listen to what he plays next, but he didn't play anything, he looked at me with sad eyes and said :
" Are you uncomfortable around me ?"

' He slept on the couch every night and ate my disgusting food without saying a word just to make me feel comfortable ? ' I thought.
I didn't know what to say, if I said yes his heart would break but if I lied he may find out.

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