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This story is about a couple from California who’s tired of living life in the fast lane. But, when they relocate to Orlando Florida, their lives spiral out of control.

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Lustful Thinking

It was the spring of 2000, Terrell and Nikole Jackson was able to sell their two story beach house. After living on the coast of Los Angeles, California for 10 years, the couple decided that they was tired of life in the fast lane. This was the perfect couple, and they were liked by everybody. They had no kids, but Terrell always talked about being a father. They had agreed that after selling the house, they would apply for homes in other states, but wherever a house became available at first, that’s where they would move. A few months after the sell of their first home, they were moving to Orlando Florida. Terrell had a cousin named Tina Clark that lived there, and she had mentioned a while back that she would put in a good word at Greentree Financial Service, since she knew the owner. She felt that since Terrell had previously worked as a bookkeeper for 8 years at his last job, he would do well if he got an opportunity with this company.

Tina and Terrell once had a very close relationship, as cousins. Terrell’s father and Tina’s mother were sister and brother. They also were close. As a recovering drug addict, Tina was like a best friend to Nikole, Terrell’s wife. As a matter of fact, that’s how they met each other. Nikole was also an addict, and she’s relapsed several times. Wanting to always be like someone else other than herself, Nikole was bipolar with some dangerous instincts. She is the reason why Tina served 7 years in prison for a crime she didn’t commit. It was Nikole that should’ve served time. But, Tina made it perfectly clear that if it was the last thing she did, she would make sure that Nikole faced her Karma.

Loving their new home, and adjusting to the new environment, both Nikole and Terrell was hoping that this would help mend their raggedy marriage. Terrell had a disability that slowed him down in alot of ways. But he was always hustling, always thinking of a way to get ahead. He never allowed his weakness to slow him down. His wife Nikole was a hard worker, too. She had been the manager at a big department store out in L.A for several years, but since she was in Florida now, she would settle for any kind of job that was paying well. One day, the couple had no plans to do anything spectacular. So they decided to get out the house and ride around. Terrell thought this would be a great time to learn the different streets in their area.

After riding here and there, Nikole said she was hungry and she wanted something to eat. So they stopped to dine in at this seafood restaurant just down the street from their new home. While eating, Nikole wanted to change seats with her husband, but after he asked why, she said that she would just rather sit in his seat. Upon leaving the restaurant, there was a detective that stopped Terrell in the isle, asking him was he from the area, and of course Terrell said no. When they were leaving the parking lot, Nikole said, why is that officer staring at us like that. She then went on to tell Terrell the reason she wanted to switch seats at the restaurant, was because the officer kept looking at her inappropriately. Since Terrell was such a “laid back, shirt tucked and pants pulled tight” type of guy, he wasn’t worried about it.

When the couple returned home, Nikole had an attitude and Terrell didn’t understand why. He attempted again to ask her what was the reason for her actions and she simply told him to kiss her ass, and she walked off. Heading down the street, Terrell screamed out, Nikole, where are you going? But Nikole just kept walking. So as she turned a corner, she noticed a police car was parked. As she got closer to it, an officer got out, and just so happen, it’s the same officer from the restaurant. When Nikole noticed it was him, she kinda slowed up because she had gotten scared. Hello ma’am, I spoke to your husband back at crab shack but didn’t speak to you. Please forgive me! I’m officer Ricardo El’James. I’m a detective here in Orlando. Nice to meet you. Now Nikole goes on to introduce herself, and allowing herself to get comfortable with the officer. The detective asked Nikole if she was familiar with where she was going, and her response was no, I’m just walking because I got mad with my husbands nerdy ass. Ofc El James laughed, thinking that was funny. But now that he’s aware that something is going on between the couple, he offers to show Nikole around the neighborhood. So they both get in the car. After riding and talking in the detective's car, the officer begins to pry. Leading the conversation to places that it shouldn’t. Nikole, do you drink? Yes, sometimes. What do you like to drink? I like Crown & Coke? The officer starts to smile while steady running game on Nikole. Nikole would you be open to having a drink with me? Yeah Right, she replied! How are we able to drink in the police car? Don’t forget that we’re riding behind dark windows, we can do whatever and nobody can see us. Now that it’s getting late and Nikole been gone for over an hour, Terrell is calling her phone, but she is denying the call. While he’s calling Nikole’s phone, she and the officer are riding past their house. Nikole is actually feeling quite tipsy, but little do she know, she’s about to be really spaced out.

Officer El James done slipped some Ecstasy Pills in her drink. Nikole, are you ok? Asked the officer! She said yes, I’m doing just fine, but it’s hot in your car, and I need to take my shirt off. Nikole what are you doing? Officer El James is asking as if he really wants her to stop. But she still replied, Im hot, my pussy hot and I want some dick. Ok, but Nikole, you’ve gotta behave, but with his dick already sticking thru his zipper, he directs her hand so she can feel it. Once Nikole realizes what’s in her hand, she says officer, what would you do if I started sucking your dick? While trying to hurry and find a good spot to park, he answers, I wouldn’t do anything, ma’am, except enjoy the moment. As soon as he said that, Nikole quickly took his shaft in her mouth. Sucking, slobbering and beating her face with it, and he’s rubbing her pussy as she squirts in his hand. She is sucking his dick so good that he’s about to shoot off like a rocket, but he holds back. He directs Nikole to sit on it, and she is loving every minute of it. Bucking her hips like she’s riding a horse, she is cheering the detective on, telling him how hard his dick is and how she keeps squirting on it. As she is moaning and rocking, she asks him, officer, do you wanna cum in my pussy? The officer didn’t reply. So again, she asked the officer, Sweetie do you wanna cum in me? This time he replied, yes, I wanna nut deep in your creamy coochie.. With a few more strokes he began to thrust harder while shooting his load. Omg, Nikole yelled out. I feel you cumin. Yes baby, your sauce is so hot. Let me taste it, and he proceeded to do as she said. With his head laid back on the seat, sweating, he tells her to stop, he can’t take it anymore. Now her phone rings again. This time she answers it, still tipsy, and almost out of breath she tells Terrell that she is grown and for him to stop calling her. She told him that she was ok and she’ll be home shortly. Officer El James, still trying to catch his breath asks Nikole did she need a ride home? Yes, take me home she replied, I can’t even enjoy a mouth full of dick because this idiot keeps calling. But she couldn’t even tell the officer where she lived, because she was too fucked up from the pills and drinking. The only way he knew where to take her was because they had already been passing the house while riding.

Apparently, Terrell wasn’t home when the officer dropped Nikole off. He was too busy riding around looking for her. By the time he got back, his wife was laid out in the bed as if she was waiting to take him inside of her. But all Terrell wanted to know was where in hell have you been? I keep telling you Terrell, I’m grown, and since you wanted to know why I cocked an attitude the way I did earlier, is because I’m sick of you. Even though that might’ve hurt Terrell’s feelings, he still had the strength to smile and say ok, I can deal with that.

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