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21-year-old Samantha Josephson grew up

in robbinsville new jersey as the

daughter of seymour and marcy josephson

while majoring in political science at

the university of south carolina .

Samantha studied abroad in Barcelona and

planned on attending the drexel

university school of law after her 2019


Samantha was a girl who showed boundless

potential who was potentially looking at

a partial scholarship to rutgers

but all her dreams would be snuffed out

after making just


fatal mistake

on the evening of march 28 2019.

Samantha went out drinking with friends

at the bird dog bar in downtown columbia at around 2am. They decided to call it anight and like so many of us have donebefore.

Samantha pulled out her phone andordered an uber.

Just nine minutes later surveillancefootage from the bird dog shows a blackchevrolet impala pulling up outside . Samantha steps outside , enters the vehicle and greets her driver . The man at the wheel was named nathanielrolandand although he didn't say anything as Samantha climbed into his car he hadn'tactually been expecting a passenger.

The car that samantha had climbed intowasn't her uber.

IT was just a similar looking vehicle.

She drunkenly mistaken for her ride

you'd expect roland to ultimately tellher to get out of the car but he didn't .

He simply engaged the locks trappingSamantha inside then drove off

It's not clear whether or not Samantharealized her mistake before rolandstopped the vehicle but at some point

roland parked up his impala pulled out aknife and inflicted a sustained andsavage attack upon the terrified samantha

using a bizarre looking two-bladed knife.

Roland proceeded to stab samantha 120times.

she attempted to shield herself but shewas trapped and roland was armed . As well as several horrific defensivewounds roland also stabbed Josephson in the head with so much force that theknife went through her skull to herbrain

but the killer blow seems to have come

when he stabbed her in the carotid

one of two main arteries that carriesblood to the brain.

Samantha also sustained wounds to her

face neck shoulder torso back lung legand feet bleeding out within just 10 to 15minutes.

Roland then dumped samantha's body inthe new zion field where she wasdiscovered by a handful of local turkeyhunters.

The following morning samantha'sroommates became deeply concerned whenthey found she hadn't returned home.

Police rushed into action easily tracingher last known where abouts to the bird dog bar and a nathaniel rowland's blackchevy impala . Officers later happened across Rolandwhile he was out driving and after atraffic stop was attempted roland jumpedout of the stationary vehicle and beganto flee

inside his car . Police officers found acontainer of liquid bleach germicidalwipes and a bottle of window cleaner but perhaps the most incriminating pieceof evidence was samantha's phone which

Roland had foolishly chosen to keep . Hewas arrested questioned and tissuesamples were takendisturbingly the tissues under roland'snails tested positive for samantha's DNAmeaning whatever he was doing after he'dkilled her

it'd have been rigorousenough for particles of her skin tobecome embedded under his nails .Roland was soon charged with samantha's

kidnap and murder and it became apparentthat Samantha wasn't his first

kidnapping victim.

IT apparently car jacked a woman at thestoplight in october of 2018and was extremely violent in thecommission of the crime

beating her and threatening her. Beforethey drove to an atm to almost empty her bank account.

In july of 2021 Roland was found guiltyof kidnapping and murdering

With thejudge sentencing him to life in prison.

The same judge a veteran of the legalcircuit said the murder was perhaps the

most heartless and severe he'd ever seen

Denying roland's request for leniency

it's also easy to see whyRoland displayed some horrifying predatory behavior.

When a stranger accidentally climbs intotheir car


correct thinking people simply laugh it

off perhaps getting a little prickly ifthey're in a bad mood

But Roland found a stranger climbinginto his back seat

and his first thoughts were nothing

short of bloodthirsty

Samantha josephson made an honest andsimple mistake

and nathaniel roland

made her paywith her life.

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