Kaitlyn Shabou

This is a story about a little girl with a dog, and one day, saves her parents with him

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Grocery shopping

Hi, my name is Madison O Jone. I am the daughter of the mayor and preacher in town. My mother is a Sunday school teacher for little little kids too big ones. Yesterday, it all started when my mom asked me to get fresh tomatoes, onions, pepper and Spaghetti for lunch. So, I went to the store Nilionta privredge store and went to the vegetable and fruit section trying to find tomatoes. Then, I saw the manager making angry eyes at me and swinging his arms in the air. "Is that your dog?" I looked at aisle one carefully and looked at the shiny golden retriever dog. He was all dirty and ugly and big knots and sticky hair was on him. "Who's dog is that?" The manager cried out one more time. "Because if no one admits, were calling the pound!" I thought, then I closed my eyes really tight and sighed. "That's my dog!" I shouted. The employees, registers, customers and the manager stared at me, then the dog. "Your dog?" grumbled the manager. "Yes, he is my dog," I bended down and hit my lap with my hands. "Here boy! Here! Here boy!" I thought I was becoming dumb because he needs a name. Then, I just shouted the first thing that came into my mind. "Here Nilionte!" The manager stared at me like I was making fun of his store. "Nilionte?" He repeated. "Yes, true! that is his name," The manager sighed. "Get your things, buy them, and take your dog and you out the door!" I nodded and called Nilionte. Nilionte smiled with all his yellow crooked teeth and shaked his body. Then, I got the things and walked him to my home. When we arrived, his eyes looked and he almost stopped breathing when he saw our home. "See? that is my house. Since my dad is a mayor and preacher in this town, we have a fancy house. But I have an annoying little brother and big brother." I giggled. Nilionte smiled again and jumped. I opened the door and before I got inside, I looked at Nilionte on the stairs. "Sit. wait here," He sat down quickly and I walked inside. "Maddy!" My little brother called out. "Yes?" I asked. "Who were you talking to?" He asked. "I was talking to myself, that's all." I turned my head but my big brother was in front of me. "Yourself? we will see about that." I then tried to think. But all I could say was, "Nooooooooooo!" Then, I started speaking Spanish. "Detente ahí! por favor no!" If you do not know Spanish, Translation: "Stop there! Please don't!"

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