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This is a poem of sorts that I wrote to get out the emotions I was feeling about my teenager who is currently going through a very rough time with depression anxiety and dose not know who she is any more or I don't because She won't let me in.

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Feeling Helpless

Your eyes look sad and distant, but you say you are perfectly fine.

Your heart feels heavy and blocked, but you say you feel the same as ever.

Your mind appears to be full of anxiety, sorrow, self hatred and pain, And when I when I ask you simply say, I am OK.

As much as you try to hide it, I can see all the places that you are desperately trying to hold your self together with sarcasm and forced laughter. Which I know it's so, you seem like you fit in more with friends and other people just a little bit more.

You need to know, a few things like, You come first before anyone else. You don't need to change to fit in. When you except YOU, for the real you and embrace it, You will shine and your true friends and people will find you.

But until that day happens you need to know, I would do anything for you. The places you are barely held together, I would not only learn how to sew, but I would learn the strongest back stitch and reinforce every single stitch, So God himself could not unravel it.

I would take your scary, lonely, body numbing thoughts and replace every single one of them with slobby, wet, puppy dog kisses.

I would show you that your biggest insecurities that you worry about and that keep you up at night are some of your most treasured and unique gifts to the world and my biggest wish is that one day soon, you'll realize it for yourself.

I would show you that no matter how dark your dark days get, You are much stronger than your thoughts and tougher your then them. You and tougher and stronger then you realize, because even though some bad days have come and gone, your still here and that's something to be proud of.

Even though you still have dark days, you are making progress and" YOU" must be proud of it. No matter how big or small it was "You" made it happen. Now that is something worth holding on to and being proud of.

Yet the most important thing I need you to know right now is, that even on your, worst day ever, whether you" ve had it already or it is still yet to come. Even if you are afraid because it is so dark " The Darkest Of Dark " Remember this one thing. Your mothers always has a light and it is the brightest of all lights. A mother's light has to be the brightest because, it is made to shine enough for 2 people when someone looses there light or when someone's light goes out time to time. It will help you get up and figure things out and it will always be there for you no matter what.

A Mothers light, never goes out, it's kind of like it's "magic" . So when you need it, take it, use it. Doesn't matter day or night, young or old. All you have to do is push your fear aside and put your hand out and accept it, because it will always be there for you to have and use when ever you need it "No Matter What". The light is non - judgemental, eternal, pure, and healing. The most important thing is it is "Forever", because you are Loved more than you'll ever know.

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