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A Feral Fey Tale. She was always mine. From the moment I saw her, she was mine. I was royalty and I commanded her mother sign her over to me. And like a good fey lad, I waited for the moment the papers were written and the ceremony completed to have her again. But instead of being a good fey woman, submissive in all things, she had defied me to flee. Now I'm hunting her and when I get ahold of her. I'm going to pour my wrath all over that sweet body of hers and take what I've been waiting so long to feel again.

Érotique Interdit aux moins de 18 ans.

#fantasy #dark #sex #erotica #lust #immortal #succubus #forced #kidnap #captive #prisoner #fey #feral-fey #temptress
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I'd caught her in the process of outwitting my guards.

Now I had to wonder if she was sneaking off to meet a lover or merely trying to escape my guards.

Escape me. I mentally corrected. Which made a flood of heat wash over me. Angry heat.

She shimmied down the last of the vines and dropped to the ground. Turning her back to me as she looked around the grounds to see if anyone had spotted her.

Having no idea I was inches behind her.

Just as she moved to go, my arms shot out from the darkness behind the vines and caught her to me. One hand folding over her mouth.

I had no intentions of letting my guards catch me dallying with my intended.

But dally I will.

She's the one that dropped down here into my arms...

Trying to escape me no less.

She tried to shriek in terror, but I'd already covered her parted lips.

I spun her and my mouth descended on hers. Swallowing the sounds. I shoved her into the corner of the two walls, beneath the cover of the vines. Already feeling her soft body pinned against the wall was getting me hard.

She shoved at my chest. Trying to push me away.

I backed off just enough she could take a breath before I took her mouth again. Consuming it as heartily as I intended to take her.

"I'll take my hand off, if you vow to shut that pretty mouth."

I could feel her jaw twitching with fury.

She knew the sound of my voice. She knows it me. That pleased me.

She can already recognize me in darkness.

Good. She'll know whose cock is going to fill her.

She gave a stiff nod, and I slid my hand down. Stroking it over her jaw, down the smoothness of her throat to the neckline of her dress. Feeling it's cottony softness as I trailed my hand down further until reaching the peak of a perfectly formed mound. I cupped beneath it and then pinched the rising crest between my fingertips. Giving it a harder tweak made her squeak in objection. Jerking upward onto her toes.

Sensitive. I liked that.

It was going to be fun learning which touches caused her to make what sounds.

I draped on elbow near her head against the wall. Caging her into the corner with my body. Letting her feel me hardening against her pelvis.

Readying for her.

"Just. Where. Do you think. You're going?" I emphasized each. Taking my time asking the question. Knowing she'd already feel cornered.

As she should.

She had no business trying to escape me.

I rule this land.

"Did you honestly think I wouldn't be able to find you?"

"My-my mother told me to go." She said quickly.

I squeezed that nipple making her squeak and bite her lip. Dropping her head back against the wall. "So, if I took you in this house now and asked if I could take you off the grounds and to my castle, she'd dare tell me no?"

She looked furtively around. Chewing that full bottom lip with perfect square teeth.

Damn that lip looked soft.

I slid that hand up from her breast to catch her slender throat. Holding her to the wall with my palm, without adding pressure. "Answer me, My Girl."

The threat was clear.

Even in the deep darkness I could see the reflection of her light green eyes in silvered moonlight. Staring at me as she tried to decide.

"Remember. Lying to me is a day in the stockade. And wouldn't you look pretty in that? With your fine tail sticking out for the taking." I slid my arm down the wall to reach behind her and scoop a handful of that ass.

Making her lunge forward.

Straight into my arms. I pinned her to my chest.

She started to struggle and opened her mouth to scream.

I slapped my hand back over it. Effectively silencing her.

"Na-uh." I shook my head slowly. "I don't want disturbed yet."

"Besides, do you honestly think anyone would stop me? Let's be reasonable, shall we." I looked into that pretty green gaze levelly. "I am the prince. And your mother has already signed you over to me. She isn't going to stop me. She's excited for the coin and cow she'll be receiving and the Guards...Well, they're my men. They'll turn a blind eye to all your shrieks. But they'll hear every bit of it. Is that what you want?"

She visibly deflated and whimpered from behind my hand.

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